Do women like getting bitten in bed?

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aQmohra : Why do half of these girls have husky voices?

Dave4493 : They like to bite the singles out of my wallet

FRESH BOSS Garvin : The woman in green love be bitten in her ear, that weird

Jazz GhettoBird : These women are beautiful and fit. I'm stuck in America land of hippo-built women.

wedi memhr barca : The first 😂😂

Nnaemeka Nwosu : Your friend's girlfriend likes what? Iain!?! Location? Send location...

LAITH : Love light bite

Amar Aone : Romantic topic 💋

Your Alpha Dude - Dating Videos : Violets are blue ?? I liked this comment Because everyone else should too. From a friendly masculine coach. Peace.

Spellcaster86 : The practice of cannibalism for the cheap release of Dopamine. Spiders practice it to the end.

Chi Ebele : Most of these women lost their voice, why?

mark findlay : The girls don't call me Hannibal the cannibal for nothing!

Never Lose Forex FX : Of course they do

iDateAdvice : depends by whom, where abd how!)

Khagesh Salina : Can any one explain from this 1:13 to 1:15

Jack Sugden : Only by bed bugs, as I’ve got bad choppers 😳.

JCBAirmaster73 : Bitten? Throw the mattress away if that's the case, get the sulphur candle out for goodness sake, who'd take a woman back to room that's infested for goodness sake? Oh the romance there!!

Lt. Jackass : This man answered his own question 20 seconds in.

Riz Kler : Some croaky Spanish throats... Riz will have to investigate. Free English Lessons 2!

Taskin Ahmed : You Are So Awesome And Dare Iain. I like Your Hosting BOSS

Raja Rajab : Next question man. Does sex matters in a relationship???

Amit Kumar : How can one be gay after watching this?


John Uchiha : Do woman like getting beaten in bed?

Simon Spatial : 2:16 one in red 😋 my type tall with a lot to...... hug


Ilikeryche : I wonder what Lorena Bobbit thinks about this biting thing?

Ryan Hamachi : Do women like biting?

Beautiful Boy : No

Hicham Lorenzo : Women are waste of time.

Jesus MLG : Shave you're goddamn hairy chest.

Kevin Cooper : Where's sex mad GI Jane today?

HBOX1000 : Iain should b the new james bond,he is never on his own.He is always boasting about women.Having a lazy eye is worse than having a small penis.