Adam Sandler Predicted his Success!!!

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TheWishmaster : I had no idea he used to be so funny back then.

David DiMuzio : Jerry Seinfeld and Rocky Balboa had a baby??

John Smith : Oh, he can actually be funny

Camilla candy : His accent was THICC!!!!

Patrick M : He could not look more Jewish.

vulf pack : Wow he predicted that someday he would have 30 cents. Amazing!!

Jacob Cisneros : this guy was a MASTER of misdirection, you had no idea where the joke was going.

CUM2america : He was better when he was younger. Now he's just a parody of himself

William Jennings : “Foul” “But I didn’t do anything” “You killed Jesus” I was laughing for a while lol

Fastrocket37 : Anyone else think Adam Sandler is funny? I loved Happy Gilmore

vertti 〔ヴェルッティ〕 : he used to sound like dunkey

ChaosKataGaming : im enjoying the comedy, but the premise of a simple wishful statement like that dominating your entire posting of this video is....stupid, thats the word

Daniel Adams : That's not Adam sandler that's Jerry Seinfeld

Arkano : Came here because of the title, stayed for the jokes

SelfMade Society : lmao he sounds exactly how family Guy makes fun of jews..

millard saint : This video gives me a homey vibe, like i should be there or i was there.

jerry hilaski : Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore will always be my favorites

ldgb 57 : He looks like the guy from the american pie movies

spittor47 : Wanted to drop a like but clickbait.

Charles Duvall : he talks like rocky. ...after the 15 rounds

Rocco Ravioli : Sounds so jewish...

[A2] Army : The prediction part they're referring to is in the description. 0:30 "I don't have that kinda money, not yet"

Magnus Holmgren : Actually quality comedy. Tf happened.

Unknown Truth : He is Jewish what did you expect? They own everything ffs

Nick MaGrick : yeah, he worked for it. Guess what, I can also predict that im gunna take a shit.

Little Problem : who’s watching in 2018🤔

Nate : Thousands of people have "predicted" their success.... It's called believing in yourself.

P R E M O : he aint predict it... he manifested it

Hunter Richards : Mama said comedy is the devil.

Yeoff The Legend : Every time I try to drink a solid I choke.

The Coleman Films : "Foul!!" "But i didnt do anything" "you killed jesus"

Jimmy Dean : 0:36 -- Lotta good lookin girls here tonight huh.. alright

sammarkvoort : Wow, Seinfeld has changed

Christine Grunert : His face looks so long

Adam Mullins : He killed in this. Hilarious

B H : Billy Madison one of the best movies of all time hands down. Comedic genius.

DoctorFurioso : Great video, terrible title. Unless he has a small factory in New Hampshire and makes local antisemites call him "boss man".

Syrtech : Soooooo what does his have anything to do with him predicting his success?

Francisco Bolanos : "I dont like confretations ima virgo"

Carver Bradley : adam sandler now looks like a guy who looks like adam sandler

BIG3rn91 : Sayin "hopefully ill have enough money someday" is not predicting the future. Just sayin.

jimmy lurk : that new york accent

WowitsLife : Law of attraction: manifest your dreams! 💪🏽🔥

Tiger H. Lore : Predicted his success, eh? Would have been more impressive if he’d predicted his downward spiral too.

Trolls The King : In 2018 there would be Multiple articles saying how offensive he is.

JustNYC • : Predict? When was the last time you seen a broke Jewish Comedian?

Cancer Sauce : Wow, I've never seen his stand up, he's funny as hell.

James Emmrich : You're good kid.

Fisted Sphincter : My highney

Anime Fuu : *2018* ?