having a non-white name

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Kami Lee : I am white but I get this because of Italian last names. I've heard some really bad mispronunciations in my time, and there's probably more to come.

Seank7 : Man I feel sorry for this SogWam guy

Rosendo mendoza : i once tried to teach my teacher some spanish, she kept pronouncing dios(god) as dee-Os, its not hard to not emphasize a letter!!!

MIA. MIU : Me when I get starbucks and I have to spell out my name airi to the barista, just to have them get confused anyways and wrote "art" on my cup instead.

Jenna Chicag : Holy hell i only wanted to watch one....I've just finished #63 FAHK....btw your a great guy...i think BYEEEEEEE

Zurn : You mean a "white" name like Adalwardus Ruotsalainen? No one ever says my Finnish neighbors name correctly. Also, try to be less racist in using the term white when you are referring to European names. Some "white" names are way more difficult to pronounce than "Asian" names.

Chorandinho : Look at all these triggered white people in the comments. Woooow....

Z Togebo : *S O O G W I N*

Ratih Sanitri : I remembered my lecturer asked us to create our western name. I thought it was dumb. Now I know why...

Derek aka Derek : Haha "white" people are so dumb for not knowing a name from a foreign language/country. Great video.

Rainergunvikes : This is Sung Wan's best video yet.

King : I swear the title said "not having a non-white fanbase" I'm racist now

The steam kid : I have that luxury ball poster in the back! Set me back by 15-20 bucks.

FasterZone : Am I the only one that doesn’t find this fat Asian cunt funny, lol?

chiroptera626 : 😑 I wouldn't hold your breath there. I can't even get some people to correctly pronounce my name and it's *English*.

Cinneflame : My last name is otsuki I can relate

Shrubs : I have the same problem, except with people guessing how to spell my name.

matt hansen : Hey you chinese cunt, my name's Burger McDonalds and I'm an american and I pronounce things however I want. Bitch!

Mr Moustache : Seen this happen so many damn times

D4RKD3V1L : My god! I love you

James Mantil : It's weird, I used to think my last name was insanely easy to pronounce compared to the rest of my relatives. Mantil: it's just man and til, should be easy right? For some reason though, a lot of people pronounce it as "man-teal". I really don't know why they think that's right though.

Jackt Phone : Caucasians are stupid that's why they cant pronounce asians name

Cloгох Вleacн : what's even crazier is that englishmen can't even pronounce german and other European languages. *_AND ENGLISH ORIGINATED FROM THE GERMANS_* I know someone who can't pronounce a Slav name as simple as Brusilov. Try mastering Brzeczyszczykiewicz. And oh boy it's equally as bad when my Chinese mainland friends try to pronounce English.

Jin Wong : my name is Jin. I have been to starbucks and recieved coffees under the name Jim/James/Jimmy / Gene / Gène. it's vibrant time to be alive.

eltrashhv : i’m just glad my parents decided to also give me an english name (plus i don’t even know how to pronounce my chinese name in a not-chinese way ?? lmao)

Mypopcornisyummy : Hi my name is Tomoko Oh hi Tooomikaa Not it’s Tomoko Tomato? No TOMOKO Tumekee? I’m just gonna call you tabitha Fine So how are you Toobatheee? AAAAAAHHHHHH

Heavenlyhounds96 : How do you pronounce Hworang from Tekken?

weesh : after the first 50 people pronounce my last name exactly the same wrong way, i decided to just go with it

Send Memes : I have an Irish name and nobody gets it on the first try

Josh Korth : The reason why this is the case is because normally the person pronounces it ever so slightly off the "english" pronunciation, then of course you don't want to offend the person, so you try to mimic that minor change, and it's just hard. Like, instead of Sung Won, it would be like Suhn Woen and the "oe" sound is hard for native English speakers like the word Glasshutte (which is pronounced Glahss-heut-te). Some people try to make it easy and say it's like "Gloss-hoot-eh" but that's not quite right.

Cometstarlight : Yeah, my name gets misspelled and mispronounced ALL the time. It's a Hispanic name, but I'm white, go figure.

comicconcarne : People forget that my name is white and then overcomplicate it

Derivative MVs : Japanese names are (most of the time) very easy to pronounce though. Unlike English ones; they (usually) sound out every syllable in their name. Example: Takashi is said Ta-Ka-Shi, exactly as it's spelt.

HWFchamp : Read and pronounce wrong = it happens. Hear then repeat wrong = brain issues. See a doctor.

Regina Carbon : " Give an English name---- " " *BITCH!* "

Jake Faith : So many Asians can relate to this.

Dark_ Elements : WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??

AH SEU VOU : Everyone who tries to spell my name does it wrong. I think i haven't yet seen a anyone who did it without having me correcting them first

Icebergs can't cut steel hulls : Can we just accept that it's hard to pronounce names from foreign languages?

Daniel L : Keep up the good work samsung

Art Guy : "Whats wrong with you!" i just peed myself laughing... thats whats wrong with me :)

ThePennilessGamer : is that your actual name?

Dani-motion : my name is Shahad and so far no one spelled it or pronounced it correctly.

Star Dragon : That's the most oddly attracting 'bitch' I ever heard.

Kelsybabe-P : I am so glad someone brought this up... I mean, to be fair, I would trip up too, trying to pronounce a name I don't understand. But Jesus Fucking Christ, at least _try_ to hit the mark.

Jason Ulloa : Yep, I've had this kind of conversation before. -___-;

Faye Hyuga : UGHHHHH my legal name is haruhi no one ever gets it right

Robotatron Guy : *WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!*

Larg04 : Non-white, eh? I guess that's another proof we slavs are secretly black. :v I knew it.

Edward Grayson : I love it when this guy starts yelling.