having a non-white name

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Alef Gabryel : I think pro zd has created the verb system a long time before.


random callsign : Wait... your name is SON GOKU?

TheMightyPancake : *_WHAT IS WRONG WITH YO-_*

xKarma _ : Sungone SUNG-one Sam-sung Coincidence? Think we are in the brick of something big.

It's Me Murland : lol I love this channel ahaha

Star Dragon : That's the most oddly attracting 'bitch' I ever heard.

Intrafacial86 : *Huge Wang*

Vuong : They spell my name Vyong how?

Daniel Peterson : Soong woon Sang wing Sing wan Soon woo Soong woong SAANG.. WONG... sung... won... *sOONDGE WIN?!?!*


Eon Nexus : The sad part is, I have a classmate that actually pronounces shit this bad, even though he knows how to say them seperatly DX

softaei : What happen when you turn on the English subtitles: "hey soon" "It's someone saying wings" WHY CANT I STOP LAUGHING

Jmdietr : Yea but who names there child ProZD

Allan : SOON YWIN!?

MsPanda103 *aka Mia* : This is relatable for my last name.

Christian Nopp : me pronouncing anime names

AshGabe 18 : A-a-ron Balakey

FaceD0wnDagon : Good video, shame comments are a shitshow though.

feeleaf : (last name is Böhme) My teachers: Is it bome me: no T:Burma M: NO T: BOEHEEMEE M: tf no T: BOEHME:SOBE M: . T: OH, ITS BUM, WAIT NO, BOMB? OKAY. (fun story, i was taking my pushup test in gym and one kid goes lol ur last name is bum, so i start laughing, i fart in front of everyone causing me to laugh even harder. I fall to the mat with 2 pushups done.

TOCCL : Sing Win

ZacktheExistential : SOONGE WIND

Rika 2.0 : SANGWOO

HWFchamp : Read and pronounce wrong = it happens. Hear then repeat wrong = brain issues. See a doctor.

Naved : Is there an A-A-Ron in this classroom?

Evan Kearney : 승 원?

Huntaa : i like little asain boys

Daddy : Someone?

carp : i have a super white name dude and nobody pronounces that shit right


Patrick Star : You sang, when?

Jordan A : Comments section: 10%- "haha yeah this happens to me so often!! i mean i understand not being able to pronounce it but a lot of people don't care enough to even try :(" 50%- "Wow this video is hate speech. I mean, you're generalizing all white people, which is racist in and of itself, but is it really our fault for not being able to pronounce your name? I'm sure if i went to *China* they wouldn't be able to pronounce my name either," 25%- "So what IS a white person?? Am I "white" just because of my race?? Because that seems kind of racist to me. You know, maybe if you wanted people to pronounce your name right, you shouldn't have been born *chinese* ," 10%- "fuck u chink if ur gonna be in america just deal with it it's your privelage to be here anyways" 5%- " *Don't You Think That Blacks Are Inferior????? HaHaHaHa Well I Don't Make The Rules ;)* " in summary, don't read the comments.

xXPardiHouse1Xx 101 : “Do you have an “English name?” *BITCH* People also do this with my last name, it’s Parodi (Puh-Roe-Dee) but people still say “Purodie?!?” “Parody?!?” Like, ok I get it, you don’t see “Parodi” often, but, ask me how to say it! If you don’t, and you try and fail at pronouncing my last name, I get SUPER triggered, so just, ask, please?!?

Khonfoshary : I feel you 😂 My name is Sinan and my foreign friends sometimes call me Simal or Selam or even Siban. It sucks but you gotta live with it somehow 😅

Sean Gentry : SungWon once told me the world is gonna roll me

Cheese4G : SUGE WIN!?

Snakeeyes Ethanolus : "BITCH"

Josue Martinez : San Juan?

Mecha Leo : Leandro. ... based on my username do you understand my pain?

Kurami Corrupt : "BITCH- Okay... "

Kachulu : when u have an asian name and ur teacher mispronounces it for the whole year

Dank puma : Sanji-kun

Satisfaction Overload : SOOO RELATABLE. I have a Vietnamese name and try to hide it from my friends or else they keep on saying it wrong in my face🤦‍♀️

Salad : *_sOONGe wIN_*

Hannah Kaye : Hey I don't care if you read this comment or not, and as a fellow Korean(I assume you are...sorry if you're not), I want to say you are one of the most awesome people in the world, and certainly one of the best Korean actors I've ever come across. Your voice acting is absolutely captivating, and I want to say "keep going with what you're doing!" Love, love, love your work.

lupita. : Yess, I can relate 😂

Random Guy : SAMSUNG?

Alondra Romero : Pure Facts

TheDrFunkenstein : Trying to get Into the Cheydinhal Dark Brotherhood like:

SISIL ASIL : 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