having a non-white name

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random callsign : Wait... your name is SON GOKU?

Veridian : The score says Sung lost but apparently Sung Won

MarvyanakaP : Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz.

Mattdoesstuff : Ok I think I got it........ hi Samsung

Piray_ thedemon : SAN JUAN?

Jayden Davies : SOOGE WIN!?

Dr. Badtimes : Never will I find, Sung Won like you... Or was it Sing Wang?

JCLaygo : "BITCH."

Jakeeynick : It’s like the two English words, Sung and Won, put them together and you get? _SOOGEWIN???_ *_WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU_*

HeyItsRin : *Sosuke Bosuke*

aesthetic gamecube : Thank you for this pronunciation lesson singing wang

Chasidy Claire : My life Person: Casidy? Me: No, 'Chasidy' Person: Chasity? Me: No, 'Chasidy' Person: Chasitty? Me: What? No! *CHASIDY* Person: Cussity? Me: *HOW?* *IT'S NOT EVEN A HARD NAME!*

ADT116 : I think this goes without saying, but I'll give my two cents anyway: This isn't an exclusively "white" thing. I've had my very European name (Spanish and Catalan) mispronounced by English speakers of multiple ethnicities all throughout my life, to the point where I've had to anglicize the pronunciation to make it easier for others to say. I attended very culturally-diverse schools, and people still mispronounced it. Heck, even other Spanish speakers have difficulty pronouncing my Catalan surname—even though it's pronounced exactly the same as it'd be pronounced in Spanish—and my own relatives consistently misspell my first name. I myself cannot pronounce the Polish surname of a girl I went to middle school and high school with. And I remember a girl in one of my college classes that had an Irish name that the teacher constantly mispronounced, despite being corrected several times. This phenomenon seems to be more about people struggling with foreign sounds and spellings than anything else. Not everyone's going to be the same, some people will just have a better grasp on foreign languages than others, and others will have a hard time getting it right.

Jordan A : Pt.2 of this video would probably look like... Prozd 1: I'm telling you, it's Sung Won! Prozd 2: Sum gum? Prozd 1: Sung Won. Prozd 2: Sun's tongue? Prozd 1: Sung Won. Prozd 2: Skunk's bum? (Back and forth til heat death of the universe....) Prozd 2: It burns!!!

Kachulu : when u have an asian name and ur teacher mispronounces it for the whole year

Tamara Star : I love the way he says "BITCH! Ok..." at 00:17 xD

PIMKAMINA2 : That "BITch" is so powerful

Conoron : You don't mean white names, you mean English names. What about Polish or Russian names? Or Greek?

rivermelodies : I'm Scottish. My name is Mairead. I've had so many mis-pronounciations by English people that I've just given up by now lol. So yeah, definitely not just an Asian/Hispanic problem. It's actually pronounced 'mai-rit' for anyone wondering.

Patrick Star : You sang, when?

A guy : *someone*

Iury Cabeleira : My name is Russian, but I live in Portugal. Im also known as Igor, Ivan, iui, Lury, Lery(this was the most recent I srly couldnt take my own package in the mail because of the name missmatch).

N A S T U : My name isn't asian but my name is Javier and this is definitely accurate.

Fried Cake : Sangwoo

Cheese4G : SUGE WIN!?

Flowing Dragon : How do people dislike this!!!

Silliest : *penguin*

Alphon Speas : Sun Wukong ?

지원추 : death would be sweeter than roll-call

WarBear : as a white dude with a russian name this is still my daily struggle

Holo : Sung won more like SungBODY ONCE TOLD ME THE WORLD IS GONNA ROLL ME Or someone

Kaitlyn Morales : "It's leviosa not leviosa."

Boom : Friends flashback...

Oka Cola : I'm Asian, but since I was born in the US I was given more of an American first name. But people STILL get it wrong.

LJ : I stopped watching The Last Jedi trailer for this.

GD Zipper : Someone

Sophie Mason : Brit here. My little sister is half Italian (different fathers) and her first name is Luisella, after her dad's aunt. It's a very easy name to pronounce: Luizella. You pronounce the S as a Z. This one letter throws off EVERYONE and most of her friends and teachers at school pronounce it as Louise-Ella or (my favourite) Louizie-Ella. I don't think it's an exclusively 'white' thing, but I will say it seems to be more prevalent in native English speakers than others. The difficulty seems to come from not having a basic understanding of how a language sounds. If you know how to at least the language is supposed to sound, even if you don't speak it, you can properly pronounce the name right.

Esteicy Saavedra : I'm a latina girl with an strange name, pronunciation is not the problem, is the way they write it, so if that is anoying for me I can't imagine how is when people can't pronunce your name and they don't even try :s

[ 똥꼬발랄_꼬꼬넛 ] : Wat language?? 혹시 성원..? Mine is chaewon

mariel ivana : Oh this true if you have a Hispanic name as well

Anmei : SUGE WEN

TFOH pronounced tea-foe : Someone (one one) Someone (one one) Someone (one one) Someone else

monochromera : much as I know this feel- it's not a non-white thing lmao it's a non-native thing. Russian would be white as it gets, but friends from Mexico, Japan, and America alike have problems pronouncing my name. Plus, Jojo's bizzare adventure stands as a beautiful example of people butchering more "white names" b e a u t i f u l l y <3

Christopher Agha : *SOONGE WIN*

Patrick Star : Knowing the current trend for youtube this video will be demonitozed because his name is "too offensive"

Livistona : My name doesnt have a language origin. TT it just kinda exists and people mispronounce it all the time.

이중희 : 성원👏👏👏

Gaming King : 0:21 Me trying to explain to my friend why I watch this channel

Fire Nation Files : when you have an asian name and everyone mispronounces it at school

Alef Gabryel : I think pro zd has created the verb system a long time before.