Voynich Manuscript Revealed (2018)

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The Voynich Manuscript is a mysterious medieval manuscript written in the early 15th century. To date, scientists, historians, mathematicians and linguists have struggled to decipher the manuscript. However, the mystery has finally been put to rest. Ata Team Alberta (ATA) has deciphered and translated over 30% the manuscript. Currently, a formal paper of the philological study was submitted to an academic journal in John Hopkins University. turkicresearch@gmail.com

Comments from Youtube

Name Name : Scholars: "It's monks!" "It's a lost language!" "It's deliberately gibberish!" "It's a secret code!" Conspiracy theorists: "It's aliens!" "It's demons!" "It's from a parallel universe!" "It's a secret code!" Turks: "Guys it's just Turkish lol come on."

Jason Barefoot : Well that's just great. **crosses "deciphering the Voynich Manuscripts" off the bucket list**

iggi : 609 dislikes=all the scholars who tried to decipher and failed.......

Nunu Rats : A lot of people are oversimplifying this in the comments. This isn't written in normal Turkish, it's written in olden Turkish and is also written phonetically, and in poem form. They're having to translate this from phonetics, to olden Turkish, to new Turkish, and still have to find meaning in the poetry and also tell which words are actually numbers. Anyone who thinks this is an easy translation should have a friend listen to a reading of Old English, and write down exactly what they hear, then you try and figure out how to make it modern English, because that's pretty much what you have.

Kirsten Allen : Me trying to understand my French Homework without google translate

Imbi : Bet if someone found my old notes from highschool in a 1000 years they probably gonna thought its a mystery books too

Jad Baayoun : Why is thia not major world wide breaking news ?

Adele Ankiewicz : This family is so inspiring! Taking a hobby, creating a family project and working together simply for the love of what they do. And in doing something so wonderful, they have managed to provide a solution to this manuscript that is far more advanced than anyone else got. They have literally gifted the world with a little more precious knowledge - and done so through their personal passion for this mystery.

TheJudge01 : 600 years of mystery and this guy and his sons figured out it's written in Turkish the way it sounded to the writer. Wow! Im starting to think it wasn't a mystery at all.

Keith Johnson : This is more progress than other people have made with this document in hundreds of years! Nice work!

loyd walters : The big question; When can we expect to see a complete English translation of the manuscript with all illustrations explained. The original manuscript along with the translated version and a reference guide, all in a single book, would be a “bestseller” for sure.

arem gee : All that fuss and conspiracy theories only to find out that (at least part of it) its a book on agriculture, lol! Oh well. Congratulations on that Turkish father and son team!

harikili : WHO THE HECK clicked on dislike? WTF is wrong with people today?

Suresh Kumar : pls update wikipedia page with ur works, too many wrong claims are there

Zombie Prodigy : I come here every couple months to ask for an update. Sooooo Updates???

Aunty Lani Lee : Absolutely amazing! I am dumbfounded that someone has found a way to translate this strange manuscript! The father and his two sons are very talented and display their knowledge of English quite well. I am anxiously waiting for more results from them. Thank you!

alahya18 : i hope they translate the whole book, soon enough.

Ethan Kepple : I hope they release the translation as a PDF or sell copies of it online.

GENESIS ELI : God bless this Father and Son for their amazing work..they deserve a Nobel peace prize and world wide recognition..totally amazing!!

Silent Thunder : I guess it goes to show.... aliens are not to good with the Turkish language.

Lord Dice X : I've been following this book my entire life since I was a kid in the '80s. I'm super excited with this development! I certainly hope I'll be able to finally read it one day before I die. Hurry up guys, I'm not getting any younger. 😅

Ali Can Tuncer : We need an update video.

Zhe Yuan : This makes sense. The dating of the manuscript dated back to around 1420 when Turkey was a more advanced civilization. Given the manuscript was made with great effort and cost, it may have represented the best knowledge at the time from that part of the world. The previous people studying it may not have any idea about ancient Turkish and were on the wrong track of looking at the book as an encrypted one. The translated paragraph of the plant resembling sunflower makes perfect sense.

