10 Levels of Piano Playing
10 Levels of Piano Playing

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This video shows the 10 levels of difficulty in playing the piano. I played some studies, exercises and pieces that you will normally play if you learn piano. At what level are you? Instagram: http://goo.gl/9FAFP5


Francisco : Level 1-7: Vinheteiro stares at your soul. Level 8-10: The piano stares at Vinheteiro's soul.


umut : level 1 - cr00k level 10 - BO$$

xx Celena xx : But can you play MaRy hAd A LiTtLe LaMb?

Muhammad Sadiq : Me :- who can play Hungarian Rhapsody ?? Tom :- hold my tail

Thegenocide Oftheeclairs : be honest, I was waiting for “La campanella” in the end

FOR. TOCHKA : i actuallythink fhat you forgot the level 0 - playing piano games on your phone

Adolf Hitler : I played all of them in the conservatory

Koopa Troopa : When he stops staring at you like a criminal and looks at the piano that mean it’s HARD

Alexander Kopitz : Those saying the gap between 8-9 is huge haven't played Bach fugues. For the uninformed, a fugue is basically the opening melody being repeated in a different spot on the piano while a counter-melody adds to it. Most of Bach's fugues have 3-4 melodies/countermelodies happening at once! The Lv 9 Chopin piece is just a melody and harmony with a lot of fast notes. Both pieces are relatively difficulty, one for being fast and the other for requiring multiprocessing.

neutronen stern : Level 100:El Contrabandista by Franz Liszt.Only if you can play this you are a really serious pianist

The Specie : LINGLING *scoffs* "I was born Level 10."

Tae Kim : IM ON LEVEL 8 IM PLAYING A LEVEL 6 SONG FOR THE TEST i literally played everything and agreed w everything until level 6 i feel unaccomplished

Yonlade腹黒い : when you can't even do level 1

E.S. Capeditiea : Level 11, anything recorded of Sorabji Level 12, anything not recorded of Sorabji.

Amarillo Games HD : Beethoven level 20. Rachmaninov level 99.

Jack Cheney : Um trabalho de arte. Você é realmente incrível.

Hazardrar : Well, that escalated quickly :D

Chaos Theory : I thought level 1 is twinkle twinkle Little star

eimi S : Realizing I peaked at level 6 and now I'm falling off the edge of level 4... Man this hurts.

Michael Mgbeojirikwe : i cant even play no. 1 im a lvl 0

J'ZTV : Some say he is still staring at the camera to this day

Qu3en_ A : Level 1 is too hard

Victor Tadeu : Cara você toca muito!! <3 parabéns mestre, reverencio a sua pessoa por isso.

Bigeared Basset : When you can do level 2 but not level 1

Jocelyn Lopez : Level 10 starts Me: Tom and Jerry

Yuri Barnabé : Lord, faz um vídeo tocando o tema do jogo Chrono Cross - Scars of Time (Time's Scar)

Agent Diego : My level is: "Oh, look! It's a piano!"

Alex The JPEG : Vinheteiro difficulties: 1 - Looking at the camera 10 - Looking at the piano

Dionysius Chiu : i thought i was level 8. this video said i was level 2

PianoProgressOfficial : WOW! You're very talented. Bach's fugue are perfect. Congrats Mr. Vinheteiro. :)

Lindon Lamont : Did you hear that Czerny? Vinheteiro called you a level 1 player!

Nick Name : We get it, you can play piano

mkleng : Why the hell must you keep staring in all your videos!! Because of that, I've subscribed.

2rawww : Level 11: running finger down all keys and back again

Tobirama Senju : JEEZ i jumped from alla turca to the revolutionary etude though i can still play it

Matheus Dantas : ta tudo bem aí chega um chopin, é sempre assim HAHAHAHA

Matthew Anderson : Oh damn I was expecting level one to be hot cross buns

Altora music : i am at level 0. i know nothing of piano and don't even own one.

Juniorvbn : A partir do lvl 6 já tem que olhar pro teclado aushsuahsa _(menos o no 7 que parece o lvl 5,5)_

Ryannn : He speakkkkssss through the captions xddd P.S : it's bloody hilarious:-)

Jake Panek : Difficulty level: 1.) Beginner 2.) Easy 3.) Mild 4.) Hard 5.) Experienced 6.) Vinheteiro 7.) Vinheteiro has to look at the keys

David Sladky : Things get serious when he has to look at the keyboard!

AtomicFusion3 : Level 9 my favorite. Plus it's the easier than Hungarian lol

Law's NE0N X - D | G4MING & LETS PL4Y : I’m not at level 1 yet wtf

Dorene Mellene : From watching you play.....I think I'm a level 2, but very close to a 3. Thanks for sharing.

Welcome to the Mouse House : level 1- this is rlly easy level 2- still pretty easy level 3- this isnt very hard level 4- ok things are cranking up but i can still play this level 5- this is getting sorta hard level 6- this is getting pretty difficult level 7- i think i can play this? level 8- mayyyyybe? level 9- ok. nope level 10- nevereverever gonna be able to play dis

surprised pikachu : When he needs to look at the keys, u know it's hard

Loraine The Wolfy YT : OMG your the piano master YOUR MY IDOLLL