My Name is Josh Pillault....finally free!
Kid gets out of jail after 5 YEARS for trolling on RuneScape

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Well better late than never I suppose. Many apologies for the delay on this, I know it was supposed to be February, but I explain in the video. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT!! It has been unreal! I forgot to give shoutouts to Torvesta who I recently met and also my buddy Jonathan aka God Ink Man. DUE TO AN OVERWHELMING AMOUNT OF REQUESTS AND SUPPORT I HAVE RELEASED ONE DEMO SONG ABOUT AN EX OF MINE. PLEASE GIVE CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM BUT THERE IS NO SENSE IN HATING, I KNOW I CAN'T SING AND THERE'S TOO MUCH REVERB. BUT HERE IT IS..... Original Song "I Don't Regret A Thing" Low Quality Demo: My Instagram is @JoshPillault PLEASE give me a follow and I'll be sure to try and give one back, even though I'm still figuring out this new social media.... is my friend who made all of this possible, if you like gaming be sure to check him out. My RSN is "The RS Felon" but it was originally just JoshPillault because I was being funny. I hang out in the "Tan Tan" CC so feel free to pop in and hang out with us. Seriously guys my life has been so amazing since I got out of prison and I owe it all to you. There will be so much more content, I'll give you stories, maybe some of my songs, and I'm trying to decide if I want to post RS Content here or on another channel. Let me know what you think. I want to give back to the community that gave me so much. Again, and a million times more, thank you all for everything. Especially to Silentc0re! I will be seeing you all very soon! Sorry for the bad audio quality and the terrible editing, it's been a loooong time since I made a YouTube video. Next time I might use my microphone. Just joined Reddit for 2007scape, Username is TheRSFelon! Twitch, Jpillault! Discord, JoshPillault#4477! Just set up a discord server with the help of my friend Jarious, the server is feel free to come hang out! To send money via PayPal (which would be GREATLY appreciated because I need a decent computer and my account balance is -20.00) use the email and I assure you that for every donation I will be sure to give a shoutout in my next video! That's not much to offer in return but it's about the best I can do. People kept asking if they could donate so I fixed up my PayPal. Thank you in advance!! Also, I will make a CC on OSRS but I can't guarantee that I will hop in often, because like I said, I hang out in "Tan Tan." I love you all! I have not set up a new gofundme, but I will post here the old one that raised over 2200 DOLLARS and that made this video possible! It just got 2 more donations and people have been asking about donating so if you feel inclined, please do! I want to save up to get a new laptop so I can Twitch stream because the 2012 Toshiba I am currently using is NOT cutting it, haha. Again, thank everyone for the support! Please subscribe, new videos coming soon! Josh Pillault SoundCloud: Also here is my GoFundMe: PayPal and Business e-mails: Discord Server, last one got messed with so feel free to join again!: Thank you everyone! Any donations will go straight to a new desktop computer so I can live stream on Twitch and YT and also make better videos for you! THANK YOU!!!


J D : 5 years in jail?!... What an XP waste.

Heych : >trolling so hard you troll the government and get jail time You're like a hero to us man

Touch of Chaos : Damn! Wrongfully imprisoned you need too sue everyone for max profits fam.

Fressh : Holy shit, welcome back. This is actually insane.

Simon when he fell on his face : He missed so many good games :(

Count Dankula : Welcome back my dude.

Skinny Penis : I was given a 12 month custodial sentence (got out in 5) when I was 17 (I'm 22 now) for a pretty bad assault, it was self defence, but I had no way to prove it and he was worse off than me. The thing that blows my mind is I met dudes who had robbed shops with knives, beat people within an inch of their life and even one dude who was there for touching his sister. none of them had a sentence longer than 24 months. not a one. I can't believe you spent your entire early 20s in prison for talking shit online. it genuinely makes me sad as fuck. best of luck for the future, man. seriously.

Jelly bro : Josh Pillault was arrested for 6 years but we didn't catch Nickolas Cruz until he acted on his threats?

Daniel Peterson : RIP 5 years of XP

Meep Meep : You received the same sentence for making an edgy comment as some people do for committing actual serious crimes. Glad you're out :(

Robert Schiffhauer : LOL WTF i saw u in game at the GE yesterday. Didn't realise that was actually you

James Micah Hayden : on your 92nd day in prison did you realize that you were only halfway to your 99th day? On a serious note, good luck, use the spotlight you have now and turn it into something, ill sub, cheering for you man.

