Gong show popsicle twins
Speaking of popsicles The Popsicle Sisters

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Gong show popsicle twins


Marc Aliventi Aliventi : Nothing on TV from the 70s would be on TV today. People are either toooooo sensitive or offended

Mik D : The girl in white was cuter but the one in blue was killing it!

Holy shit, it's a talking muffin : "Alright alright alright" LmaoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

ebeezification : 0:52 pretty sure Quagmire is here

Logan Cracraft : Let's see THAT on Ameicas Got Talent. Lol

wisconsin hunter Whitetail : if only they would have deep throated , they would have scored much better!

CM COLLECTS : 0:52 - Matthew McConaughey? :D

Miguel Castaneda : Guess whoes rent is always paid

David Molina : The girl on the right with the blue shirt knows what she's doing.

Greg Mecomber : The one on the rights gots skills.

Rabbit Snare : You see, we only ever get to hear about the negative effects of substantial cocaine use. What about the positive effects?

john fearnley : I was only ten when I saw this but I fondly remember falling in love with the one on the left.

Pam Sanchez : The girl on the left is like im jus here for the popsicle

Heidi Pamela : Someone said "watch your head" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Also, I wonder if Matthew McConaughey got his catch phrase from this

FiatDuster : The homely one has better technique

Jake Garza : I got to go something just came up.

tamperresistant mind : The dong show?

bigmassive69 : The really hilarious part about that segment is the previous week the censors was threatening the show for being too sexually provocative. So the next week the host deliberately brought out the twins and their popsicles as a big time FU to the censors.

RovingRoy : "Have you got a nickel?" Oh, I would gather they're worth at least $20 a piece! ha ha

frank rizzo : When America was still great

James Tussey : That was actually what the show's producers called a "bait" act -- that is, an act that they thought definitely would not be allowed on TV, so that some more borderline acts would look better to Standards and Practices by comparison. But, somehow, it actually did get on the show.

daddy Lee : The Dong Show..

What's up guys : Teleport me back to the 70's

Electric Bob : Did anybody else hear Matthew McConaughey in the back alright alright alright

Enlightened Rogue : The one on the right had skills. πŸ†πŸ˜œ

Mark Solarz : Another lost talent from the 70’s.

Daniel Crowe : Hilarious stuff!!! What tops it all is that it was on DAYTIME TV!!!

David Clark : Girl on the left only works the Tip, Girl on the Right works the WHOLE thing. LOL

Kitty Cats : Jaya killed it with her joke about "Thats how i started!"

13/F/KAYLA : And each of them has a massive bush the size of a lion's mane.

P P : Jaye P. Morgan is my kind of freak

256 bradley : this was allowed on tv πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

Robert Pusateri : that would never get on tv today too funny.

Patrick Florence : By today's standards, this would never, and I mean NEVER, get past broadcast standards and practices. Just saying.

MyMissingArm : From Chuck Barris's memoir "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind": The Popsicle Twins weren't really twins. They were just girl friends. One was fifteen years old, the other seventeen. Both were adorable. The fifteen-year-old wore her hair in a ponytail, and had a face full of freckles. The older girl had bangs, dimples, and enormous blue eyes. Both had fresh, full, succulent bodies. Both had glowing peaches-and-cream complexions. Both wore T-shirts and short shorts. Both were a lecherous old man's delight; post-pubescent Lolitas who would have more than satisfied all the Humbert Humberts of the world. They called themselves the Popsicle Twins because they each held an orange Popsicle. The girls skipped onto the stage barefoot, sat down on the floor side by side, crossed their legs Indian-style, and begin to lick their Popsicles. That's all they did. They just licked their Popsicles. But the *way* they licked their Popsicles was something else. It was extraordinary, is what it was. The girls tongued the sides of the Popsicles, ran their full lips across the Popsicles and around them. They slid the Popsicles into their mouths slowly, sensually, in and out, in and out, and then ran their lips softly down the shaft of the cone-shaped Popsicles to their bases, and then back up again. There were obviously giving the Popsicles a blow job. The two teenagers were teaching the nation the proper way to perform exquisite head. Every eye in that theater was glued to the Popsicles Twins' mouths and their Popsicles. Anyone who couldn't see the girls in person watched TV monitors hypnotically. Every stagehand had a hard-on. The celebrity judges were in a state of acute shock. Not one of them was capable of looking away, let alone leaving their seats to gong the act. "The Gong Show" band gave the Popsicle Twins a standing ovation. Jaye P. Morgan said, "That's the way I started. I give the girls a ten!" When the show aired, the telephone switchboard at the National Broadcasting Company in New York lit up like a Christmas tree. The East Coast was appalled. The wife of a United States senator had her husband paged on the Senate floor and demanded he make an immediate motion to ban "The Gong Show" from television. Two New York City police demolition instructors had to interrupt their lesson on defusing explosives because the eyes of the class were glued to the silent television set suspended from the ceiling behind them. At first the police demolition instructors were angry. Then they noticed what the other cops were watching, and what the Popsicle Twins were doing, and called a five-minute break. Executives at NBC snapped into action. They immediately terminated the "Gong Show" feed to the rest of the country. The Popsicle Twins were never seen in the Central or Pacific time zones. ...

James Corriveau : One in the white is the hot one. But the one in blue would probably give the better BJ.

Eli Foust : Only on 70s afternoon TV.

wyzapple : Seems a little tame, but then again it was the 70's when 'deep throat' was barely new and 'full-throating' was not invented yet. ...except for your mom.πŸ˜‹

Harry Dickus : Damn that’s more talent than β€œAmerica’s Got Talent”....

Robert Hoke : God Bless them, Alright JP Morgan!

starfive1 : This must be what life was like before the me-too movement

Michael Salter : Please bring back the 1970s.

Victor Dasilva : Fox News would run it for a week and have all the experts weigh in of course ... too funny girl on the right was best at it.

RovingRoy : That little skit almost got The Gong Show cancelled!

howard weitzell : They both probably went on to become porn starsπŸ‘

Jerry Smith : "Do you know that's the way I started." LOL

HermitTheFrog : When TV was still WORTH watching...

jjp009 : Oh, there is no way that this ever aired on TV, did it? WOW!