The Secrets Behind Freddie Mercury's Legendary Voice

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leokimvideo : I saw Queen in 1985 during The Works tour and Freddie was a seamless performer. I can't think of any other front man like him. He was awesome right up to the last song. Possibly the only other to do this is David Bowie. If Bowie is the Starman Freddie is the Galaxy that has many thousands of stars within. Musicsally Freddie is a supernova, explosive, colourful and wonderful.

VFX Todd : Excellent tribute to Freddie Mercury and his talents. Well put together. Thank you.

Tahsin Sabah : Bloody hell I just realised that every queen song is my favourite song

Tim Morris : The unattributed, and horribly mangled, quote about Freddie and "Queen" that I like best is this. "It took 20 people, including writers, musicians, publicists, et. al, three months to write that last 'great' pop song you heard. Freddie wrote 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in a hotel room over weekend."

imicca : I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend. I'm just a musical prostitute, my dear.

FC WHAT : I met Freddie in late ‘83 at shepperton studios, London whilst filming the music promo for Radio Ga Ga.. he is down to earth, kind hearted and a real gent. Freddie, I’ll miss you .. RIP.

Parker Anderson : The secret? He's Freddy God Damn Mercury.

David Brunet : Sadly we have AUTO TUNED candy ass corporate music by half naked tramps and hip hop thugs ....somehow we’ve gone from legends like Freddie to something today that’s just awful . RIP FREDDIE

OG JerseyGirl : Freddie was definitely, One of a kind. There will never be another like him.

kirby march Barcena : He sang "The Show Must Go On" on a single take and he did this at the time his health is really worst,it was even said that he could hardly talk after leaving the studio and left his bandmates speechless as they felt the message of the lyrics. That song is one of his best...a swan song for one of the legendary greats.

IIIIIawesIIIII : None of these techniques are exotic or special, his range isn't extraordinary either. It's his musicality and sensitivity. These things are irreplaceable, you can't really learn them. It's how he places notes, words, sounds, loudness, techniques etc. just right in the right moment. So organically. I really don't know any other artist who had this extreme applied musicality, except for maybe Michael Jackson, but then again, probably not.

MATTHEW ILES : I've not met a single person who doesn't like Queen. They were and still are the greatest rock group ever in the history of the world. I never got to see them in concert and I regret it.

James : Not the just the best singer in rock history.... the best singer in history...

d1p70 : LOL. To this day I meet people who swear "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" is by Elvis! That's how versatile his voice was..

Lilly Rey : The reason Freddie Mercury is so good? His voice gives me chills.

Eternally Yours : He was a singing God that died way too young. It was a huge blow to music when we lost this legendary singer.

Richard Gatecliffe Photography : I doubt we will ever see a Musician, Composer, Singer, Frontman and Entertainer of his like ever again.

cecy rz : He was sexy af no kidding!!!

Stephen Russell : Possibly the greatest male vocalist in recorded history. There have been better single pitch singers, but no one with the range Mercury had that I am aware of. I was truly lucky to see Freddie perform at Knebworth in 1986, he's last live concert with Queen before his death. While that voice was amazing, his ability to work an audience was equally as impressive, he really was the ultimate showman. As you get older, it's often easy to look back and think things were better when you were younger. I think when Freddie Mercury was out there banging out songs though, they really were. Nobody has done it better since :-)

William J. : True story: When Queen started making real money, Freddy’s manager suggested that he take some of that money and get his teeth straightened. Freddy refused, because he was afraid that it might affect his voice.

Hakuraita : The Dionysian God of Rock!

David Hill : One word ... Talent

Deborah Olin : Secret!? He was a natural born talent he curated You cant learn that ..your born that way Practice makes it BETTER Its deveolped muscles breathing control..and a perfect pitch ear...

following xbox : Hands down, he is THE greatest. Freddy Forever....

Ω Rodrigo Samuel Ω : Queen = The best band ever Freddie = The best singer/vocalist of all times.

Queenrock1967 : The greatest Singer, Song Writer, Musician and Front Man EVER

Chet Hjr : NO AUTO-TUNE HERE!!!!!!!!!

