The Secrets Behind Freddie Mercury's Legendary Voice

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leokimvideo : I saw Queen in 1985 during The Works tour and Freddie was a seamless performer. I can't think of any other front man like him. He was awesome right up to the last song. Possibly the only other to do this is David Bowie. If Bowie is the Starman Freddie is the Galaxy that has many thousands of stars within. Musicsally Freddie is a supernova, explosive, colourful and wonderful.

Hakuraita : The Dionysian God of Rock!

VFX Todd : Excellent tribute to Freddie Mercury and his talents. Well put together. Thank you.

Anthony James : The dude sang with heart and balls. When he sang he was theatrical and left it all out on stage. Legendary.

Sven Nelson : Freddie IS a Legend

FC WHAT : I met Freddie in late ‘83 at shepperton studios, London whilst filming the music promo for Radio Ga Ga.. he is down to earth, kind hearted and a real gent. Freddie, I’ll miss you .. RIP.

Kavaskon the Beta : All Dead All Dead was sung by Brian May but ok

Esta A : Freddie was definitely, One of a kind. There will never be another like him.

ccy rz : He was sexy af no kidding!!!

Lilly Rey : The reason Freddie Mercury is so good? His voice gives me chills.

Catherine Greene : There will never be another Freddie. His voice and stage presence can never be duplicated. RIP beautiful man.

James : Not the just the best singer in rock history.... the best singer in history...

Finn Wesley : On Freddy's voice: you could say It's A Kind Of Magic.

Stephen Potts : The falsetto part of Bohemian Rhapsody with the call and answer of "Galileo" was actually preformed by the drummer roger Taylor.

imicca : I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend. I'm just a musical prostitute, my dear.

A Buzzed Whaler : Family guy.

Monte Lang : The back catalogue of Queen is amazing in no small part due to Freddie Mercury's voice. From their 3rd album, Sheer Heart Attack, check out "In the Lap of the Gods" and "Leroy Brown" as well as "Killer Queen" which was a hit single. I remember that album just blowing away my friends and I. Freddie Mercury was amazing, a true wizard, a star.

Kobbe : Axl Rose has (or had) a vocal range of 6 octaves, against Freddie’s 4. But to my ears, he’s unlistenable in all of them. Range isn’t everything.

David Brunet : Sadly we have AUTO TUNED candy ass corporate music by half naked tramps and hip hop thugs ....somehow we’ve gone from legends like Freddie to something today that’s just awful . RIP FREDDIE

Ezio Auditore : Great channel, can you do a video about how bands like tool use odd time signatures ?

Nyny77 : King Mercury !

Pilar Ramírez : greatest singer EVER

Eternally Yours : He was a singing God that died way too young. It was a huge blow to music when we lost this legendary singer.

Parker Anderson : The secret? He's Freddy God Damn Mercury.

Sven Nelson : Thanks polyphonic

Bari Vitolo : Great stuff. Freddy is the best. However, on all dead you that was Brian May singing on the low range.

Stephen Russell : Possibly the greatest male vocalist in recorded history. There have been better single pitch singers, but no one with the range Mercury had that I am aware of. I was truly lucky to see Freddie perform at Knebworth in 1986, he's last live concert with Queen before his death. While that voice was amazing, his ability to work an audience was equally as impressive, he really was the ultimate showman. As you get older, it's often easy to look back and think things were better when you were younger. I think when Freddie Mercury was out there banging out songs though, they really were. Nobody has done it better since :-)

Annemarie Staudenmann : He was also the ultimate showman and performer!

TheJesseJV : still a god

kirby march Barcena : He sang "The Show Must Go On" on a single take and he did this at the time his health is really worst,it was even said that he could hardly talk after leaving the studio and left his bandmates speechless as they felt the message of the lyrics. That song is one of his best...a swan song for one of the legendary greats.

Em&m Mills : 1A.) Freddie Mercury 1B.) Steve Perry 2.) James Maynard Keenan 3.) Chester Bennington R.I.P. 4.) David Doucebag Draiman from Disturbed 5.) Dio All around best Male Vocalist 1.) Michael Jackson 2.) Marvin Gaye 3.) Maxwell 4.A) Freddie Mercury 4.B) Steve Perry 5.) Steve Wonder Honorable Mention Brian Williams

Pa Nic : 1:00 I thought Brian May sang this

Freddie _49 : Best singer of all time

João Pedro Dinis : He was a great singer but the highest note in here was in falsetto. A lot of men can sing that high in this register.

MUSIC & TRUTH : Great Job On Freddie Mercury, Thank You !!!


Xmarsh : What about Elvis Presley?

M1 Abrams : Forget best rock singer, he is the best singer hands down.

JordanRants : Thank you for using the footage from the 1981 Montreal concert, best Queen live performance I've seen! You can really get a true and close experience with Freddie live by watching that concert. It was all filmed with 35mm, so it's available in HD.

Chet Hjr : NO AUTO-TUNE HERE!!!!!!!!!

pringlescan81 : There will never be another Freddie Mercury. We can only hope one comes close

101rockfreak : Best band ever!! And of course Freddie is amazing!

Ferly Darmaputra : Freddie never die 🤘

There's a starman waiting in the sky : Please do a video on Paul Rodgers, another great singer that Freddie himself loved.

Tim Morris : The unattributed, and horribly mangled, quote about Freddie and "Queen" that I like best is this. "It took 20 people, including writers, musicians, publicists, et. al, three months to write that last 'great' pop song you heard. Freddie wrote 'Bohemian Rhapsody' in a hotel room over weekend."

Very Interesting : Dude had a crazy voice. Nobody had this dude’s range. Off the chain man.

Anubis hórus : *Freddie foi um ótimo cantor... agora é uma LENDA*

Matthew Prosser : The greatest.

Deborah Olin : Secret!? He was a natural born talent he curated You cant learn that ..your born that way Practice makes it BETTER Its deveolped muscles breathing control..and a perfect pitch ear...

the madafaka : my dream band: vocal: Freddie Mercury guitar: Jimmy Page guitar: Jimmi Hendrix bass: Bernard Edwards keyboards/piano: Elton John drum: John Bonham now...i don't how disastrous..or how epic a band they would make...but, just the thought of seeing them all playing together as a single unit...