Gong show popsicle twins

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Holy shit, it's a talking muffin : "Alright alright alright" Lmao😂😂😂😂😂

Mik D : The girl in white was cuter but the one in blue was killing it!

James Gray : I remember watching this when it originally aired and wondered "what's so special about licking a popsicle?" I was 7 or 8.

Logan Cracraft : Let's see THAT on Ameicas Got Talent. Lol

CM COLLECTS : 0:52 - Matthew McConaughey? :D

wisconsin hunter Whitetail : if only they would have deep throated , they would have scored much better!

Cry Havoc : My next two wives on stage together.

Miguel Castaneda : Guess whoes rent is always paid

Mike Patton : Ah.....the days when everyone wasn't offended by everything.

ebeezification : 0:52 pretty sure Quagmire is here

The Wraith : And today we have....."The View." :(

Greg Mecomber : The one on the rights gots skills.

Dana H : Way better than the garbage we have on tv now

What's up guys : Teleport me back to the 70's

David Molina : The girl on the right with the blue shirt knows what she's doing.

Rabbit Snare : You see, we only ever get to hear about the negative effects of substantial cocaine use. What about the positive effects?

Vox Clamantis : If you did this today, Barris would be brought up on charges and half the audience would be put on a list of known pedophiles. And JP would be given a settlement by Cosbies lawyers.

tamperresistant mind : The dong show?

Pam Sanchez : The girl on the left is like im jus here for the popsicle

Mark Solarz : Another lost talent from the 70’s.

John Lester : Bill Cosby would've been there if they were Jello pudding pops!!🤣

Wade Wilson : This gave me a semi.

Jake Garza : I got to go something just came up.

James Tussey : That was actually what the show's producers called a "bait" act -- that is, an act that they thought definitely would not be allowed on TV, so that some more borderline acts would look better to Standards and Practices by comparison. But, somehow, it actually did get on the show.

Harry Dickus : Damn that’s more talent than “America’s Got Talent”....

13/F/KAYLA : And each of them has a massive bush the size of a lion's mane.

Daniel Crowe : Hilarious stuff!!! What tops it all is that it was on DAYTIME TV!!!

William S Gilbert : The girl on the right, has it down pat

Michael Salter : Please bring back the 1970s.

Robert Pusateri : that would never get on tv today too funny.

Imgonnagogetthepapers getthepapers : 1:53 She ain't kidding....

Eli Foust : Only on 70s afternoon TV.

Electric Bob : Did anybody else hear Matthew McConaughey in the back alright alright alright

Bob Loblaw : I need a cigarette now.

Kenny Jones : Wonder what they`re doing today {cough} PORN PORN

carterbroadway39 : EVERY MAN LOVES IT, EVERY GIRL

Patrick Florence : By today's standards, this would never, and I mean NEVER, get past broadcast standards and practices. Just saying.

Victor Dasilva : Fox News would run it for a week and have all the experts weigh in of course ... too funny girl on the right was best at it.

Timothy Burton : They were both pretty talented, but they didn't let them finish.

Raymond Williams : Girl on the right must have had plenty of practice before this performance...lol

john fearnley : I was only ten when I saw this but I fondly remember falling in love with the one on the left.

John Burgess : Pretty sure the host was stoned.

joe blow : They were both pretty hot (beyond the licking of the popsicles) but I prefer the one on the right. Those cutoffs....

Nig Tau : They both tasted his popsicle after the show I bet!

jjp009 : Oh, there is no way that this ever aired on TV, did it? WOW!

license2breal : :52 Matthew Mconaughey was in the crowd

Big Member : before feminism ruined the world

Kitty Cats : Jaya killed it with her joke about "Thats how i started!"

RovingRoy : That little skit almost got The Gong Show cancelled!

Enlightened Rogue : The one on the right had skills. 🍆😜