10 Levels of Piano Playing

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Nick Name : We get it, you can play piano

aaronwcheung : When he stops staring at you like a criminal and looks at the piano that mean it’s HARD

Meister SuperBatMan : The gap between 8 and 9 is like a professional footballplayer and a kid with a ball.

Starlady12 : The way your right hand moves when you're playing Hungarian Rhapsody is amazing!

Jia L. : Imagine going into your keyboard placement exams just staring at your examiner's soul while playing pieces from level 1 - 10.

Matthew Anderson : Oh damn I was expecting level one to be hot cross buns

Jonathan Morales : "Stop reading the captions and enjoy the music!"

Arka Chanda : Level 11. MASH ALL THOSE KEYS AT ONCE

Lucía Desourdy : Levels 1-8 i'm like meh, I could play that, then levels 9 and 10 I'm like holy shit!!!!! 😱

Veronika Zając Nyírő : So it is like: Some not well-known coposer, Bach, Bach, Bach, Chopin, Bach, Bach, Bach, Bach, Liszt.

troll face : There are only 2 levels. Easy: he's looking at the camera Hard, he's looking at the piano

J. T : Where's Rachmaninoff piano concerto no 2? That's level 11

Nathan Chan : Personally I thought invention 8 was easier than Mozarts sonata in c

FELIPE VIZCARRA : When he looks you know it’s hard

Generasi Sawojajar : Level 10 - so hard that the pianist had to *for once* look at what he's actually doing

poopertin11 : You know it's difficult when Vinheteiro looks away from the camera when playing the piano

LcsLdx : Descobri que o melhor do seu canal sao os comentarios

[GD] Celestial : Lvl 8 to 9 was a huge jump! Same with 9 to 10

Asa : A partir do nivel 6, ele começa a precisar olhar para o piano pra conseguir tocar, ja identificamos o nivel que começa a ficar tenso kkkkkk. (Mas msm assim o nivel 1 pra mim ja é impossivel)

Davi Tesch Lobao : Cadê o level 0,01? Sei nem tocar punheta direito vou saber tocar piano ksks

HP Lego : When he stops staring into your soul and looks at the piano that means that it’s hard

anh đào nguyễn thị : I'm in level 5: Sonata in C-K.545

Isaac Pereira : Caralho cara, se tem uma coisa que me deixa triste é esse cara ser BR e só ter ingleses aqui nos comentários. Isso só mostra a nossa realidade de merda mesmo.

Anna Bio : Impressionante! Vc decora tantas partituras e toca maravilhosamente bem todas!! Vc é um orgulho para o Brasil, e agora conquistando fãs no mundo todo. Parabéns Lord! Acho vc um gênio, sou super sua fã!

Daniil BURD : Хотел бы я до 10 дойти, а я только на 5((

David Sladky : Things get serious when he has to look at the keyboard!

BiohazardGeek : Man, you are a master ! 😊👌

ME Myself And I MMAI : Put a one in front of the 9 and 10 and BOOM done way more accurate

She Wolf : Marry me! ❤️🎹🎶👌

A-to-Z 2017 : That means that I am 7th grade and I am level 8, but one of my friends was 8th grade when he was level 9, that means that I have to learn that song in one year. Omfg I can't do that... I olay piano now about 7 years but how? Hooooow? How th can u play piano like... like your hands just go, and u don't have to look there and just... jsut wow you are so goooooood

Panda Parade : Just remember kids. After G is G sharp, and after G sharp is H.

Mohammed Shaabawi : Guys turn on the captions😂😂

TheFuckShit bl : Revolutionary etude and Hungarian Rhapsody

Aron Abaga : that face though

S RAFF : His fingers at level 10 remind me of the end of the matrix when Neo is too fast for the agents lol

Tóth Réka : I’m at level 0

DIY Nutty : I play piano but i cant to level one! I thought it would be mary had a little lamb

Vequi 2 : Sabes que está difícil cuando por fin mira sus manos

Alessandra De Giorgi : You're level is 1.000, me 0😂

Mario : if any song has rhapsody at the end of it, its a masterpiece

Agent Diego : My level is: "Oh, look! It's a piano!"

saskachetum : And flight of the bumblebee?! >:v

Letícia MixerLove : Se aquele é o nível 1 onde é que eu estou????

Rat Kabu : Can you play Final Fantasy songs?

Ah Gay : He has to look at the higher levels hahaha

Bonjour Monsieur : First is hard for me 😅, third the most easly ! WTF i am ?😂

Maciuś shoty : Polski chopin jestem dumny że jestem polakiem

Invisible Mike : Stop looking at me would ya

gosuckacat : Wtf I can't even do level 1

EasyTarget83 : Damn....Im only a level 5. Gotta up my game :)