surprise villain reveals in animated movies

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UnPhayzable : Johnson Smith, the man with the power to have 2 last names

Justin Y. : "Oh boy, it was Dio again. Who would've thought." ~ Every JoJo part

TylerMakesContent Content : Oh.. Y-You fooled me again.

Kui I : @bighero6

Derrick Truong : and they say buzzfeed is the king of viral videos .. this dude is always on TRENDING.

Veridian : *_Johnson Smith's machinations lay undetected for years_*

Cardboard : No. That’s Scooby-Doo Animated movie twist villains are really predictable and tend to be people you know

Hot Take, Babe : *The real enemy is capitalism*

Akademee : *Earlier in the movie* THIS WORLD IS IMPERFECT

I K : This is straight up Big Hero 6

peep : So literally Big Hero 6?? Edit: Jesus Christ I didn't expect this much attention, but I literally typed the first thing that came to mind I didn't think it was this big of a deal lmao

Mark Whalberg : Big Hero 6 Coco Wreck it Ralph Incredibles 2 Frozen Zootopia I’m so tired of this trope in Disney movies. Why do they even try when it’s so predictable?

Just Some Guy with a Mustache : Hope the writer didn't lose his hand when he pulled that out of his ass.

Ramjet : "I am your father." Boi who tf are u

Lego Gamer : Big hero six in a nutshell

The Derp Chaos : Of course, the evil CEO of the *Enter Generic Company Name* was the evil guy after all.

Leonardo R : Or it's like in The Legend of Korra, where the masked villain is someone ENTIRELY NEW TO THE PLOT!

Samantha Adams : you didnt have to call out big hero 6 like that

T- Series : 0:16 me when my old high school friend is like “Johnny remember me? From MaTHmAticS?”

Picaplannet444 : It's like how every Pokemon Game you can tell who the champion is

Cap'nCinnamonBun : I can’t believe Lysander was actually Lysanderoth the entire time. It was such a shocking twist

Just Anthony Here! : I think you just spoiled Incredibles 2 for every one

Erwin Rolls : I was expecting a parody of “Oh Anna if only their was someone out there who loved you”

Mickey Mouse : Turns out the villain was that one guy in the background

Asriel Dreemurr : Oh myy!..A-All this was hiiim...What's his name again?

Fodimin Layton : Every single Scooby Doo episode ever.

The Rind of Zayo Da Dong : Johnson Smith wants so badly to be Lysanderoth.

1un4r : its big hero 6. he says hiro. same mask. I COULDNT FORGET THAT MOVIE IF I TRIED

Keoni Turner : Meet the Robinsons.

EndZiiel : THE *greatest* reveal of all time was the original SAW movie when the killer was the guy playing dead on the floor the whole time!!!

Bryce McKenzie : Soooo... A masked man in a Kabuki Mask stole your Tinybots and tried to kill you? Did you file a claim when the Tinybots were stolen?

Berries 20 : _Johnson Smith, yeah, that's really, somethin'_

Kadz : Who else recognizes the mask from fortnite

TurtleShroom : THIS is why you pay attention to a movie when you're watching it!

Atapia : Anyone watch naruto?

Bryce McKenzie : This is like every animated Scooby Doo movie ever.

BUTTON MASHERZ : This is why he didn’t like zootopia

WowitsLife : Why is this on trending 😂😂

Bottom Text : for real, every anime i watched, i always forget the names of sub characters and villains mid part of the season, thus ruining the immersion of the plot because i literally have to pause the video to search the name in the wiki pages

GeniusGT : This video is brought to you by Johnson & Johnson's.

The Derp Chaos : Oh... it was him... ok.

The Commentator : Every single feakin' Scooby-Doo episode is like this.

SadEmoji : Alternative title: Every Disney Movie climax ever. (at least since Frozen)

Anime profile pictures are autistic as fuck : You can say Incredibles 2, it's ok.

Waseem : Let me guess you're going to be eating candy in this video

Daniel Sambar : _“Woah... I did not see that coming at all!”_

A Lonely Goldfish : Big Hero 6

KANYE WEST : Fortnite stage 7 drift confirmed

Supashya Roy Chowdhury : Are sure its not Mark Zuckerberg.

M. Vonel : So this is the ProZD clip that was used in "why disney twist villains dont work" in 8:30