Voynich Manuscript Revealed (2018)

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alex lehman : when your handwriting so bad it takes 600 years to decode

iggi : 609 dislikes=all the scholars who tried to decipher and failed.......

Jason Barefoot : Well that's just great. **crosses "deciphering the Voynich Manuscripts" off the bucket list**

Lord Dice X : I've been following this book my entire life since I was a kid in the '80s. I'm super excited with this development! I certainly hope I'll be able to finally read it one day before I die. Hurry up guys, I'm not getting any younger. 😅

Yoda : meanwhile in andromeda galaxy... - (in alien language) dude, remember that book u wrote in earth? - yeah - so, this stupid humans kinda figured it out - oh... whatever lmao lets build some more pyramids

shubus : All this makes more sense than some of the more recent attempts at translation.

Jad Baayoun : Why is thia not major world wide breaking news ?

Tuna : I think the month thing is very possible because im turkish and if you ask your turkish grandma what her birthday is she will not say something like december or april, when i ask my grandma her birthday she says she was born in the harvesting month and seeing it in the manuscript seemed quiet familiar to me

Puddi Kat : This is very disappointing in the idea that it was taking so long for people to finally figure out that it might just be old Turkish written in a made up phonetic alphabet... considering I have done the exact same thing with English... I’m questioning how all these cryptographers never figured it out... it’s like all this time they have been trying to translate it with the assumption that it’s encoded Italian (just an example) and so there for never figured it out cause it was Turkish all this time smh 🤦🏼‍♀️. Good job to this guy tho, I hope the review goes well and this book can finally be decoded and credit goes to him for making this breakthrough

lizzymoore54 : Thank you and your sons for taking your time to recognize, examine and translate the Voynich manuscript. I've seen many videos and articles about this manuscript and have always felt that someone would eventually be able to decipher it. It must have been very exciting to realize that your language was used, old Turkish. Also the fact that it was written phonetically, which makes sense if the writer was not formally educated. Exciting that you've been able to translate a full page and it made total sense and was in context to the illustrations shown. I have an old German register that my son purchased for me, in Germany, while he was taking college courses there. I have not been able to get it translated because the few people I have asked have told me that it is written in a " dead " German language. It seems to be a census record of small villages or towns written in 1804. I couldn't even find any information or examples of old German on the internet. I hope that you and your sons are recognized and that your work is accepted by those who, in the past, were unable to decode this manuscript. If you can interpret the whole manuscript, I would love to see that interpretation in print. It would be a link to our past that so far, no one-else has been able to produce. I would love to know what information lies within it's pages. Good luck in your endeavors! Thank you again. 😊

Voynich Manuscript Research : The author was multilingual (which was probably Arabic, Hebrew, and-or may be some other European languages). In addition, because of the promoting style written Turkic language in the book, the author was communicate with Turkish farmers in Europe.

Jakub Grzybek : My theory is that this book was written by Italian merchant that learned Turkish to better his trading skills, when he decided to retire, he settled in northern Italy. To pass his time, he wrote the book in his modified Turkish to code his experience and discoveries from time, when he traveled.

Jeff Kaiser : My congratulations to the Turkish family who worked together to solve the mystery that had eluded European and American code breakers for so long. Obviously anyone ignorant of Turkish and its development from the older forms of Turkish would have very little, if any, prospect of understanding the book as they sought to apply its scripting to European spelling rules using substitution of letters, incorrect grammatical assumptions and spelling expectations based upon languages developed from widely different roots. As the script was reminiscent of some Arabic writings it is in retrospect odd that none of the failed "experts" would have sought out help from a non-European academician with the right skills; but that points only to human vanity and the desire to be the sole genius to crack the mystery with the attendant fame and fortune they hoped would follow. As the animal skin parchment was not long ago carbon dated to the first 30 years of the 1400's the looting of the book from the Ottoman Empire's libraries before its acquisition by Voynich makes perfect sense. Another possibility is that the book was removed even earlier from some wealthy holder's collection hundreds of years earlier than when Voynich obtained it and sold to a European book collector to remain among that collector's works as a beautifully illustrated but undecipherable volume for a couple of centuries before it came to the world's attention through Voynich. It will be interesting to discover, as interpretation goes forward, the roles of some of the other illustrations, such as the naked women, and the series of moving figures so similar to early moving photography. Best of all is that the false guesses and dead ends in interpretation can finally be identified and buried forever.

Zombie Prodigy : I love this comment section because it's full of intelligent individuals with a passion to learn 😌 (plus it's cool to see all the polyglots)

Daniel Saari : sometimes Academia over complicates things. and it just takes common sense to get answers this man obviously had it. and the thing I like most is that they did it as a family that speaks more volumes than the manuscript!

Suresh Kumar : pls update wikipedia page with ur works, too many wrong claims are there

Canberk Duman : The harmony within the letter groups has always reminded me of my mother tongue. I knew it! Turkish, in daily life, uses word doublings very frequently to intensify the meaning, and it follows the formula of consonant+vowel+consonant+vowel. Those who interested could also look for "Old Turkic Alphabet".

Adele Ankiewicz : This family is so inspiring! Taking a hobby, creating a family project and working together simply for the love of what they do. And in doing something so wonderful, they have managed to provide a solution to this manuscript that is far more advanced than anyone else got. They have literally gifted the world with a little more precious knowledge - and done so through their personal passion for this mystery.

Aunty Lani Lee : Absolutely amazing! I am dumbfounded that someone has found a way to translate this strange manuscript! The father and his two sons are very talented and display their knowledge of English quite well. I am anxiously waiting for more results from them. Thank you!

