Hi, I'm a Marvel...and I'm a DC: 10 Years Later

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ShartimusPrime : Wow, 10 years ago this started? Time flies, and congrats!!! This is one of my first favorite Youtube channels.

shadow759 : Oh man memories. Yeah superman did nail it with the whole 10 years down the road.

JaxBlade : Its funny how I was a Sophomore in High School when I first found your videos and Now I'm 26 about to be 27 and still get hyped each time you upload even if its rare these days.

captainmidnight : Glad to see you're still making videos! That Sony bit was so painfully accurate...

Shawn McMillan : This is the most accurate thing ever!!!

Clem J : "I made a venom movie" "oh that's great Sony, you're a real movie studio!"

Seamus Burke : Most concise summation of Sony Pictures ever. SONY: We're gonna make a Spiderman Universe...without Spiderman! DISNEY: Suuure you are guys. FOX: Good lord, haven't they gone out of business yet? DISNEY: Shh shh shh it's just a matter of time. Let them have their fun.

RyuTempest : Spider-Man "Unless Disney decides to buy Fox." Disney buys Fox for 52.8 billion December 2017. Crazy man, crazy.

kritonman1 : I made a Venom movie... ooh here's some jello

geardog24 : Please...never leave us again😢

Thomas Robinson : 3 weeks later.... Disney bought Fox. O_O

SuperN191 : You know, while we didn’t completely get a Magneto spin off, one could argue that the First Class movies were basically his story

lol32 jnjcaa : i remember this show , not getting into details , but if ItsJustSomeRandomGuy is reading this, thanks you man, those years were really tough and this show was one way out. thanks man, really thank you

Derek Connors : Man, I remember these.

Cole Johnston : That is the most perfect analogy for Sony I have ever heard.


DarkReflections86 : 2:00 Superman took the words right out of my mouth. The entertainment industry needs strong anti-trust laws, because if not Disney and Time-Warner will be the only game in town. I mean...who needs competition in a marketplace? It's not like it forces companies to actually TRY to be good or anything.

FortCastellan : That shot at Sony was so cruel! ...And yet so true. Well put...

BHXProduction : Haha, Talking about Sony as a relative with dementia is a great comparison.

Darosamath : "We" want Goblin Bloggin' back!

Caleb Lambright : Wow congratulations on ten years I remember commenting on your first video I was 18 now I am 28 Thank you from Caleb In GA

Chewbacca the Ravenclaw : How to burn Sony

GenerationWest : What a way yo start the week with this freaking surprise! It's good to know these lasted longer then the Mac commercials that they originated from. I'm so glad you're still around!

Chewbacca the Ravenclaw : How to burn Sony

Mattcadamia Nut : This was probably the first YouTube channel I ever followed on a consistent basis. I can't believe it's been so long!

Sandstorm : Where in the world has Gobby been and when in holy hell will there be another blog?

toddsmitts : Please don't make us wait another ten years for the next video, RandomGuy.

Joshua Monson : - spits out drink - What the @#$%, I thought you were dead! Ah, well, nice to see you again.

Mighty Raccoon : I was in Elementary school when I first watched your videos. Now I'm in High School. It's good to see you're still doing stuff. Thanks for the fun videos!

Commander Grizzly : Its been about a year random guy since the last upload please upload more videos. You have a ton of marvel and DC movies to catch up on.

Scorchexe : Geez man I remember watching this and happy hour when I was like 11, I was dealing with depression after my dads death and this shows humor helped me so much! :)

in bangtan we trust : Am I hallucinating??? Did he actually upload????

David Tingley : That's a bit cruel, kicking a franchise when they're down like that. Tough, but fair. With the exception of Wonder Woman, they haven't done anything that rises above mediocre since Chris Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. Well, the first two out of three. The Dark Knight Rises sucked, IMO, with more plot holes than Swiss plot cheese. So one decent movie since 2008. But keep trying DC. We're rooting for you, and want your movies to be good. Seriously.

Izaiah Reed : You're alive

Nelson Lopez : Wow.. I Love It, I Love It.. Lets Hope The Next Ten Years Are Just As Awesome.. p.s.- Maybe Than Sup's Will Get His Next Movie.. *Ha.. *Ha.. *Ha.. Keep Up The Great Works..

shibumi8 : 10 years later and still hilariously funny and fun. Keep staying Awesome!

chazworthingtonhunts : Please never leave us again!!

The FightingWarrior : I have been watching this since I was like 7

Rafbor15 : i am so happy right now, for fiding this channel again, omg, i search so much in the darks coners of the internet and now i find it!!!!!

ChaosSepher : Came here after I saw the Venom trailer. My response: Oh that's great Sony! Here have some jello. You're a real movie studio!

KidConvoy82 : ...You’re back? YOU’RE BACK! Let the good times roll!

EmethMatthew : I had totally forgotten about this! So nostalgic

Adam New : I made this YouTube account 10 years ago just to favorite these videos

Solid page : Did Superman predict the future 2007 Superman: just tell the writers to do a Justice league movie in the next 10 years *10 years later* 2017 Superman: Nailed it..

Anon Ymous : >Martha Box My sides are in orbit!

The Real Josh Ford : Jesus Christ feel like I took two things of acid cause I been a fan since I was 13 now 23. What the fuuuck happened

Luke Earle : Think it's time for a comeback. I remember that video so vividly.... 10 years 😯

Florpface Jinglefribbins : Oh my god I completely forgot about these videos

Zydrake Shogun : Started from the bottom, now you're here!

jgfjgfify : I loled at "Martha boxes".