Voynich Manuscript Revealed (2018)

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shubus : All this makes more sense than some of the more recent attempts at translation.

Voynich Manuscript Research : The radiocarbon dating result is not support The Emperor Rudolf theory or others. But we own some other hypothesis such as: - The manuscript was stolen from Ottoman archive in around between 1897 to 1912. Of Course they have got help from insiders. (It was some kind of business partnership). - The manuscript 30 pages are destroyed by same people because of those pages had Ottoman Archive seals, author name and signatures. In addition, the same people have been stealing many different kinds of manuscripts from the same archives in Istanbul and selling them in London and Europe. Some of them have received By British Museum without investigate or care about their source (may be in 1902). - For selling to them, the thieves were manipulating the manuscripts by writing on the well-known historical figure name from the Europe history. They were manipulating text in different way. ... Etc. ...

Eco Bear : Well done, bravo! These two saw and did what no one else could

Will Silvano : Well done! Disappointed it wasn't aliens or something more out of this world, but ecstatic at the possibility of solving hundreds of years of mystery!

California Cobra : I've been following this story of the Voynich Manuscript for several years. I thought the "code" would never be solved, but now we're getting closer to understanding the book and that's exciting! I KNEW it wasn't written by aliens lol!

ThatDutchguy : Now the findings needs to peer checked and then i suspect one of the world's mysteries is solved.

Stav8 inHD : So to simplify it, the voynich manuscript was the world's first encyclopedia

Neanderthal Tom Cave Beast Sociopathic Parasite - : I'll hold onto a bit of scepticism but I really hope these fellas really can acuratly decipher that dang manuscript. I have always wanted to know what it contained. Imagine if some valuable knowledge that was previously lost to us can be gleaned. Not just historical but even lost knowledge like how we lost the process of making Damascus steel or Greek Fire. I love when a mystery gets solved!

Miss Starstruck : I would never have believed that I would find out what stands in this manuscript. I really thought no one will be able to decipher it but now I am glad

Bengali Jisan : Wow!! That's really more interesting now! Excellent job brothers. Waiting for full translation....

Voynich Manuscript Research : The author was multilingual (which was probably Arabic, Hebrew, and-or may be some other European languages). In addition, because of the promoting style written Turkic language in the book, the author was communicate with Turkish farmers in Europe.

Miss Starstruck : Now I really want the full version to read xD

Bengali Jisan : This video deserve millions views!

Matt Ward : this is fairly big news why is it not getting more attention

Puteri Ki : I wish it can be deciphered before I die ;;

Voynich Manuscript Research : Thank you Canada. Very cold weather is really encourage us to work at home to solve the problem. :)

Dan R. : If this is just old Turkish why did it take so long for people to figure it out?

YetAnotherRandomYoutubeChannel : If this turns out to be true, it would be kind of embarassing for the experts that tried to decypher the manuscript before. I mean, the turkish language has over 80 million speakers!

Zombie Prodigy : I love this comment section because it's full of intelligent individuals with a passion to learn 😌 (plus it's cool to see all the polyglots)

Ditte Elvekjær : WOW this is great. Thank you for sharing.

Ebon Hawk : I wonder how the academic review went

ammiel estioko : Ancient encyclopedia

Stephen Sansom : Worked out by just an average guy. Not a professor or some other academic. That in itself tells you something.

Dreadbull : I cant wait to see the translation of some of the stranger sections of the manuscript. Particularly the parts with the weird people going into tubes and whatnot

Patrick Lindsey : That feels like a promising methodology to me. I'll bet it cracks the code. Amazing that it took this long, and a family of amateurs end up solving the unsolvable. Well done!

Sahibjot Singh : This video is from 2017 and their theory has already been debunked. VOYNICH MANUSCRIPT HASNT BEEN DECIPHERED

Galvatron : Incredible work! After 100's of years your family has done it. I look forward and wish you luke in finishing the rest of the translations. You all deserve academic accolades for this. I will be in line to purchase the translated copy.. Again, thank you!

