5 Disturbing Theories On The Sumter County Does Murders: Unsolved

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The Strangest : What do you think happened to the Sumter County does? Don't forget to join our discord server to talk to us daily Discord: https://discord.gg/Qq3v6vV and subscribe to Stay Strange. We will have a behind the scenes video of the Sumter does on there this weekend. The Strangest Live will be this Sunday at 3 PM EST. Get excited!

Kerri Temporary : One of the many things I adore about your channel: You guys don't beat around the bush... You provide appropriate info as quickly as possible. Thanks for that. ♡

Cody Young : I come back to this case quite often. Everything about it is disturbing including the post mortem photos. It gives me a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach when I see their faces because to me, they look terrified. Whoever they were and whatever they were doing, they were still young people and didn’t deserve to meet such an end. Thank you for sharing this video!

Edina : This is a very fascinating case! Great video!!

BM : It would be an honor to be the first to comment. :D

Jean MRI : Shocking story, i think it's all about drugs! they kill, they steal; but also they might be innocent... Thank you for posting, great content!

white owl : Great content. Fascinating subject.

white owl : 2nd

white owl : 1976? After all that time, I don't think it will ever be solved. So sad.

Shin Chan : I'm glad I found this channel. I love content like this.

purepetroleumjellly : 4 seems to be he most plausible nice video!

ed da : lol @ vaping trucker

Genesis Denise Cardenas : I heard another theory that it was their own families that had killed them. Personally, I don't think it's true. I find the third or fifth one likely.

ModernCicero : Wait! South Americans don't wear underwear?!?

H Solomon : Great video ✔

Viix Vega : I can forgive cutting up lines of grainy goddamn salt as "drugs" but on a cloth surface?! what the hell?!

Damarys Dingui : That was a weird story.. Thanks for sharing..👍😌👌

Robert Helring : Great video