Leonardo DiCaprio: 'The Master of the Freak-Out'

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SouthCalifas619 : and the oscar goes to Tommy wiseau! for his performance in the room! Leo: .-.

raquel kepler : He's the best actor in the world. Oh my God. I got chills watching this.

EpicEvin : They should make an award that's higher than an Oscar and call it a "DiCaprio"

Triple-D26 : All of that anger from still not getting an Oscar

GreatSpaceToaster : His freak-outs are always really convincing to me. He's just intense as hell. Just a damn good actor in general.

lrg1984 : somehow after watching this, i wonder how it would look like if Leo plays THE JOKER

LibertyStudios : If only this had waited til Wolf of Wall Street, Django, The Great Gatsby, and The Revenant had come out

TheXericPie : The Departed is such an unappreciated film. Its so brilliant, but not nearly enough people have seen it. 

MrOiManDudeGuy : Wolf and Gatsby he has some MAJOR freak outs in those movies

MaleficusMonoceros89 : Leonardo Dicaprio, a very underrated actor, there's more to him than just Titanic, there has been a darker, serious and more emotional side to his acting for a while now, he deserves an Oscar fairplay.

eppie duran : The greatest actor to ever have exist old sport

chillinginthefridge : Some scenes seem so real, they're hard to watch

slutthefuckup : best actor ever.

Erkor : DiCaprio? Master of Freakouts? *HA*! No. Cage.

يوسف والتاروت - Yousef and tarot : This needs an update..

curlystilinski : what i found amazing about him is that he makes it an actual art.. no limits.. all emotion. most people are actors because of their looks.. you know if you compare to art.. most people like good looking paintings where you can actually make out the picture.. people like leo go without limits and don't care if their crying is ugly or their hair doesn't look as good.. it's like one of those paintings where there's random colors everywhere but just somewhere.. there's a meaning.. it may look confusing but just deep down theres just much more to the exterior.. truly the most amazing artist of acting

Muzza : god damn it give this man an Oscar now.

Khalid Al-Shuwayer : DiCaprio will definitely get his Oscar next week.

skimpiff : We need an update with Django, Wolf and Gatsby.

followtheflow2 : This will have to be made 2 minutes longer because the performance in The Revenant was absolutely spectacular

Nibrash Zaman Rahat : Don't worry Leo....We gave you the Oscar from our own hearts... Love you!!! :)

Sarah Babay : Wow the ending actually made me cry! Btw Leo deserves the Oscar for Best Actor more than anyone else on earth.

Maya Whitely : this is hilarious.. he's so good at it. 

EmmyKatt : The Gilbert Grape one made me sad. :(

Halloween Michael Myers 2 : Is it me or does he die alot in his movies

Jassy Rahal : Revolutionary Road - ' u r an empty hollow shell of a woman' that expression! Pure Acting! Oscar Deserved!

omg omgomg : 2:58 when I beg my parents to not make me go to school

Anastasia Mihaelova : He deserves every single oscar that exists in this world

HupfDole87 : and yet no oscar .. why the hell not?!

Driver : The music ruined it...

Divitty Bissel : My father has that same 'Rush of Blood to the Brain' Many people act tough and aggressive, but nothing compares to men and women with 'Rush of Blood' Dicaprio is the perfect example. And it's not acting. That's really him. If you got into a fight with these people, they'll dig their thumb in your eyes or head but you in the front teeth. They're madmen. And mad women.

ash the prototype : It's beyond words just how gifted this man truly is. It shows in his work just how much he deserves an Oscar. Although he's worth so much more than that. I love him for the person he is and for the talent he's shared with all of us through his movies.

Marvin8861 : Basically he's a fantastic actor

Princess Jones : It is about damn time Leo won that Oscar!

Lany Lopez : I'm obsessed with him

Mr. Smith : The master of the freak out ? He is the Master... any ways !


d.ominique Flores : This is hot tbh.

TheElMuffin : If I ever had to lay my voice behind the absolute best actor of all time if would have been Leo.

Galimzhan Urazbayev : imagine staying in a long queue if Di Caprio is behind you

Blue Domino : watching him acting always makes me get goosebumps... so good

Catastrophe Cause : The Academy saw this video and knew it was time they did the right thing

Sando the Mando : I don't know why people go on and on about DiCaprio not winning an Oscar. There are so many other fantastic and underrated actors out there that I think should have won an Oscar by now. Leonardo is highly talented performer but also still fairly young, so I think he will receive his award some day.

Ana Pavlovic : That awkward moment when you realize you have seen almost all of these movies because you're so obsessed with Leo :O

Marvin8861 : Where is this man's oscar he should have 10 by now.

Randy Monster : One of the best filmography in all of Hollywood. Leo is almost never in a bad film.

Qielli : 04:49 - 04:51 best and probably the most touching moment :,(

SPANISH : What's the last song?


Brown Guy : me : ayyo Leo, climate change be fake af leo: *freaks out*