Nuka Cola, a Fallout cocktail
Nuka Cola cocktail IRL now with less polonium

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Experience Bar is the tutorial show making video game inspired cocktails that anyone can DIY at home! Jump to 0:40 to see the recipe. Fallout is not a series typically associated with culinary delights that you'd actually want to make at home, but we can probably all agree that this is with the exception of its famous soft drink Nuka Cola. This drink, produced by its eponymous corporation, was hugely popular before the Fallout world went completely tits up, and remains a stalwart refreshment for adventurers, townsfolk and horrible mutants alike even post nuclear awfulness. Now, in the game Nuka Cola can be produced with myriad different fruits. In fact, the unique flavour comes from seventeen fruits mixed with juuuust the right proportions! Well, a DIY cocktail for your next Fallout-themed party would be pretty tricky to make with seventeen fruits, so Experience Bar landlord and bartender Jack Stone has put together what he feels are three key ingredients to give you a deep, eclectic fruity flavour, without overpowering the drink (or your wallet). INGREDIENTS 1 oz bourbon 0.5 oz blue curacao 0.5 oz cherry brandy 0.5 oz lemon juice Your favourite cola Watch the video to see how it's made! LINKS: Experience Bar website: Experience Bar Facebook: Experience Bar Instagram: SillyGoose Instagram: SillyGoose Facebook: SillyGoose Twitter:


Duncan P. Pacey : As the individual who consumed this beverage after it the episode was filmed, I approve this message! 👍

Jack Medland-Slater : My pee now glows after drinking this wtf