surprise villain reveals in animated movies

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Knorkrax : Oh no! The CEO!

silvershadow : man that’s really something

Dwight Shrute : Oh.. Y-You fooled me again.

yelo. : Lol this is me trying to explain Easter eggs

Kui I : @bighero6

The Derp Chaos : Of course, the evil CEO of the *Enter Generic Company Name* was the evil guy after all.

I VIBES I : *_Lil Hero 7_*

Man of Matt : No. That’s Scooby-Doo Animated movie twist villains are really predictable and tend to be people you know

Gold Beanie : This is basically big hero 6 in a nutshell

Catlily Holmes : *The real enemy is capitalism*

Cap'nCinnamonBun : I can’t believe Lysander was actually Lysanderoth the entire time. It was such a shocking twist

Derrick Truong : and they say buzzfeed is the king of viral videos .. this dude is always on TRENDING.

Justin Y. : "Oh boy, it was Dio again. Who would've thought." ~ Every JoJo part

Lun Hing : Should've been John CENA

WowitsLife : Why is this on trending 😂😂

Daniel Sambar : _“Woah... I did not see that coming at all!”_

Adapt Gaming : You had to dress up as the drift didn’t you?

WowitsLife : Wtf did I just watch and how did I get here lol 😂

KANYE WEST : Fortnite stage 7 drift confirmed

iFlawlessCow : *OHHHH EXPOSEDDD*

Veridian : *_Johnson Smith's machinations lay undetected for years_*

BlackTigr, Inc. : It's the age old question: "Does a twist ending still count if the audience doesn't care about the 'twist'?"

zchanges : "I am your father." Boi who tf are u

Akademee : *Earlier in the movie* THIS WORLD IS IMPERFECT

Motionl3ss : Drift level 3 from fortnite 0:00

The Derp Chaos : Oh... it was him... ok.

Riya S : am i the only one that thought that mask looks like the maxed out drift skin in fortnite? 😂

Fortnite is my BAE ! : Every fortnite player... *OMG ITS DRIFFTTT!!*

Lego Gamer : Big hero six in a nutshell

Kadz : Who else recognizes the mask from fortnite

UnPhayzable : Johnson Smith, the man with the power to have 2 last names


Call of Metal : You looked like the new fortnite person drift

Sami Shamroukh : That looks a lot like the drift mask from fortnite


Bryce Mckenzie : This is like every animated Scooby Doo movie ever.

Bionic_Spider : Goku Black

Keoni Turner : Meet the Robinsons.

Kurun Jain : why u looking like drift from fortnite

Jace L : Always trending 😂

Bryce Mckenzie : Soooo... A masked man in a Kabuki Mask stole your Tinybots and tried to kill you? Did you file a claim when the Tinybots were stolen?

Rick Royale : If I see *ONE* DAMN reference to level 3 Drift I’m *literally* gonna delete my account.

super snake : He needs to be in YouTube rewind

Axyl : fortnite

GingerNingerish : Coco and Incredibles 2 did this

Simte : *Big Hero 6*

Riff Raff : Thought the thumbnail was Fortnite season 5

The Man of Tea : Johnson Smith wants so badly to be Lysanderoth.

Nobia :P : Kai :3

Jesus Bucio : Drift