MetalTrump - Symphony Of Destruction

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Nico Borie : Hahaha brilliant lyric changes.

chris Barnett : Trump 2020. MAGA

Mike N : From the album "Countdown to Impeachment" :)

EMB 59932 : You need to do peace sells so I can hear trump say “ What do you mean I couldn’t be the president? Of United States of America”

Alex : we will make America great again build the wall!!!

roel250 : This channel is so amazing

Link, o Stalker : Metal Trump VEVO!

L'acquitrino ! : Dave approved

Aryo Taheri : Lol I likeTrump, but this is an absolute masterpiece. These “metal Trump”s keep getting better and better

Sch Rikk : Make metal great again

dark mind : "you take a billionaire" I'm still dying from laughter

infloslinger : MAGADETH 2020. build that wall!

Chicken Ray : MetalTrump - Cult of Personality

Mark Gallagher : Fools like me, who covfefe And come to foreign lands Ask the sheep, for their beliefs Do you kill on God's command?

Prah Space : Mustaine looks like Trump when he reaches 70s

Chilipeño : Metal trump: Seek and deport

Zoran Novosel : MetalTrump is the only Trump i like😂

Gang leader : Dude you gotta make man in the box by alice in chains!! PLEASE!

Emilian : Led Zeppelin - Immigrant song! I will watch that like 100x a day!

Ivan sCiSSoRhAnDs : You're a genius!!!!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘😂😂😂😂😂

An Infestor : Symphony of Construction (of the wall)

Francesco Flora : 0:50 actually that part sounded like the original record

Felpaw Gaming : Oh I've actually found a meme I enjoy

AgiosDiavolos : Kreator - Violent Revolution next please.

Cosy Met4l : Next do blackened please

Егор Лепихин : Build a WAAAAAA-A-A-A-A-ALL

BytemeVV - : 🎶 _Politi-cal_ _Intelli-gence_ _...Two words combined that_ _...Can't make sense_ 🎶

RJ Cox : Lmfao this song fits perfect for trump

POOPAHSKOOPAH H : A waaaaaalllll

Pé de Cabra : Could you make Balls to the wall, Rock you like a hurricane and You got another thing comin ?

Guns N' Roses Central : dude you deserve way more subscribers awesome channel!

PV5150II : Build that wall!!


Voitto Kotiaho : That lady in red dress at 0:31 is extremely hot!

rogue : Make America Metal Again!

Jelly Roger : MAGAdeth !

Lewis Case : Symphony of Construction

Ron Cuyos : MagaDeth 🤘🏻

Yakuza Ohtani : Trump should cover Don’t Tread On Me! 😂👍

James M : You should have also changed it to "watch liberals heads explode". That would have been even more funny.

Денис Коваленко : Another Brick In The Wall? I guess not...

m-a : Great as always! Ace of Spades by Metal Trump would be huge! It would be really really terrific, believe me. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it.

lisa starves : Wow make me great AGAIN.. Lol im poor im a starving artest man... and i appears to be real.. to me that is.. oh righty .. .. i have a channel but hey im new

Jogos Diversão : Fantastic, master channel


Best Price : More Metal Trump!!!!

moorejames moorejames : thts amazing...either tht or im just older than a redwood tree

Bruno Takada : Man that song were made to Trump hahaha

i'm british : MegatrumP

Tasos Gkinidis : Make America METAL AGAIN