Luray Police Department 2018 Lip-Sync Challenge

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Brenda Morris : love the donuts guy, awesome video.

Butter's Outdoor Adventures. : One of the top three!

nybsbfan18 : At least this one made sense! Good job!

Katz1964 : Great Job Luray! 😂😂😂😎👍

dscottsw1 : Your video was AWESOME. Great choice of song. Catching the donut; brilliant. Kudos from Portland, OR.

Charlotte Pall : Love the country music OMG I can't believe what I am seeing onthe boat and in the water hilarious. Be safe guys god bless great video

Rachel J. : One of my favs....from Tulsa, Oklahoma

Allynisha Duff : You know how funny it is tp scan through and your town cops are on here lip syncing. Way to funny, now I want to see what cop I see after seeing this video

Suzanne : Awesome -loved the music choices!

Steve Baker : great job guys!!!!

Sof Har : Sing it like it is ....We All wanna be in the same Boat ...chillin ! Great Video ! Be Safe ...God Bless y'all !

Katye Dixon : Creative and love the song choices! Enjoyed this one, great job. Please be safe out there.

DonnaKay515 : Great job!! Loved it!!

Police Officer Fan Club : Wow, this is one of my favorites. Interesting patrol car, I like that it is silver which is my favorite color and not the basic black & white design that I hate.

Rondalyn Reynolds : Nice😆

Cheryl Shea : Love the town of Luray beautiful part of VA. Thanks so much for a great lip sync. Like the music choices

pam bostic : Awesome, stay safe.

Maria Sierra : Great job everyone 👍

Hilary Danch : I liked the songs that y'all went with, great job y'all I enjoyed this. Thank you for your service and dedication God bless you all and please stay safe out there

Laura Hindman : love it! great job y'all! thanks for keeping your community safe!

Julie Blackmore : This has got to be my favorite video....thank you for keeping your community safe...God bless the Luray PD/Fd

Cheryl Richardson : Thanks from Winchester, VA!

Karen White : Fantastic I loved it !! Pontoon....hmmmm...motor boatin' ! 🎤🎤🎤🎶📙🚔🚔🚤🚤🚤🇺🇸🇺🇸

winstonsuz : Good job everyone! good choices in songs! Thank you all for your service and dedication. Stay safe

D Fisher : Good job 😀

AmericanSicilian girl : Good job great videography. I wanna go kayaking on tbe Harpeth this weekend. to the river.

Katie Scott : Different Loved it

Sandy Johns : LOVE IT, AWESOME

lonewolf4now1 : Hooray for Luray!!

Todd Hall : Love this song

Grim Reaper : shoulda called it the "TAXPAYER FUNDED LIP SYNC CHALLENGE"....sigh

LaVonne McCollam : Like this song.. Great Job. :)

LaVonne McCollam : Like this song.. Great Job. :)

charmaine Dorma : Great job guys