Adam Sandler Predicted his Success!!!

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Video of very early Adam Sandler stand-up. What is incredible here is notice how between 0:30 and 0:40 he declares something to the universe that ultimately is granted! Amazing how positive thinking, positive affirmations and declaring your goals can be a very powerful tool in acheving goals.

Comments from Youtube

Jacob Cisneros : this guy was a MASTER of misdirection, you had no idea where the joke was going.

DaMaster 84 : Why is this in my feed in 2019?

David DiMuzio : Jerry Seinfeld and Rocky Balboa had a baby??

Carver Bradley : adam sandler now looks like a guy who looks like adam sandler

jimmy lurk : that new york accent

CUM2america : He was better when he was younger. Now he's just a parody of himself

ヴェルッティ・s : he used to sound like dunkey

[ gloomy ] : lmao he sounds exactly how family Guy makes fun of jews..

TooSick2Di3 : I like Adam Sandler no matter what the critics say, it’s nostalgia every time I watch his films. Happy Gilmore is one of my all time fav comedy flicks.

P R E M E : he aint predict it... he manifested it

Fastrocket37 : Anyone else think Adam Sandler is funny? I loved Happy Gilmore

gpep popping balloon : This guy deserves more attention and he should be in movies he would be great

Patrick M : He could not look more Jewish.

The Veteran : YouTube recommended 2017: not yet YouTube recommended 2018: not yet YouTube recommended 2019: send it

jerry hilaski : Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore will always be my favorites

Hoss Peck : It’s funny because back 10 years ago you could laugh and enjoy these jokes but now if he’d make an anorexia joke he’d be getting thrashed by everyone because people are soft af now a days

Magnus Holmgren : Actually quality comedy. Tf happened.

TheWishmaster : I had no idea he used to be so funny back then.

ldgb 57 : He looks like the guy from the american pie movies

Charles Duvall : he talks like rocky. ...after the 15 rounds

infinite sounds : This video gives me a homey vibe, like i should be there or i was there.

EraWear : Welcome to another episode why the hells this in my recommend.

Diego Alejandro : Why am I barely getting this in my recommendation YouTube? Anyone else?

SeaseFire : Very confused why a video from 10 years ago is in my recommended. Not disappointed still.

Daniel Adams : That's not Adam sandler that's Jerry Seinfeld

[A2] Army : The prediction part they're referring to is in the description. 0:30 "I don't have that kinda money, not yet"

Gmx Rogueツ : I’m A Simple Man.... But I See AdamSandler I Click!

Max Polentz : It took me 10 years to find this video

_Skillfullgods _ : 2008?? YouTube what are you trying to tell me!? I need answers

Hadden 313 : Maybe He Didnt Predict It. Maybe He Just Made It Happen

sylvester bonnah : Why am I getting this recommendation now? This was posted 10 years ago!

Hunter Richards : Mama said comedy is the devil.

NPC 33331 : You can really hear the jew in his voice from the early years

Jacob : At the very end, were they announcing Janeane Garofalo next ? Classic Throwbacks!

Camilla candy : His accent was THICC!!!!

IvTheSniperx Iv : Why is this in my recommendation and this vid is from 2009 😂

UrBoiJakeDraws : Why is this in my recommended 10years after upload

Howard Lovecraft : this guy's gonna be big someday

DoctorFurioso : Great video, terrible title. Unless he has a small factory in New Hampshire and makes local antisemites call him "boss man".

Primeape : 10 years ago but just pops up I’m okay with this

Traveling Hobo : This guys awesome he should be famous!

Itsdaveyfromadventuretime X : Honestly better than seth rogen as a kid but they both are amazing

sammarkvoort : Wow, Seinfeld has changed

John Smith : Oh, he can actually be funny

sus kunt : Pretty much got clickbaited but I don’t mind

luis lara : And this is in my feed in 2019 why?😂

333 Kira : believe it or not.... ADAM SANDLER IS FUNNY! :D

Ronnhy : He said bread a decade before its slang meaning not the only thing he predicted

Nate : Thousands of people have "predicted" their success.... It's called believing in yourself.