On Melancholy Hill

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PK Roiii : Music: calm Music video: Noodle with a gun

The Superforge : Deadass thought I was listening to arctic monkeys for like 45 seconds. I love it.

Rognorkthetroll ! : forward bound these tropical uncanny beats.

Anna’s Hope : Just imagine, you sitting up on a hill of lush, light green grass blowing in the wind, your stereo playing this song beside you as you stare out into the vast ocean before you. The sky is a mixture of light oranges and purples and pinks, and some of it is reflected onto the water. This was the only CD you have, since you were trapped on this island for as long as you can remember. But still, every day you sit in this very spot and just stare out into the sky, hopefully, knowing that one day, somebody will join you, and you will no longer be lonely on this melancholy hill.

The Rotten Pumpkin : at my high school dance I asked the dj to play this song everybody start standing around until somebody said dab and nobody cared about the song except for me

Butterscotch : This song sounds sad, happy, calm, and romantic all at once

Hannah Banana : I'm told Murdoc wrote this album, excuse me if I'm wrong. But who tf hurt Murdoc

Young Cricket : Who put this bowl of onions here?

Kaliya The Kitty : Wait, if Murdoc wrote this...could it low-key play into his rough demeanor because he doesn't feel support from anybody but the fans? (ie. abusive father, bullied in school, etc) like it's his way of saying "I know I'm not much but I can still love"? idk I just feel like after rewatching a certain Facebook livestream he did...i believe sober murdoc is a good guy

DeshawnTooLive : A few days until 2018 and this song still hits me

tesshas4cats : Up on melancholy hill is peppermint tea.

CalyptraSpark Gaming : this song is centered around a magical all seeing Manatee is it not?

ucucchchchcjivicyxdtxycjvjvjcyydchbivkhcuffu : hey gorillaz is it possible for you guys to sue people who make 2doc fanart?

Acylast : Everyone is making a "I imagine" comment so I will too. I imagine that this song would be playing if I was sitting on a grassy hill by the beach at sunset. Just alone, with a cool breeze, flowing dress and on a island waiting for something to happen.

Gunslinger : A melancholy town where we never smile How about a melancholy hill where there's a plastic tree

_Luna57gamer _ : Still shocked that murdoc wrote this. Good job Murdoc you made us all cry. 👌👌👌

Danny Merfeld : Three years today my best friend committed suicide. This was his favorite song.

andrew cadena : *slightly bobs head and taps foot to funky beat*

Dan Howell Is a Meme : I'm listening to this in the car with my family and I'm trying really hard not to cry....

Lauren Seitz : Every band or artist has at least one song that really hits the feels. For Gorillaz, this is theirs

Daddy Meme Master : M Me Mel Mela Melan Melanc Melanch Melancho Melanchol Melancholy Melanchol Melancho Melanch Melanc Melan Mela Mel Me M M Me Mel Mela Melan Melanc Melanch Melancho Melanchol Melancholy Melanchol Melancho Melanch Melanc Melan Mela Mel Me M M Me Mel Mela Melan Melanc Melanch Melancho Melanchol Melancholy Melanchol Melancho Melanch Melanc Melan Mela Mel Me M M Me Mel Mela Melan Melanc Melanch Melancho Melanchol Melancholy Melanchol Melancho Melanch Melanc Melan Mela Mel Me M M Me Mel Mela Melan Melanc Melanch Melancho Melanchol Melancholy Melanchol Melancho Melanch Melanc Melan Mela Mel Me M

Absolute Garbage : When I listen to this I imagine just sitting on a beach just relaxing while bombs and explosions just uproar around me and just total chaos but I just continue to relax on the beach alone in the sand

Boyish The Extrordinary : i imagine a person who's had a bad day, a really bad one, and they're going through a town as it rains while images of the times they've had with another person, and they run to that person's house to share emotions, romantic or not, and at the end, the sun shines through the clouds showing that everything is gonna get better

Brennan Cheatwood : 1,164 people don't have taste in music at all.

Mason St.Germain : Whoever said feel good inc is the only good song by them is a jets fan

Peyton Bodnar : Best song by Gorillaz. I think, anyways...

tall bassist : when i listen to this i imagine the person who i wished loved me. i imagine us sitting together and loving each other. i know they would never love me, so i cry every time i hear this song. i never cry. this song speaks to my soul.

Bryson Jones : Funny how this song reflects one main emotion. Loneliness. On a beach, all by yourself. wishing for somebody you love and care about to come join you, looking out on the day. When your close to me.....

KGraves : Where you can't get what you want but you can get me. :\

the strange flower : I feel that gorillaz has this intention to make you think about the lyrics and it's meaning??

ThatStringBean : When I think of this song, I think of a loveboat. One person is a worker on the boat who is mocked because they are the only one who is single on the entire boat. The other is someone waiting for their lover, but their dumped at the docks. This person has no choice but to board. Later on the dumped one is ready to jump from the deck as the single steward is passing by. The steward saves the heartbroken lover, and the two fall in love. I know, cheesy.

Thomas : Murdoc has one red eye, 2D has two black eyes, Noodle's eyes go from closed to being covered by hair, and russel's eyes are white (also noodle wore black eye contacts) E V E R Y B O D Y has something going on with their eyes

Abdiel : Were is the guy with the lyrics? smh

Hetalia Took My Life- HTML : *It is said Murdoc wrote this whole album-*

lot0pie : This song makes me imagine a video where it starts on a person's expressionless face and slowly zooms out and then at the end of the video it's zoomed out far enough to see that person is pointing a gun at their head.

Janky Jankinz : when i hear this song i just imagine myself sitting there with my back up against a plastic tree chillin with 2D and Noodle just watchin the ocean :)

TrIx : Life is strange vibes?

Yung Cars 2000 : this sounds like a slow dance song i love it

BAD WOOD 224 : 2018 anyone?!

astrophysician : This song is the embodiment of "melancholy." I wish I was sitting under a tree with the guy I like, just listening to this...

marcus hughes : I like to work on my anxiety by trying to listen to this song and not cry. I have yet to succeed.

paul the shyguy 563 : The ending to this song is so anti-climactic. Like "here's this pretty song, rather then ending on a pretty chord or something pleasant, let's have a out of place and off-key bell sound instead."

Ender Bro : listen to this song and imagine a boy and a girl both with cuts and bruises like they just got done fighting for their lives and now they're sitting on top of the front end of the train going in to the sunrise, they're not talking but they're looking forward ready to move on from what they had just endured

Jose Jacinto : idk why this song made me cry the first time i heard it but it did ik nobody gives a shit but still this song is beautiful.

Jonah Beale : what's up with the dislikes? great song

Equilia : Why am I crying. This song is so upbeat yet my eyes have formed into a waterfall.

Z R : I found this song, and now everyone I know really likes his band.... HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME!? (This song/band is/are great)

Jericho : Muy buena.

CJ Ringled : Up on melancholy hill...

Jade K : Everyones saying what they're imagining so I'm going to write what I'm actually doing, not just imagining. On the day my grandmother died, today, I'm sitting on my brother's bed listening to this song. My brother isn't home because he's off getting drunk and/or high with friends as a coping mechanism. On my right I have a bag of my favorite snack, sunflower seeds. On my left is my best friend and cat, Sophie. The window is open and the summer breeze is blowing in. I'm playing old video games I've had my whole life and have beaten countless times, listening to the cars going by on the street outside, wishing I was far away from here.