Mike James : i just saw this for the first time. wow blown away, i never knew the opening to rhapsody was all freddie... thanx for this vid... the man was a gem one of those once in a life time deals... shame. its possible that todays music would sound different if he had stayed with us ...

Sebas Tian : Excellent video. Something you sort of touched upon but which is worth checking in detail (and seldom is), is his ability to multi-track himself (as you correctly point out he did for the 'Bo Rhap' intro). Of course, a lot of the time he sang with Roger and Brian (using a technique I tend to call 'three cubed': the three of them sang the low part, then recorded it again, then again, then moved on to the middle bit, did it three times, and then the high bit - thus creating a 27-piece choir where the three of them were altos or sopranos, the three of them were tenors, the three of them were basses or baritones), and outside Queen he also harmonised with Peter Straker and others, but he was also really skilful at just singing with himself, especially in his piano ballads: 'Lily of the Valley', 'Love of My Life', 'You Take My Breath Away', 'Jealousy', 'The Kiss' (especially the piano version recorded in Munich), 'Life Is Real', 'Man-Made Paradise' - they're all him, without any vocal from Brian or Roger, and they all still sound extraordinary. I think, had he survived to this day, he'd love the possibilities offered by contemporary technology and exploit it in a Peter Hollens / Jacob Collier way and create wonderful one-man choirs. He was also quite encouraging to other people to try the same: when he produced Edward Howell in the seventies, he got him to sing along to his own voice and then enthusiastically showed him the results; he did the same for Peter Straker and then a decade later with Montserrat Caballe: there's a short bit in the 'Barcelona' title track where Montserrat harmonises with herself, and that's just brilliant. He was generous enough to share his passion with others. Again, had he lived longer, perhaps he would've become a top producer.

Annemarie Staudenmann : He was also the ultimate showman and performer!

Lea F : WHO ON EARTH is thumbing down a vid like this? geez... I love and appreciate his vocals. Thanks for this. :)

Harry Lime : I won't be a rockstar, I'll be a legend. - Freddie Mercury

Mr. Bean Official : And he did it without autotune. Freddie is totally legend

Made Evan P : Roger Taylor can sing pretty high too

Rinat Avni : It's so clear....his voice is a voice from heaven....better then an Angel in the skyline....there's no one like him....and will never be❗

the madafaka : my dream band: vocal: Freddie Mercury guitar: Jimmy Page guitar: Jimmi Hendrix bass: Bernard Edwards keyboards/piano: Elton John drum: John Bonham now...i don't how disastrous..or how epic a band they would make...but, just the thought of seeing them all playing together as a single unit...

Natasha Narushev : This talent cannot be taught. You are born with it.

Sven Nelson : Freddie IS a Legend

HIWATT Steve : Many sadly have not had the opportunity to see him live. I saw Queen in 1980 and it still stands as one of the best concerts I have ever seen. No one could OWN a stage like Freddie. That includes entertainers today. Freddie’s distinctive grin was the result of having four extra teeth in the back of his mouth which pushed those at the front forward. He always refused to have his teeth fixed (see entry below), fearing it would affect his vocal ability. Queen would only tour the US again in 1982. But Freddie does have THE BEST voice in rock!

Pilar Ramírez : greatest singer EVER


Kavaskon the Beta : All Dead All Dead was sung by Brian May but ok

Susan Whelan : ....oh my.....that voice 👌❤️👄

Ferly Darmaputra : Freddie never die 🤘

rockerseven : Fun fact: Even though he had a massive overbite, Freddie refused to get his teeth fixed out of fear that it would mess with his voice.

pringlescan81 : There will never be another Freddie Mercury. We can only hope one comes close

Joe Joe : Absolutely brilliant video, good job. Freddie Mercury was awesome, he was unique and there will never be anybody like him ever again. R.I.P. Freddie and thanks for the majestic and beautiful masterpieces you have gifted us with. You were a champion who Rocked us.

Pew Die Pie : Rock history? Dude he is the greatest period.

Benito Faggotini : Cant wait for the bohemian rhapsody movie

Bari Vitolo : Great stuff. Freddy is the best. However, on all dead you that was Brian May singing on the low range.