Chunk : Wow. This is an awesome and educational video. We are alike in many ways and this could have literally happened to anybody. I have weird shit like that on my PC because its fascinating used to name my rs chars Bundy related haha. You seem really smart and got a good head on your shoulders. Wish you the best!

Zygur : I find it sort of funny how this video is so 2012 xD Like from the editing style and camera down to the hairstyle and clothesware :p

Gerben : Try getting Ethan from h3h3 to let you join his podcast

ZT : Get this man on the H3 Podcast

Jamie Pine : what an incredible story. i can't imagine what that must have been like, but your attitude and charisma is incredible. my advice with youtube, while I am hugely interested in everything you learned or got up to in prison, make sure to focus your channel on other things too. Keep those storytime style videos spread out with other things that you're interested in, music, gaming, comedy all things you demonstrated interest in here. That way you'll grow without being just known as the dude that went to prison. You're clearly very intelligent and have talent, so make sure that shines through on YouTube, that way you'll be set to succeed. I wish the best to you, I've subscribed and joined your Discord, hopefully I'll see you around!

Garfield Campbell : Thank God you told you the truth. The people must know. Man I'm glad we use to jam together. Can't wait to jam again. Much love.

wavyxd : He says this and spends 5 years in jail, but a woman holds up what is supposed to look like Donald Trump's cut off head.... and she isn't even being brought to court, thank you america. glad your out man, didn't know about your story but I am happy your out, enjoy the rest of your life my dude.

The Shitposting Spaghetti Monster : The way things are headed prisons will be filled with nothing but memelords in 10 years

Dewicre : Funny thing is, the police will "monitor" certain "dangerous individuals," nut they won't act on it until it's too late, but they will take you in for saying something in a game (justified, or not) even if there is no evidence of you being capable of doing anything horrible.

boaz : I am so sorry for this man, he comes back from prison to EOC (evolution of combat) god be with him.

Mr Bug RS : You're damn sexy btw

Abyss : What a great video, horrible what happened to you, been extremely empathetic since I seen Dan's video. You're a very good speaker as well. If you ever want to pk on runescape with me on my stream i got you :) PS: Make a twitter, lot of runescapers use twitter now.

Silentc0re : So proud of you making this video man 💙 can't wait to see more from you

Cologne Trooper : Opens with a Blink-182 shirt... I already like u

MastodonManiac : Glad to see you made a youtube account, nobody deserved what you had handed to you. I've said the same shit to people online. I think a majority of young males have. The positives are that you got to read a lot and work on your musical skills and seem very well spoken and intelligent. All the best in your future!

Vash The Stampede : Sounds like the 6 years in prison was more productive for you than 6 years of mine outside.....interesting.. also, have you considered stand up comedy as an outlet? you gave me a few gut laughs. Glad your out man, time to scape up for some lost time.

Tanjum Gaming : Wow, when i saw that a gamer was raided and sent to prison a few years back i never thought i would see you back on the internet and speaking on it. So great to see you back and staying strong, much love buddy keep it up and never give up in life!

BioHazardous Brony : Btw; Discord is the new Skype now.

Еоп твою мат блать : And Bill Cosby is still walking around the streets 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

ø : Now it's not cool to be edgy

Mattes : best YouTuber origin story

Andrew Drenning : Imagine missing 5 years of memes

Vince Lopez : I hope he didnt cancel his RS membership. Might be grandfathered into that 5 dollar membership.

brbafk : Bruh you are a grown ass man now, much respect for your changed perspective and self-taught demeanor. Best of luck to you in the coming years.

nostalgia junkie : must have been trippy to miss 5 years of culture

Kooma : Sweet dude! Now you'll get to play Runescape!

BananaDoe : Oh crap I watched chemistry videos on YouTube for my chemistry class, feds watching me.

username taken : just do not log in rs3, you will be so dissapointed

Rinky Dink : You made the best of a horrible horrible situation, fair play!

ya boy Eric : bruh this dude aint go to prison he went to college

Atomic Adam : Damn, I remember this guy clear as day. Glad you're out dude!

Phat Chris : Man this reminds me of that scotish guy who got fined £800 for making his dog act all hyper after insulting the jews. Freedom of speech should always come first. This sucks man. Proud of you for making this dude

Doomer : Glad to have you back!! <3

KONRAD : Well you didnt miss much my bro, actually you missed the gayest timeline of your lives so I do hope you pick up and slowly take your time to get the life you want bro.

Nuclear Silo : I'm sure the american tax payers really enjoy keeping a monster like you in jail.

Spexy : Prison is xp waste

photomorti : Its a joke you got 6 years for that. a warning would have been fine or a little community service