Aimee McDonald : That is truly incredible. It took the right people with the right knowledge and interest to make it happen. Thank you so much. Very impressive. I am so excited to finally read some of this mystery.

Nicky P : Wow, excellent work! An electrical engineer and his 2 sons with a passion for ancient languages decipher a codex that no academic could! Bravo! Can't wait to learn the rest of the translation!

onur Sezgin : I'm a Turkish guy living in Türkiye and I am interested in the book or years. Than bumped into this video. It all makes sense now. Of course it had to be some Turkish prick coding what's probably his grocery list and driving me crazy with curiosity. Big time bastards we re. And what a cool family u guys re. Hope u complete ur work quick and congrats.

Dale Amararon : You all wrong. Who wrote that thing is from Philippines. And you can use Echo decode to have the knowledge of it's contents.

Giggles McGlitter : New documentary when you and your family solve it!! Can not wait. Have been following this story for a while now and was hopeful of a discovery. I wonder what it says!!! 😱 very exciting 👌🏼

Liz Mccauley : OMG! I only watched a BBC documentary on this topic yesterday. To find the code's been broken is wonderful ; congratulations to the Ardic family. I always cringe when experts say because it's too hard, it must be fantasy or non-nonsensical. It's typical of ego's in the realms of competitive science. I caught a word that to me looked Greek. I'm not sure if the two languages are linked, but as someone posted earlier; "Sometimes inquisitive common sense is all it takes" Thanks for making me smile this morning Armet!

Yoda : meanwhile in andromeda galaxy... - (in alien language) dude, remember that book u wrote in earth? - yeah - so, this stupid humans kinda figured it out - oh... whatever lmao lets build some more pyramids

Zath B : I mean it's actually logical for this book to be Turkish... I mean if you look at the map of Piri Reis for example, you can see how high they can be.

littlespinycactus : Reference to the 'dying branch' causing the remaining ones to become bigger and healthier will strike a chord with every gardeners who has ever disbudded exhibition dahlias and chrysanthemums.

Danny Lopez : son: dad can i go out and play? dad: not until you solve the manuscript

CrypticBlueHue : Wait, so it's ancient Turkish? That's so awesome ^W^ And it's also awesome that a dad and his sons figured it out for a hobby hehe

Trevor Reilly : listen every one that has made a crappy comment...this family that deciphered this is not your average group of people working by themselves or together...they are extremely smart and happened to be Turkish. If anyone was going to figure out the hint to get them started these were the guys to do it...right place right time. And bravo to Ahmet for being able to do this with his kids what a story!!

Mr Nilsson : Our "family projects" growing up involved playing Nintendo and watching X-Files! 😮

Scan End : In all seriousness you should get a Nobel prize. This problem has baffled many of the greatest minds through history. Even the most sophisticated AI couldn't correctly produce a translation. Well done guys, you are now on my all time heroes list. :)

Anibal Garcia : Congratulations for your beatiful work. Is great to see people and more a family doing things for the greater scientific good with out any monetary retribution. You are a amazing people.

Imperial Dork : people who keep commenting about how its been a year so they should have been done translating the last 70% shout stfu, he started working on it around 4 years before the video was made and in that time only translated 30%

Zarina Khan زرینه خان : This is impressive ! This family broke the code where supercomputers have failed.

Christian Reptilian : THANK YOU! It's been such a mystery for so long and now we have a glimpse beyond the veil. How exciting!

G A : That's interesting considering the fact that I know Kazakh language, one of the Turkic languages with many old Turkic words:)))

Wayne Samuel : Why is this not mainstream news?!?

Cherisse Fernandes : Engineers Rule The World

Estela Martínez : Absolutely amazing (: I'm wishing to learn more about this!

Guy Om : thk you guys for the works that wad done, to translate this old manuscript, thx alot! cheers from France

Chinmay Gaikwad : Ancient Memes 😵 watching our reaction their souls are still laughing👼😆😆

Joseph Shattuck : Bravo, great family project. Good luck with the rest of it

Juan Carlos Andreu : Next time turn down the background music volume a notch, please x)