10 Levels of Piano Playing

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Nick Name : We get it, you can play piano

GenSawo! YT : Level 10 - so hard that the pianist had to *for once* look at what he's actually doing

Chaos Theory : I thought level 1 is twinkle twinkle Little star

umut : level 1 - cr00k level 10 - BO$$

Howard Chow : Non-pianists have no idea how difficult the eighth piece is...That Chopin piece (ninth) sounds amazing to beginners but I won’t even say it is harder than the Fugue. It is like non-pianists would think Fantasie Impromptu is super hard but it is actually one of the easiest “advance” pieces you can play. Just because it sounds fast and fancy doesn’t mean it’s harder, vice versa for the Fugue.

Matthew Anderson : Oh damn I was expecting level one to be hot cross buns

Максим Трушин : Level 10. I heard her in one of the series of the cartoon Tom and Jerry

Manyak Panda : Everybody is saying that level 8 looks easy but I am studying on that these days and it is REALLY REALLY Hard Man. Left hand and right hand is completely different

PianXtreme : Oh yea? well... I can play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!!!!

Amarillo Games HD : Beethoven level 20. Rachmaninov level 99.

troll face : There are only 2 levels. Easy: he's looking at the camera Hard, he's looking at the piano



Torin : My boy Franz Liszt

Alexander Kopitz : Those saying the gap between 8-9 is huge haven't played Bach fugues. For the uninformed, a fugue is basically the opening melody being repeated in a different spot on the piano while a counter-melody adds to it. Most of Bach's fugues have 3-4 melodies/countermelodies happening at once! The Lv 9 Chopin piece is just a melody and harmony with a lot of fast notes. Both pieces are relatively difficulty, one for being fast and the other for requiring multiprocessing.

HP Lego : When he stops staring into your soul and looks at the piano that means that it’s hard

katt : 2:08 is what you came for

Endrődy Miklós : I'm Hungarian! Liszt Ferenc was one of our many composer! Thanks Vinheteiro! In the end he just trowing his fingers :D Nice!

Yonlade腹黒い : when you can't even do level 1

supermanboy : When you make the same comment that everyone else has already made, that means it's hard.

Panda Parade : Just remember kids. After G is G sharp, and after G sharp is H.

Cyrekt : LVL 11: Synthesia songs

Nutty : I play piano but i cant to level one! I thought it would be mary had a little lamb

Junio : Actually, i m level 5 Franz liszt all etude is level *max*

Jack Cheney : Um trabalho de arte. Você é realmente incrível.

David Sladky : Things get serious when he has to look at the keyboard!

Alex Soto : Level 35:boss

Naroky Ruiz : Como carajos puede tocar todo eso sin mirar las notas!!!

Thumbomb : 2:28 to be continued...

DaMemeGuy : Level 11 Vinheteiro

poopertin11 : You know it's difficult when Vinheteiro looks away from the camera when playing the piano

Jimatos28 Jimatos28 : Hey you know Greek i am from Greece Γειά σε όλους τους Έλληνες εδώ

Tae Kim : IM ON LEVEL 8 IM PLAYING A LEVEL 6 SONG FOR THE TEST i literally played everything and agreed w everything until level 6 i feel unaccomplished

Vequi 2 : Sabes que está difícil cuando por fin mira sus manos

Subhadip Karmakar : 2:09 Tom and Jerry anyone ?

Koopa Troopa : When he stops staring at you like a criminal and looks at the piano that mean it’s HARD

Sandi Bart : Os níveis 6 e 7 estão invertidos. O 6 te obrigou a olhar para o piano, o 7 não.

Victor Bolzan : And i realized that i m far from level 1

Plz dont : Straight from level 1 crook to level 10 mafia boss

Luke Hall : Someone tell this guy that he doesn’t need to constantly be making aggressive eye contact with the piano

Mohammed Shaabawi : Guys turn on the captions😂😂

Ryann : He speakkkkssss through the captions xddd P.S : it's bloody hilarious:-)

Tobirama Senju : JEEZ i jumped from alla turca to the revolutionary etude though i can still play it

Ertuğrul burak anıl ANıl : Im undersrand my lvl -2

Andrzej Wiśnia : Man, there are quite a few level 10 pieces, Hungarian Rhapsody, Grand Waltz, La Campanella, Moonlight Sonata mvt3...

Bonjour Monsieur : First is hard for me 😅, third the most easly ! WTF i am ?😂

Lara Beatty : Legend says, his eyes will still stare deep into your soul after you die...

Lori Vezér : Like aki magyar

Teo Norah : I like the way he looks at the camera

Bubblegum B*I-ch : Guys captions are needed