having a non-white name

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Alef Gabryel : I think pro zd has created the verb system a long time before.

Nuha : *ARE YOU KIDDING ME? KIMBAP KIDDING? YOU CAN'T SAY SEUNGKWAN?!* you are mistake oh my gawsh

iTrilo : I am an Asian and I can confirm this is what we experience

anna : The subtitles I’m crying “You put them together and get Huge Wind”

James Parker : I have a white name, but everyone gets it wrong anyway. "My name is Joel" Joe-el? No......It's Joel Ok Robert.

TOCCL : Sing Win

MarvyanakaP : Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz.

Luna love naruto uzumaki : *WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU-*

NeonWolfLive : You've... _never met a Polish person, _*_have you_*

moxpanda : I have a hard time reading white names. Ideally, you should write names in black or another darker color, white just blends into the paper.

Vuong The Doge : They spell my name Vyong how?

Vicente Temes : Poor someone.

Preetty Goood : "It's not pronounced Seoul it's pronounced Seoul"

Scones Kirkland : SANGWOO

quibily : I saw you for the first time when I was on a Chinese social network app called WeChat. It was this video. You transcended the Great Firewall. Just wanted to let ya know.

HeyItsRin : This reminds me of this substitute I had that prounounced my friend Rongyu’s name as “Rango”

SystemCM : "Non-white"? Have you seen Polish names by any chance lmao!

Tentai Kansoku : I never understood how people can't pronounce names when someone tells them how to say it. All language is literally just repeating sounds you heard someone else make, how is this different?

HATZ Rulez : Sam Wang?

BUNNY!? : if you have a grey name does this still apply

HeyItsRin : *Sosuke Bosuke*

Carneiro : I live in Japan and nobody pronounces my "white" name right. I think people just struggle to pronounce names that aren't common in their culture/language due to lack of exposure.

첫새벽빛Dawnbreak : As a fellow Korean I can relate to this as I go cry in my non-native corner of my cramped non-native room for the rest of my life, 성원, it's hard i know it's hard

Anime Gandalf : That has very little to do off having an "non-white" name simply having an non English name....

Ahmed : Can relate.

Alexander Wayne : Sunje win?

Marcell2aG : Sun Quan!? Sun Ce?! Cao Cao?

Loli exterminator : this is funny keep up the good work, spooned one its spooned one right?

Jayden Davies : SOOGE WIN!?

Flowing Dragon : How do people dislike this!!!

Cheese4G : SUGE WIN!?

C4sandvitch : Suuj win. * slow clapping *

Piray_ thedemon : SAN JUAN?

Harry Nalpaga : ''Not an *english name'' I observed that English have a problem with all names but instead in Europe people like French or Germans can pronounce our asiat names our the English names correctly

Thoarsted Rock Oil : Youre my favorite youtuber sun wukong

Cap'nCinnamonBun : Songo Wongo

True Velox : Heyy, nice Haikyuu posters

Fried Cake : Sangwoo

GD Zipper : Someone

PhoeniksoftheStorm : *having a name who's origin is from a different language than the main language of the country you live in

random callsign : Wait... your name is SON GOKU?

N A S T U : My name isn't asian but my name is Javier and this is definitely accurate.

Es : 상원~^.^

DiseasedMoss : This is about as funny as his prospects for living past 50 with so much beetus present

ZerglingOne1 : This occurs, in my experience, when someone is looking at a written romanized name and trying to sound it out phonetically (to them) while you're literally there telling them how to pronounce the name. Like if you'd just take your eyes off the damn page/screen and pay attention for 2 seconds, you'd get it right.

Patrick Star : You sang, when?

DancoreDanny : Great video, Sing Wang.

KingMieszko : Try Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewski

えゆEuSei : every white pe... every western people... 😂

Mattdoesstuff : Ok I think I got it........ hi Samsung