The Secrets Behind Freddie Mercury's Legendary Voice

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imicca : I won't be a rock star. I will be a legend. I'm just a musical prostitute, my dear.

Lilly Rey : The reason Freddie Mercury is so good? His voice gives me chills.

kirby march Barcena : He sang "The Show Must Go On" on a single take and he did this at the time his health is really worst,it was even said that he could hardly talk after leaving the studio and left his bandmates speechless as they felt the message of the lyrics. That song is one of his best...a swan song for one of the legendary greats.

Sven Nelson : Freddie IS a Legend

Mr. Bean Official : And he did it without autotune. Freddie is totally legend

Sven Nelson : Thanks polyphonic

Tuka Costa : The biggest secret is... He was born Freddie Mercury.

That Guy On The Street : Ok retards, I'm about to set things straight because I'm seeing a lot of uneducated folks in the comments who don't have a single clue about what they're talking about. 1. Yes, Brian May does sing lead vocals in All Dead, All Dead, but Freddie sings backing vocals and hits an F2 in that song. It's hard to hear, but its there. 2. His total documented range, whether the notes were sung or not, is C#2-A6. His total sung range is F2-F#6. 3. Yes, everybody knows that Freddie didnt have the absolute biggest vocal range in rock, but his tone and range mixed together are generally why he is called the greatest singer in rock. Other singers may have had the range, or the tone, but very few singers have both, not to mention his versatility. 4. Nobody cares if you think a certain singer is better. Stop with the whole "OMG MICHAEL JACKSON IS SOOOOO MUCH BETTER KYS DISLIKED"

Ezio Auditore : Great channel, can you do a video about how bands like tool use odd time signatures ?

Southern Oregon Cat Mom : What an incredible voice!

leokimvideo : I saw Queen in 1985 during The Works tour and Freddie was a seamless performer. I can't think of any other front man like him. He was awesome right up to the last song. Possibly the only other to do this is David Bowie. If Bowie is the Starman Freddie is the Galaxy that has many thousands of stars within. Musicsally Freddie is a supernova, explosive, colourful and wonderful.

T Movi Shift : Oh man, miss those times where singer could actually sing and autotune was out of the equation

A Buzzed Whaler : Family guy.

D Bodake : Freddie did his schooling from my Hometown in India 🇮🇳. Proud of him !!!

20sentryboy : Yep no denying Freddie was the best vocalist around when with queen and anyone else he performed with. And you would quite happily sing along to any Track they performed. Absolute legend who has no equal.

Erin E. Fortin : Freddie was, and remains, the greatest vocalist of all-time. Others have achieved their own monumental benchmarks and each are equally gifted, but no one could command the range and harmonics across genres that Freddie so casually mastered. Personally I'm a huge fan of Freddie as well of George Michael, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Barbara Streisand, Bette Midler, and many others, but none capture the epitome of musical genius like Freddie. I still miss his presence in our world to this very day; God rest his soul.

Sein Amador : I'm proud that Freddy was born in my country Tanzania in Islands of Zanzibar. like if you know this.

Teri Scallon : love Freddie

Thankful and Grateful : I've always been in awe of Freddie Mercury's voice.

El Guapo : Could you do a video on Chris Cornell's voice?

dt089 : You really need to do a video on Chris Cornell and his insane voice and range.

There's a starman waiting in the sky : Please do a video on Paul Rodgers, another great singer that Freddie himself loved.

Captain Nobody : He was designed for Singing no doubt.

TOOL : Understanding Tool, please

john smith : Freddie was the best singer of the time before or since hands down. No one else could even touch the range he had so I think this automatically gives him the number 1 spot.

Clint Eastwood is Disgusted : This man is the reason I laugh my balls of whenever my peers talk about how "talented" modern artists are.

JordanRants : Thank you for using the footage from the 1981 Montreal concert, best Queen live performance I've seen! You can really get a true and close experience with Freddie live by watching that concert. It was all filmed with 35mm, so it's available in HD.

Lorenzo Giani : Do a video about Jimi Hendrix. C'mon, I know you want it.

crispwhite : Jeff Buckley next please

BenBlazing : Queen is my favourite band

Revolver : In the thumbnail Freddy Mercury looks like a arcade fighting character, right?

Erika Frauendorf : Freddy was brilliant

Schlomo Weissbergman-Goldsteinwitz, Ph.D. : He sounded great because he always cleared his throat from the back. Sadly, this technique also cost him his life (and the lives of at least 50 of his acquaintances). RIP.

chantoya17 : I absolutely love Freddie's timbre, musicality and versatility but I sometimes wish he was more disciplined and kept a coach. He damn near killed his voice in the 80s from smoking, drinking and screaming so much. At some shows, he completely lost his voice. He wouldn't get back a lot of dexterity until the last few years of his life, probably mostly due to Queen stopping touring in '86.

Carl Miranda : Not only was Freddie the greatest singer, but also the greatest Rock&Roll artist of all time.

red panda : A video about dimebag darrel would be cool just saying

gododoof : Good Old Fashion Lovery Boy.

Chris L : Not the best singer, the best frontman in rock n roll. Big difference.

Banana Joe : Man Freddie was indeed a great singer but i wonder how nobody ever talks about his teeth. They look like the ones of a horse. Thanks to Polyphonics choice of pictures that seem to have been shot from lower height it is great to see why he grew himself a moustache.

Sergei Rachmaninoff : For those of you interested in Freddie's baritone voice (or just want to explore Freddie's works outside of Queen): Take your time to listen to Barcelona by Freddie and spanish opera singer Montserrat Caballé. It's a gorgeous album where two worlds collide and who knows, maybe you'll discover your love for opera :) There you go:

Chicken Permission : Mike. Patton.

Monte Lang : The back catalogue of Queen is amazing in no small part due to Freddie Mercury's voice. From their 3rd album, Sheer Heart Attack, check out "In the Lap of the Gods" and "Leroy Brown" as well as "Killer Queen" which was a hit single. I remember that album just blowing away my friends and I. Freddie Mercury was amazing, a true wizard, a star.

Katie Marie : There is no secret. He is just blessed. He is gifted. Freddie is amazing and should not be gone. We love you Freddie❤️

Anthony James : The dude sang with heart and balls. When he sang he was theatrical and left it all out on stage. Legendary.

Frantisek Janosik : from God was his voice..

IliberTV : Do a video about Mariah Carey. She's got a 5 octave vocal range and has mastered it in a way nobody else did, bringing many genres into her music and setting trends and vocal templatesfor upcoming R&B and Pop singers.

Catherine Greene : There will never be another Freddie. His voice and stage presence can never be duplicated. RIP beautiful man.

TWEL : Freddie Mercury = The greatest loss to humanity. The greatest loss to music.

Misti Waters : That's Brian singing "All dead, all dead. it's not Freddie.

bradybekir : im not even kidding when I say this, but your channel is the best thing ive ever seen on YouTube. perfectly written, perfectly narrated, perfectly placed clips. it just can't get any better. much appreciation Polyphonic. keep it up!