lizzymoore54 : Thank you and your sons for taking your time to recognize, examine and translate the Voynich manuscript. I've seen many videos and articles about this manuscript and have always felt that someone would eventually be able to decipher it. It must have been very exciting to realize that your language was used, old Turkish. Also the fact that it was written phonetically, which makes sense if the writer was not formally educated. Exciting that you've been able to translate a full page and it made total sense and was in context to the illustrations shown. I have an old German register that my son purchased for me, in Germany, while he was taking college courses there. I have not been able to get it translated because the few people I have asked have told me that it is written in a " dead " German language. It seems to be a census record of small villages or towns written in 1804. I couldn't even find any information or examples of old German on the internet. I hope that you and your sons are recognized and that your work is accepted by those who, in the past, were unable to decode this manuscript. If you can interpret the whole manuscript, I would love to see that interpretation in print. It would be a link to our past that so far, no one-else has been able to produce. I would love to know what information lies within it's pages. Good luck in your endeavors! Thank you again. 😊

Tuna : I think the month thing is very possible because im turkish and if you ask your turkish grandma what her birthday is she will not say something like december or april, when i ask my grandma her birthday she says she was born in the harvesting month and seeing it in the manuscript seemed quiet familiar to me

Kendall Falk : Well that makes sense.. a lot

drewguardo : they haven't solved it apparently, its just wishful thinking on their part. the passages arnt even grammatically correct or consistent. idk but im guessing this is bollocks, i think the voynich manuscript is a forgery/ fake and contains no information or message its just book full of gibberish. i think this due to many factors such as the lack or errors/ edits or rubbing out of work/mistakes. lets be honest if this was totally legit we would have herd about it on the news. so it probably isnt.

Krešimir Cindrić : I'm sceptical, but open minded. There have been many claims in the past that Voynich manuscript has been deciphered, and all proved to be false. I expect that will be the case with this one, as well. But in the off-chance that it isn't, this is going to be really big...

Burning Thermyte : The fact that this is revealed to not be complete nonsense is really fucking awesome. Im curious if this is all just the work of fiction and concepts

Jamie Hibbs : Bravo! Many kudos to you and your brilliant sons! I knew someone, somewhere, would be able to solve this puzzle. No one would spend so much time and care writing this large volume if they were just writing gibberish. I knew it must mean something. And now you have solved that mystery! Thank you and your sons for all your efforts. I look forward someday soon, to reading the whole manuscript once it has been translated.

Éamonn Síoċáin : Excellent!

The RoGus : Wow! Finally, i have been waiting so long for it! I have dreamed for years about a translated copy!

Yoda : meanwhile in andromeda galaxy... - (in alien language) dude, remember that book u wrote in earth? - yeah - so, this stupid humans kinda figured it out - oh... whatever lmao lets build some more pyramids

Corey Tiillman : Wow that’s one smart family.

jerelm : Well done. I think they've got a good start. Maybe what is needed next is a phonetic reading of the script then see if other ancient linguistic experts recognised other languages from a similar time to this old Turkish.

MrKapovich : Nice, very interesting 👍

Драги Мелод : Turkish origin... why not? That would explain so confusing drawings - so much opium and hashish, and PUF! Rose becomes alien plant. Woman becomes monster from Pluto. Goat becomes mythological creature. And we all know that who ever smoke weed thinks that what he write or drawn - its beautiful, its magical and its extraordinary.

greekgodlamb : Amazing! For these people to finally start deciphering the most Mysterious Manuscript in our lifetime!.. This has got to be some what or at the most at par with the Rosetta stone discovery!.. Im still waiting for the politics/crime/showbiz-filled mainstream news to focus on this one.

Ryan Reed : It seems like a page on the sunflower, which was native to north america. It could be a journal on the uses of north american plants that found itself in the Turkish language. I'm pretty sure the book was written around the time of discovering the Americas. The image is odd to say the least, but the description seems spot on.

Colleen M : I ran an online community for 14 years and a core group of us spent quite some time on this manuscript. I just cannot help but to think it was a wealthy bored young man or woman using their imagination. When I was 12 years old I created my own book, magical alphabet and strange illustrations. It was very intricate. Lol, I imagine if that book survived a hundred years or so how it would look to people.

David Kamer : If you type some of the words into google translate with English characters they come out with Turkish suggestions.

william jones : clever guys...well done

WeTube : One Love

Jeremiah Gerald Luna : This will probably eventually conclude the manuscript as an agricultural guidebook.

Kotorichan : Fantastic work! Wish you best of lucks getting it proofed and finally solving the mystery.

nickacelvn : Excellent job, by far the most plausible translation i have seen