MetalTrump - Symphony Of Destruction

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Backing track used: This lad has some skills, show him love please and check out his vids: If you'd like to support my channel: Make America Metal Again! #metaltrump #megadeth #symphonyofdestruction


Lewis Case : Symphony of Construction

SaintsCheat : I lost it at “a waaaaalll” lmfao . This made my day . Thanks !

Chicken Ray : MetalTrump - Cult of Personality

infloslinger : MAGADETH 2020. build that wall!

Chilipeño : Metal trump: Seek and deport

Sch Rikk : Make metal great again

zls9890 : The close up of the Easter Bunny at hearing "build a wall" LMFAO

Mark Gallagher : Fools like me, who covfefe And come to foreign lands Ask the sheep, for their beliefs Do you kill on God's command?

Link, o Stalker : Metal Trump VEVO!

Roger Romero : Love how The liberals are the new conservatives. Back in the 80's the heavy metal culture was trying to fight conformity and now the new conformity is the liberal agenda. Trying to tell you what to think, say and do.

Aryo Taheri : Lol I likeTrump, but this is an absolute masterpiece. These “metal Trump”s keep getting better and better

Dime TheDude : THIS is the best part of trump being president


Nico Borie : Hahaha brilliant lyric changes.

Christian Tims : Peace Sells please. "what do you mean I couldn't be the president..."

British citizen : I think trump is the greatest president America has ever had. I’m not even joking I love the man

Distant Traveler : Best one I've seen yet Metalheads for Trump

Ivan sCiSSoRhAnDs : You're a genius!!!!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘😂😂😂😂😂

ptschafer : In my "Trump" voice: You know, Dave Mustaine has done a really good job. I have always liked Megadeth. That band has a bright, bright future. 😳😂

Maxx H : I’m a simple man. I think Trump is the greatest president. I think Megadeth is the greatest band.

Williams Toro : "You take a billionaire". Man, i'm still crying at laugh .

Deathbat WWE : Better than mustaine😂

EMB 59932 : You need to do peace sells so I can hear trump say “ What do you mean I couldn’t be the president? Of United States of America”

GundamFlexing : "You take a billionaire" LMAO, genius!

Bruce Biggs : Best MAN for the job in todays world !!

Yalisson Tuck : Cara, encontrei esse canal sem querer. Kkkkk. Continue KKK. Belo trabalho. 😂😂😂😂😂

Francesco Flora : 0:50 actually that part sounded like the original record

Егор Лепихин : Build a WAAAAAA-A-A-A-A-ALL

Eugene Song : Usually I like the original better, but this time I gotta go with the cover

I R4TTL3H34D I : Dude you gotta make man in the box by alice in chains!! PLEASE!

chris Barnett : Trump 2020. MAGA

BytemeVV - : 🎶 _Politi-cal_ _Intelli-gence_ _...Two words combined that_ _...Can't make sense_ 🎶

An Infestor : Symphony of Construction (of the wall)

FútbolMon : Build a wall. A waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal! 🤣

Sybren den Dekker : Symphony of destruction always made me think of Trump...

Kerr Prince : I was waiting for the part where it goes "Acting like a robot, it's metal brain corrodes" 🤖

nomnom nomnomx : He went to the future and saw memes were the way to win not traditional politics. Magadeth

Денис Коваленко : Another Brick In The Wall? I guess not...

Péter Nemes : Fuuuuck!! 👍😁😜😁 You are a living hero, buddy!! We salute you!!! 🤗👏

ethan hayward : HAIL TO THE GOD EMPEROR BABY!!!

mark peracullo : imagine if dave mustaine compose a new song titled "BUILD THAT WALL!!"

Alpesh Srivastava : That bunny was promised Kanye West concert LMAO 😅😂😂

GoldenizedElite : "You take a billionaire" Oh boy. I like where this is going

Pé de Cabra : Could you make Balls to the wall, Rock you like a hurricane and You got another thing comin ?

Basilides Strategou : Good work! Anthrax's "Spreading the Disease" should be next.

snark nado : Spectacular! Genius!😍

Jacques Bloques : I'll be getting my old lady to twitter this shit to Donald. It would be bad ass if he sees the MetalTrump series. People: Blow up Don's inbox with shares!

Tasos Gkinidis : Make America METAL AGAIN

lisa starves : Wow make me great AGAIN.. Lol im poor im a starving artest man... and i appears to be real.. to me that is.. oh righty .. .. i have a channel but hey im new