having a non-white name

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Vuong : They spell my name Vyong how?


random callsign : Wait... your name is SON GOKU?

TheMightyPancake : *_WHAT IS WRONG WITH YO-_*

It's Me Murland : lol I love this channel ahaha

Jmdietr : Yea but who names there child ProZD

xKarma _ : Sungone SUNG-one Sam-sung Coincidence? Think we are in the brick of something big.

Star Dragon : That's the most oddly attracting 'bitch' I ever heard.

HWFchamp : Read and pronounce wrong = it happens. Hear then repeat wrong = brain issues. See a doctor.


Intrafacial86 : *Huge Wang*

Daniel Peterson : Soong woon Sang wing Sing wan Soon woo Soong woong SAANG.. WONG... sung... won... *sOONDGE WIN?!?!*

Eon Nexus : The sad part is, I have a classmate that actually pronounces shit this bad, even though he knows how to say them seperatly DX

softaei : What happen when you turn on the English subtitles: "hey soon" "It's someone saying wings" WHY CANT I STOP LAUGHING

MsPanda103 *aka Mia* : This is relatable for my last name.

RookieN08 : You think mispronouncing Korean name is bad? Try having Icelandic name instead lol

Josue Martinez : San Juan?

Allan : SOON YWIN!?

Christian Nopp : me pronouncing anime names

TOCCL : Sing Win

Huntaa : i like little asain boys

AshGabe 18 : A-a-ron Balakey

feeleaf : (last name is Böhme) My teachers: Is it bome me: no T:Burma M: NO T: BOEHEEMEE M: tf no T: BOEHME:SOBE M: . T: OH, ITS BUM, WAIT NO, BOMB? OKAY. (fun story, i was taking my pushup test in gym and one kid goes lol ur last name is bum, so i start laughing, i fart in front of everyone causing me to laugh even harder. I fall to the mat with 2 pushups done.

FaceD0wnDagon : Good video, shame comments are a shitshow though.

Patrick Star : You sang, when?

Naved : Is there an A-A-Ron in this classroom?

ZacktheExistential : SOONGE WIND

Rika 2.0 : SANGWOO

Daddy : Someone?

Cheese4G : SUGE WIN!?

carp : i have a super white name dude and nobody pronounces that shit right

Sean Gentry : SungWon once told me the world is gonna roll me


Jordan A : Comments section: 10%- "haha yeah this happens to me so often!! i mean i understand not being able to pronounce it but a lot of people don't care enough to even try :(" 50%- "Wow this video is hate speech. I mean, you're generalizing all white people, which is racist in and of itself, but is it really our fault for not being able to pronounce your name? I'm sure if i went to *China* they wouldn't be able to pronounce my name either," 25%- "So what IS a white person?? Am I "white" just because of my race?? Because that seems kind of racist to me. You know, maybe if you wanted people to pronounce your name right, you shouldn't have been born *chinese* ," 10%- "fuck u chink if ur gonna be in america just deal with it it's your privelage to be here anyways" 5%- " *Don't You Think That Blacks Are Inferior????? HaHaHaHa Well I Don't Make The Rules ;)* " in summary, don't read the comments.

lupita. : Yess, I can relate 😂

xXPardiHouse1Xx 101 : “Do you have an “English name?” *BITCH* People also do this with my last name, it’s Parodi (Puh-Roe-Dee) but people still say “Purodie?!?” “Parody?!?” Like, ok I get it, you don’t see “Parodi” often, but, ask me how to say it! If you don’t, and you try and fail at pronouncing my last name, I get SUPER triggered, so just, ask, please?!?

Khonfoshary : I feel you 😂 My name is Sinan and my foreign friends sometimes call me Simal or Selam or even Siban. It sucks but you gotta live with it somehow 😅

Snakeeyes Ethanolus : "BITCH"

Mecha Leo : Leandro. ... based on my username do you understand my pain?

Jamie Wilde : Sung, BODY ONCE TOLD ME...

Kurami Corrupt : "BITCH- Okay... "

Dank puma : Sanji-kun

Satisfaction Overload : SOOO RELATABLE. I have a Vietnamese name and try to hide it from my friends or else they keep on saying it wrong in my face🤦‍♀️

Salad : *_sOONGe wIN_*

HeyItsRin : *Sosuke Bosuke*

Random Guy : SAMSUNG?

Alondra Romero : Pure Facts

TheDrFunkenstein : Trying to get Into the Cheydinhal Dark Brotherhood like:

SISIL ASIL : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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