having a non-white name

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Kachulu : when u have an asian name and ur teacher mispronounces it for the whole year

softaei : What happen when you turn on the English subtitles: "hey soon" "It's someone saying wings" WHY CANT I STOP LAUGHING

Jackie Chicken : "Sun Wukong?"

Salad : *_sOONGe wIN_*

AshGabe 18 : A-a-ron Balakey

Mason RobertsTV : Here before trending

Jademonas : Sung... won... Sagingonmsyyadgcgjkv?

FaceD0wnDagon : Good video, shame comments are a shitshow though.

f4ngy : I lose it at SOOOJJWINNNN every time

carp : i have a super white name dude and nobody pronounces that shit right

Cheese4G : SUGE WIN!?

Ricardo Guerrero : San Juan

TheDrFunkenstein : Trying to get Into the Cheydinhal Dark Brotherhood like:

Creeps Mcgee : *BITCH*

jєllσ : SANGWOO

Alexander Wayne : Sunje win?

anna : The subtitles I’m crying “You put them together and get Huge Wind”

ZacktheExistential : SOONGE WIND

Joaco Baun Eihl : ZAGUÁN: is spanish for hallway

RookieN08 : You think mispronouncing Korean name is bad? Try having Icelandic name instead lol


Skanda Subrahmanyam : someone

SISIL ASIL : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Sean Gentry : SungWon once told me the world is gonna roll me

Billy Fusco Jr. : 0:15 that amazing expression on his face before he speaks

Apple Thug : Sung Won kek

EvaLynn Messerli : When you can relate even though you're white and have a white name

All Locked Up Yo : Song one? You mean song two by Blur? WOO HOO

Satisfaction Overload : SOOO RELATABLE. I have a Vietnamese name and try to hide it from my friends or else they keep on saying it wrong in my face🤦‍♀️

moxpanda : I have a hard time reading white names. Ideally, you should write names in black or another darker color, white just blends into the paper.

the8jrfan : Suge Night?

Vanna 57 : Me when I'm talking to my friends about park jimin: My friend- omg you've been going on about *park jimmy* for soo long!


Jair Artis : “Jair”, I DARE you to try and say it

PhoeniksoftheStorm : *having a name who's origin is from a different language than the main language of the country you live in

It's Me Murland : lol I love this channel ahaha

NeonWolfLive : You've... _never met a Polish person, _*_have you_*

Daniel Ruzak : I laughed harder then I should

Ashlyn Pack : White people can't even get "white" names right, so anything a little foreign is impossible

xoxlady : I was one of your first 3 or 4 subscribers, because I could see a lot of potential in your channel. Congrats on trending.

Intrafacial86 : *Huge Wang*

Alondra Romero : Pure Facts

Ahmed : Can relate.

Anime Gandalf : That has very little to do off having an "non-white" name simply having an non English name....

do you see me? well, you can't cuz i can't see you : Too true. I still don't have an English name.


HATZ Rulez : Sam Wang?

Navi : Song one

Nik A : Sue-young was it

Daniel Peterson : Soong woon Sang wing Sing wan Soon woo Soong woong SAANG.. WONG... sung... won... *sOONDGE WIN?!?!* edit: why tf does this have so many likes, i’m scared.