Halbuki TV : HELAL GURURUMUZSUNUZ :D Sevgiler from Turkiye <3 I start to laugh when i remember some academic person said it was an artificial language attempt. And I am still annoyed with that nobody considered until now that it might be one of the OLDEST LANGUAGEs of one of the OLDEST CULTUREs in the world. Türkler beğenin :D

TharrisNogaud : Outstanding work! You have found the key to unlocking the Voynich Manuscript. I love that it is linked to an old Turkish dialect and NOT the random scribbling of a odd fellow as has been suggested in the past. I love the genius of hitting upon the Turkish and discovering the artistic usage of words, art, and letters, which prove the veracity of the key. I love the translation  of the Sunflower page, and how the text makes sense of the illustration and the dying flower, that may have largely gone unnoticed, but with the text, the dying flower takes on significance in the illustration. Outstanding job in unlocking the secrets of the Voynich Manuscript!

Bengali Jisan : Wow!! That's really more interesting now! Excellent job brothers. Waiting for full translation....

Giggles McGlitter : New documentary when you and your family solve it!! Can not wait. Have been following this story for a while now and was hopeful of a discovery. I wonder what it says!!! 😱 very exciting 👌🏼

Darkerdays : Wait you’re telling me in 400 years not one fucker ever thought to compare it to every language possible?

TheUKGDani : Amazing, hats off to these men. So glad they paid the manuscript attention. Very easy to see why other cryptographers and linguists have failed with the diversity, complexity, multiple pronunciations, combinations and not to mention modifications through time Turkish letters/words have had. Without a history of speaking, reading and specialising in the previous versions there’s no way a native English speaking person could of figured it out. We do not recognise word formation and meaning on anywhere near this level.

nemesixsis : 9:10 SUNFLOWER and the fruit is SUNFLOWER SEEDS !!!

Silent Thunder : I guess it goes to show.... aliens are not to good with the Turkish language.

Cristian Andronescu : Wikipedia still says "unknown language"

Jon Mantooth : It was written by aliens that spoke old turkish language confirmed.

Bengali Jisan : This video deserve millions views!

Liam O’Neil : Google translator would have been way easier

Colleen M : I ran an online community for 14 years and a core group of us spent quite some time on this manuscript. I just cannot help but to think it was a wealthy bored young man or woman using their imagination. When I was 12 years old I created my own book, magical alphabet and strange illustrations. It was very intricate. Lol, I imagine if that book survived a hundred years or so how it would look to people.

David Kamer : If you type some of the words into google translate with English characters they come out with Turkish suggestions.

Imbi : Bet if someone found my old notes from highschool in a 1000 years they probably gonna thought its a mystery books too

Keith Johnson : This is more progress than other people have made with this document in hundreds of years! Nice work!

Turgan ILTER : Benden önce çözdünüz ;) Tebrikler, yaptığınız çalışmalar bizi hor görenlere kapak olsun. Umarım milli birimlerden gerekli destekleri alırsınız. Komik olan ise, 100lerce yabancı kriptografi uzmanı bunun üstünde çalışmasına rağmen çözememiş olmasının nedeni : zaten şifrelenmemiş alfabesi farklı kök Türkçe metin olması .

Ali Can Tuncer : We need an update video.

Zhe Yuan : This makes sense. The dating of the manuscript dated back to around 1420 when Turkey was a more advanced civilization. Given the manuscript was made with great effort and cost, it may have represented the best knowledge at the time from that part of the world. The previous people studying it may not have any idea about ancient Turkish and were on the wrong track of looking at the book as an encrypted one. The translated paragraph of the plant resembling sunflower makes perfect sense.

xian1670927 : Even though this claim hasn’t been substantiated. It makes more sense the way this family has explained it. This is impressive.

Ethan Wang : This right here is why we need cultural diversity

Ryan Dagley : Uhm yeah. Hello? World? I think this Turkish family just solved a big old puzzle.

alahya18 : i hope they translate the whole book, soon enough.

Martin Johann Kloppers : So very well done! Congratulations! The provided analysis is really great. Keep it up, finish it.

littlespinycactus : Reference to the 'dying branch' causing the remaining ones to become bigger and healthier will strike a chord with every gardeners who has ever disbudded exhibition dahlias and chrysanthemums.

L D : Sayın Ahmet Ardıç, öncelikle bu başarınızdan dolayı tebrik ederiz. Bu kadar tesadüf olmasına imkan yok, birçok örnek de verdiniz zaten. Kitabın İngilizce ve Türkçe çevirisini merakla bekliyoruz. En azından ara sıra çözülen metinlerden kamuoyuna bilgi verebilirseniz çok iyi olur.

ThatDutchguy : Now the findings needs to peer checked and then i suspect one of the world's mysteries is solved.

Nüs Schäffer : So? It’s been some time now. Did you get any response from “Digital Philology” at John Hopkins? Do you feel ready now to provide your transcript of the “folio 33v”, from which you supposedly made the “english translation” at 9:17? Or do you finally feel ready to admit the thing is a hoax, now that you won’t get any more views on your video?

Kati OBrien : After all the eyes on it, all the years and all the learned men as well as all the computers that have tried to crack this, congratulations to you.

Brenda Font : If this Is true these the men ( as his sons will be very soon) have just uncovered another Rosetta Stone . Let's not forget that it took alot longer to figure out what the Egyptians were talking. It's kinda of like the hooked x I've been reading about. Who ever wrote voyinch put heart and soul into their work.

Deshaun Media : Think it's also a combination of musical notes intertwined with letters and imagery