Hulk kid gets mad from mama jokes

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dxjohncenacaz : aw man what happened to their channel?

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot : Avengers infinity war

sir farage : no god would allow this

Good for Nutting : I, for one, am looking forward to part 2

Benish Ben : The effects deserve an oscar

AdamMZEE : Cmon guys, at least give him some love for making us laugh. ^^

KayWhyEll : thanks adam

alex medley : Must be the kids who did Henry Cavil's lip

Dion Seis : Not many know this but this is actually leaked footage of the new avengers movie disguised as a YouTube video. So hyped!

Eoin M : This cured my chronic depression, thanks

Matt Furies Intellectual Property : Thanks yms

Blake the Blue Dragon : Why would you share this with this with us YMS?

E.K.J. : Directed by Joss Whedon

Commander Shepard : The new evil has awoken

Alex Moore : Who's here because of yms?

UnbelievabIeMontages : nice meme

Clintonomo Bay : This is pretty much the best anime i've seen all year.

wheendar : hell yeah

Ross : This video gave me cancer

Flux Vapepepsi : Do found this video awhile ago before any on you normies did #OverratedSongNow

dwendalyn williams : XD 😂😂

Shrektastic : God bless, man.

lucky-striker Jace : kino

Ethan Gonzalez : This is so bad

sickk kunt : Hulk smash Percy

this wombat : #comebackhulkkid

dwendalyn williams : No.hulks.XD

JayVas : Your Welcome, Adum.

Harley Fitch : Pepe vs the red ranger

Silence of the hills : what the hell is this?

ShroomBoi : what

CrucialBunny : better than incredible bulk.

Belligerent_URL : Work of art

Jadders : a m a z i n g

Finalflash47 : Rip percy

Blinko : ah a cult classic

Mason Kohl : Is this the new Hulk movie?

Palva Jr : More pleace. Please? Pleaze?

BohBear : Infinity War is wild.

HEHEHE I AM A SUPAHSTAR ROBOT MASTER : I’ve seen the face of god and he was sobbing

Faffywaffy : yes

L E. : this is the funniest shit ive ever seen