2015 update of the Connells' '74-'75 video clip

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New! now the video content the names of the Participants(desktop user only). Twenty-two years later, 15 of 16 stars from the Connells’ ‘ ’74-’75’ video are still living Director Mark Pellington based it on the ‘7 Up’ documentary series Three of the video’s subjects are now disabled. To mark the 40-year anniversary of Broughton High School's class of 1975, we present the 2015 update remix of the Connells' "'74-/75" video -- showing the subjects circa 1975, then 1993 and today. David Menconi, Juli Leonard and Travis Long - demnconi@newsobserver.com, jleonard@newsobserver.com, tlong@newsobserver.com All rights reserved to the Connells and Mark Pellington

Comments from Youtube

TheDutyPaid : I started to cry when the family was holding the picture up of David Hoggard.

Candaş Urunga : People are getting older but this perfect song is timeless...Very emotional update. I'm in tears...

Woody Alain : Probably one of the greatest videos of all times.

Roksana Piotrowska : It is so nostalic, I can't even control myself, I am in tears. Beautiful, timeless song.

Sade Life1015 : It's funny the most of us don't know these people in real life, yet we feel attached to them through this song, very heart warming 😊

Basilio Toth : this is by far the most touching video I've ever seen

Federico Caobelli : Hope we'll be able to enjoy the next update in 2035 :-)

N Herridge : RIP David Hoggard..

ilker sönmez : It's funny how one can feel instant, deep emotional connection with total strangers. That's the power of music, I guess.

SymbolicBodom : No wayyy.... I was 16 then,.... God, we're only passengers...

Benjamin Pavel : It's just so beautiful seeing them smile again....so glad I could see an update on them. Made me really tearful while watching the video...really hope they are doing okay and that their anniversary this year wen't good! Thank you to who ever was able to gather them together again! <3

Roy Wayne : Woke up in rainy England today and saw this on my suggested. Watched it as I love the song and was reduced to tears. So moving. These people seem like friends to me somehow. Many thanks. Absolutely wonderful. 😊

Lauri Koivu : r.i.p mullet man

MrYoule86 : Wow... i remember this playing on radio all the time back in UK in '95-'96 but i've often thought about the people from the video and where they are now. It's great to finally see most of them are still here and well! This song is so nostalgic now, which is funny because it was a song about nostalgia then ;) love this song so much

Anna : This makes me cry, but I don't know why.

raleighman3000 : I married my wife the year this song came out originally ('95), and our daughter will be attending the same high school these people went to, in about 5 years. Raleigh, NC!

Colin Sweeney : That's very sad that David Hoggard is no longer with us. RIP

MrYoule86 : The song needs to be re-released so youngsters of today can hear what good music sounds like

Colin Wilkes : One of the finest songs ever ,and that video just kills me why was I born so sensitive?

Martin Hugh : This is a tough watch. Damn. Beautiful, but tough. A wonderful song, from an equally wonderful album, "Ring". BUY IT, NOW.

David Murphy : Watching peoples lives go back in 4 and a half minutes....now I'm depressed:( still a fantastic song though

Gent Boy : The wheelchair photo made me cry :(

Darril Fosty : What a cool update for such a timeless song and video. It made my day.

Dario S : Wow. I can't say anything else. Just... wow.

AFCA4EVER : Nice upload!! Love the track.... Sad to read David Hoggard is already deceased..... RIP!!

John Galbraith : my goodness, that made me cry and smile in equal measure.....cold hand gripping my heart then releasing.

Adamthegreat984 : Simply one of the most beautiful songs ever !

Rick Cleek : Live life, cause you only got one.

alejandro rodriguez : this song and video always moved me to tears

soeffingwhat : Great to see this. Its great to see how some of them look even happier and healthier today now than they did then.

Lowlander 2004 : This song should be sent in a new voyager type probe into the universe, it captures the essence of being human :-)

Danilo B : i was a kid when this song was released. I remember every single face of these guys. What a great idea to show in 2015...

Dave : Humans just keep on going.

Gomez : I was into rave when this come out but I loved this.all these years later it means even more to me as I think about all the people I've known and remembering those who are sadly not here.

vastariner : Life is so bloody unfair, isn't it? David Hoggard is brave, dedicated, and hard-working enough to serve his country, and his reward is that it put him in a wheelchair. And then he gets a fatal cancer. If there is one single consolation, it is that he seems to have had the love of a loyal wife and a beautiful daughter, and thanks to them for paying tribute.

Lino P. : Wonderful!!! Thank you for this video!!!

Mark Duncan : Thank you whomever did this!

BmmR Boi : I'm a stonecold bastard, but this made me she'd a tear

Neil Silver : this need to be done, and i'm glad it happened and I have it saved, reminds me so much of what I was doing in 1993 is was 30, i'm 53 now.. time goes so quickly

Baz Mac : Me and my friend James loved this song when released in the 90s..we were 14 RIP James (harry)

Alessandro Venturi : I wanna be forever young!!!!!!........ Amazing video.

Jacque Dreyer : One of my absolute favorite music videos of all time - not sure why exactly but the song and the people really resonate with me. Absolutely fantastic job - thanks to everybody who contributed to this masterpiece!

avidrocker : WOW JUST WOW one of my favorite videos..... like others have said ive seen it so many times i feel i know these people ive never met....RIP David

BranislavBGD : R.I.P. Dave Hoggard..... :'(

MephProduction : Such a great video and project, something special this, and oddly most of those people look so much better than they did the first time round, getting better with age.

White Lion : Thank you for posting this update. Sweet song !!!!

Gerard James : This video is beautiful and very moving. The humanity makes me feel like crying ❤

mcoshea83 : nearly started crying when the guy in wheelchair was dead, smiled everytime someone seemed to be doing good though, one of the greatest songs of all time

Reckoner VR : This video is incredible. I remember watching this song on VH1 here in the UK when it was released and loved the video then. This takes it to an entirely new level. This needs to be watched.