having a non-white name

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D4RKD3V1L : My god! I love you

James Mantil : It's weird, I used to think my last name was insanely easy to pronounce compared to the rest of my relatives. Mantil: it's just man and til, should be easy right? For some reason though, a lot of people pronounce it as "man-teal". I really don't know why they think that's right though.

Jackt Phone : Caucasians are stupid that's why they cant pronounce asians name

Jin Wong : my name is Jin. I have been to starbucks and recieved coffees under the name Jim/James/Jimmy / Gene / Gène. it's vibrant time to be alive.

eltrashhv : i’m just glad my parents decided to also give me an english name (plus i don’t even know how to pronounce my chinese name in a not-chinese way ?? lmao)

Mypopcornisyummy : Hi my name is Tomoko Oh hi Tooomikaa Not it’s Tomoko Tomato? No TOMOKO Tumekee? I’m just gonna call you tabitha Fine So how are you Toobatheee? AAAAAAHHHHHH

Derivative MVs : Japanese names are (most of the time) very easy to pronounce though. Unlike English ones; they (usually) sound out every syllable in their name. Example: Takashi is said Ta-Ka-Shi, exactly as it's spelt.

Cometstarlight : Yeah, my name gets misspelled and mispronounced ALL the time. It's a Hispanic name, but I'm white, go figure.

comicconcarne : People forget that my name is white and then overcomplicate it

Icebergs can't cut steel hulls : Can we just accept that it's hard to pronounce names from foreign languages?

Daniel L : Keep up the good work samsung

Art Guy : "Whats wrong with you!" i just peed myself laughing... thats whats wrong with me :)

ThePennilessGamer : is that your actual name?

Dani-motion : my name is Shahad and so far no one spelled it or pronounced it correctly.

AH SEU VOU : Everyone who tries to spell my name does it wrong. I think i haven't yet seen a anyone who did it without having me correcting them first

Star Dragon : That's the most oddly attracting 'bitch' I ever heard.

Kelsybabe-P : I am so glad someone brought this up... I mean, to be fair, I would trip up too, trying to pronounce a name I don't understand. But Jesus Fucking Christ, at least _try_ to hit the mark.

Faye Hyuga : UGHHHHH my legal name is haruhi no one ever gets it right

Robotatron Guy : *WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!*

Larg04 : Non-white, eh? I guess that's another proof we slavs are secretly black. :v I knew it.

Edward Grayson : I love it when this guy starts yelling.

KingTaiki : People just can’t say my simple flippin name

DawnMelody : S A N G W A N G

TheMightyPancake : *_WHAT IS WRONG WITH YO-_*

Samurai Of memes : Cho. Ch-o How people pronounce. Chow Ch-ow Where the fuck is the W coming from you fuckers?

Ashton S : Oh, it's not someone?

Adele Newcomb : if i don't watch this at least once a day i feel empty inside

Jason Ulloa : Yep, I've had this kind of conversation before. -___-;

magmablock : Nice video, Sandwich, keep it up.

Spi Rale : That ching-chong guy sure is funny

Yepeng Lor : This happens to me

Valon Ariga : I have almost the opposite problem where if people don't know what I look like, people think I'm white and I have to be like nono, I'm korean. And then they ask from which korea. BITCH

The_Greatest Ever : I cant relate. My asian parents named me David :P

revanisthebest : I can sorta relate. My last name has been mispronounced ever since I was young.

Gordon Alvarado : F'n hilarious, it reminds me of when people ask me what's my name in Spanish, and I'm like wtf, it's just Gordon

Bren Wan : I’m Chinese but my names brennan wan (pronounced won) It’s stil hard for people to get I mean they first say, “Brendan waan” then Brandon waaan. I’m too lazy to tell people now XD

GNEC productions1 : To be fair some asian names can be hard to pronounce but the one in this nope xd

Matt Smith : Can this fucker stop making vines on YouTube, like the format is dead, it's time to start making actual videos not just snippets from a mediocre skit.

Hoa And Sarcasm : So many triggered people in the comment section. *sips drink*

Triston Hull : Sounded alot like Jack black at the end

MJB : I'm the whitest guy I know, but this amuses me SO much. It's called listening and repeating, even toddlers can do it!

Jared Suchomel : More like non-anglo-saxon name My last name's from the Czech Republic area. I defy you to pronounce it correctly the first time "Suchomel"

Ashmole3 : At least your name has letters with English equivalents ;/

V2Blast : Try having a 22-letter-long (total) first and last name.

thevisi0nary : I have a long Norwegian last name that is hard to pronounce. For whatever reason, when I was a kid I used to not like it and I thought it was stupid. As an adult I love it!

Mystic Chocolate : Lol the "what is wrong with you" always gets me

Gallant Blade : Me and my last name in middle school in a nutshell.

MrDeap : If you want your kid to have a long life, make sure he got a non white name. At least you wouldn't see your kids in the news in a tragic accident or some weird incident.

Bernabe Fernandez : Sunge wi- WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!?

Lil Loco 神經病 : real talk... those other people always cant speak right our name-_-