How a Toucan Cleans it's MASSIVE Beak!! (Dunk-scratch-dunk-scratch Basically Toucan Beat Boxing🤣)

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Television Tracker : Look at that high speed scritch!! Very impressive!!

Jennysbrood : MAXIMUM SCRATCH.

IPFreely : That's one itchy pair of scissors

Saul Frias : Cleans beak better than my roommates clean their dishes.

Artsy Scrub : I wont be dirty when i switch into *MAXIMUM SCRATCHDRIVE*

Dumke Nadine : Awwww 😊😀she is cute Dunk Dunk Dunk

Mythbuster3808 : I thought the thumbnail said drunk

Julián Cavero : 2:30 what was that?

Katerina Roman-Spanu : What is she doing when she scratched her beak? Is it polishing the beak by removing dead cells or something?

Gabriel Muzzi Cabral : This begs the question, does toucan Sam clean his beak on a bowl of froot loops?

Vicky Abramowitz : Ripley is an excellent beak cleaner.

David Kaminski : Beak maintenance always fascinates me. My two birds, budgies, like chomping up magazines, cardboard, cuttlebones and mineral stones. Not to mention sitting around and grinding!

Stephano : I just keep imagining her without a beak

Alex-Trash-KingTM : [ T h e S c r a t c h ]

Simone Schultz : Say having lived with companion parrots for more than 30 years now I have a couple of housekeeping questions 1) how do you manage the birdie poop? 2) is your toucan trained to free fly? 3) what sort of temperature humidity and sunlight needs of toucans versus parrots 4) what is lifespan for captive toucan? I saw a breeding pair in San Diego when I bought my severe macaw they weren’t tamed

Dragonfyre : It makes you wonder how toucans ever evolved to have that beak

Simone Schultz : Say toucan sneeze was priceless! Have you ever taken Ripley in the shower? I have a suction cup shower perch they vary on how much water they like. My B&G macaw Rio loves the shower just strait on her back and begs for more! My conure likes a fine spray that comes off me. My Congo grey has so much water repellent (natural) that he needs a full on pouring of water to really get wet. My guess is that’s the way it is in Africa having traveled there and by husband and I got married in S Africa and traveled to various game parks. Experienced first hand how friggin hard it rains there after months of drought . Scary lightning thunder the whole works! So my grey Ozzie needs a real downpour!

JayFolipurba : imagine you could brush your teeth with movements this quick!

Jay Littleton : I'm also very impressed with how far or high she can hop. Very impressive leg strength.

April Taylor : Ripley you are amazing! I love watching you!

Mr Dead memes. : You'll never catch me bug. Not when I enter MAXIMUM SCRATCH DRIVE!!

BravoDeltaMike : To people who say Ripley isn't a dog, she's using a dog bowl how do you explain that? Checkmate.

Apollo The Cockatiel : So cute

Thunder HammerX : Very cool bird.

Marianne Johannessen : 😍😍😍😍😍That is so adorable!!💖💖💖

FallenAngels Servant : I want a toucan now ;-; so cute

RC DazzT : *when the makeup doesn't come off*

Captain goddamn Levi : So cute and fast...😍

sarah elkassas : why is a toucan beak, so big!

Missy Citty : It's Crazy how fast those little feets can go! She's just so adorable 💛💛

Monica Swavel : Awwwww so adorable

Gabriela Datcu : She is so beautiful! Such an amazing bird to watch closely!

Marth : That’s so fascinating, I didn’t know toucans cleaned their entire beak like that. It must feel very cooling.

Noodle : So how’s is it like having a toucan? Are they hard to care for or not? What’s there diet? So MuCh QUeStioNs I neEd To hAvE AnsWeREd

Project Lullaby : Ripley is so beautiful! Gotta have a good routine to keep that up!

Tikki_The_Toco_Toucan :D : Oh my god...... where have I been?!?! I've never come across this channel until now. Am I dreaming? I love toucans and I am obsessed with toucans and this is the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Kathlene Charbonneau : She is so pretty and funny. Can toucans actually bite you hard enough to break your skin?

One Hope 4 Heaven : Is there any particular reason they spend so much time on cleaning their beak when it doesn't seem all that dirty? You would think they'd prefer focusing on getting their feathers clean instead.- just curious. Thank you for sharing this - it's interesting.

Yahyã RA : That's right. Clean that colorful Beak.

Paul Labus : This definitely makes up for her stealing your wallet. Such a beautiful bird.

Moey : ye

PsYcOpiNk : Ripley cutie pie, love you 😘 🐦 🐥🐥 🐤 🐥 🐥 🐦

Donald Stanfield : Does she ever like a shower?

E. R. : Do you think tucans ever wish they had smaller beaks?

Camilo Rubinos : Or, “Toucan beak wipes” - yeah, pet shops don’t sell those either.😬

Camilo Rubinos : Unfortunately, there are no “Tuscan beak wipes” at the pet shop.

Camilo Rubinos : Toucans are not from Tuscany, I know that😕 Nevermind.

Joe Trimble : Great! now I can't stop wondering about the bill circulatory system and what that feels like to Ripley. I think it must feel great.

THE CAR HUNTER : when you take Ripley to the vet how many times do you get some1 asking you how are you able to maintain something like that and also get pple having turning their heads as of ripley is headturner basically i'm wondering how many times do you get asked how are you able to main tan something like ripley and and see many pple turn ther heads twoards ripley in the vet building