Goku Is Not What?

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I'm Just Saiyan : Good going Funimation.

Cap'nCinnamonBun : This line honestly had me dead.

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : "Sorry, sir. We saw that he came from your Time Machine, and we thought he stole it, so we could only assume..." "It's okay. I get it."

I'm Just Saiyan : I didn't know trunks was racist. This is a real game changer.

Kingpin Tyrone : And that's how Dragon Ball Super became known as the greatest dub of all time.

Zuzu : Curb your murder accusation

AFY-Sama アニメ帝国 : Cops be like

PKMancer : "Not because you're a rabbit, but because you're black"

Navindra Prashad : He looks pretty black to me

Corbijn Lewis : They could’ve changed it to “That’s the wrong Goku!” But nah, let’s hope we don’t get in trouble

Theawesome Brotatos : "This man isn't *Erwin* "

TheReaping : After minutes of laughter, I've only now realized that he ment Goku black

bill nye : Saiyan lives matter

SausageUchihaha : *trunks wakes up from time machine and lunges at goku* "Sorry, I thought he was black"

Zer0grav1ty x : I'm pretty sure that Trunks classifies as an attack helicopter

Pragmatic _ : “Executive Producer” What happened to Ghost Nappa??

AnakTheGrim : im honestly surprised they havent shot goku as soon as they saw him.....

Ambush : FBI open up

Aziz : I think the American dub is a bit *too* accurate

Jalin Kelly : *Clap* *Clap* Trunks, think about what you just said.

H A I D O M O : Can I have some context pls?

The Kyogre Fan : I *_REALLY_* wanna see the bloopers for this scene, I refuse to think the VA's had straight faces for this.

Markus ColdStone : WFT TRUNKS???

Some Person : But he isn’t my sasageyo either

SSJ Rosè Marco Uchiha : This is becoming a meme!!!

Bri 1234 : If he isn't black, Erwin never lost his arm.

Brandon Adrien : Toei is the type of studio that'd call base form "Black" for a quick buck.

Nick theflame243 : Show this to people who say sub is better than dub

Trap God : They did this on purpose, they had to.

Supreme Nen Weeb User : Went from being called monkey to officially black...thanks Toriyama.

Voku : Hercule is fired now

RGminesky // Videos : This man isn’t *KONO DIO DA*

Mak Attack2o2 : It took me a second time to watch the video to understand, since I haven't watched DBZ Super.... 😄

RACEUR2 : Yes but technicly hes an illegal immigrant

Eclipse Bringer of Darkness : South park rules apply to the dragon ball universe huh

Emma Walker : EVERYONE STOP. He's not black. XD

Yuzi 雄二 : Haha wrong script !

PKRUBEET : The title should be "Crub your Goku" xD

Bararaq Siqa : the voice actors probably realized what they just said but kept it for the lols

Kevin Rivera : Feel someone gonna take this seriously and make huge controversy about it.

ThisGuyHere IsHere : 10/10 dubbing. I would’ve never known he wasn’t black if it wasn’t for this amazing dialogue. But I’m disappointed that Erwin wasn’t in this video.

Eric D. : Sponsored by Hetap.

Robert Brown : Will trunks isn't lying, Goku is indeed not black

Martin Korlie : Funimation really walked into this one lol.

TheCelestianPaladinX : "Not because you're a Kakarotto, but because you're black !"

Zachery Anderson : I’m almost mad that I didn’t even notice the potential humor behind this scene.... I just heard it for what it actually was, lmao

Thomas Cavanagh : goku is now gay

Tuhix Master : The show was cancelled.

Infinity James : "Hold your fire!, This man isn't black" *everyone stares at trunks* "what? Just saiyan"

Masked Man : In trunks time line being black is a felony.