Hooking up a $100K Grand Piano to massive hi-gain guitar amps

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Cláudio Moreira : Omg that voice :O just sounds perfect with that distortion piano!!!

Andrew Wukusick : Came for the piano, stayed for the amazing vocals

Cookie Chocolatechip : I can not find anything I did not like on the video. The drums, the singer, the mutant of piano and guitar, your beard... Just perfect!

Keith : Demn.. She's got a gun for a mouth!

TheSboobsy : Weirdly, it sounds like guitar pro. Very interesting video !

bla bla : It sounds awesome, but I still prefer the guitar (or bass in this case) for this kinda apllications, because bends and sometimes pitch "imperfections" from pulling a string are missing with the keys and that's an essential piece to that sound (in my opinion), because they add another layer of sounding "dirty" than having only a distorted sound. But don't stop experimenting, I love those videos!

Mjohnson409 : You sir are a master of manipulation. That gave me chills. Cheers from Texas.

IffeOnline : Holy shit, she's got a great voice.

ShadowCat : I like that AC T-shirt

Kun An : That PITAR or GIANO does djent!

Cole Kurtenbach : This is flipping awesome! That piano can definitely replace guitars with the pedals and amp. I wouldn't believe it was a piano, but for a little bit of classic piano tone on your right hand in the chorus. Amazing work, well done!

YOUareGODSMACKT : the song sounds great and she can sing great

A B Cars N’ Guitars : Wow this is awesome! She’s got some amazing vocals man, how the hell does this only have 30k views? Im obsessed.

tkzsfen : the vocals are perfect for this rendition of the song!

Nico Smets : Nice hand muting. It still could use some string bending though :0)

disliker 22 : anal cunt

nebulae cluster : When u want to play guitar but u only have a piano 😂

Pabelosse : Now i want to hear that without effect <3

LowEndStrings : Awesome sound! Nice drumming and great voice! Really cool. Not just a demo - it’s a really cool song! :-)

Nick K : You guys do a really great job experimenting with stuff. Do appreciate!!! BUT.... OH MY F**KING FLYING DOG..... THE VOCALS THE VOCALS. this is day 4 since i discovered this video and every time im still being shocked by her voice. Shits strong!!! Nice beard btw

The Dog Man : I literally forgot what this video was originally showing off because I was so caught up in the song. It's a really awesome rendition and major kudos to the vocalist here, she absolutely fucking killed it.

muhammad Osama : what is that voice tho !? , goddamn love it

chatovocehein : There is an instrument called electric guittar that can do the same wi thout the trouble ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) The music is great, tho.

Tomasz Skiba : That voice fits soooo good there. Pretty amazed by her voice and by the choice of vocal effects.

Fors : Wow ! Nice voice and nice piano tone. I love Royal Blood !

wyldemantis : Gives me chills...amazing voice. Btw nice high gain piano!

tim v : amazing singer, the piano's a nice gimmick but amazing singer

uderzo1984 : That was awesome! Great vocalist too :D

Güber McSanchez : Metal af. True musicians at work.

nonedescriptivepresence. : Love the percussive nature of the piano replacing the guitar. Gave the heavy style a breath of fresh air.

yoav madani : אין, אתם פאקינג מדהימים

Miden King : Came for metal piano...stayed for that unbelievable voice

SergentBoucherie : This is amazing

Jazz Ad : Damn, this Diana Golbi girl has great pipes. I love the voice and attitude.

Idan Shahar : Great song choice and great job, guys and Diana :)


TinniTolkay : Круто! красавчик, хотя ты всё равно не поймёшь.что я тебя похвалил))

Feđa Fajić : Best vocal I have heard lately.

Tone Def : she has an amazing voice!

Roi Horowitz : וואו, שיחקת אותה עם דיאנה! שנים לא שמעתי שירים חדשים ממנה.. חבל..

Milonso : her voice is just stunning

Eden Yarkoni : איזה תותחים!

David - : That lady can sing.

Hyperchicken - Music : That is a gorgeous drum kit. Why swap out samples like that?

Clemens : You doin pretty cool stuff Bro

Lo-X Borgus : OMG is beautiful !

Emmo Hernández : Now I don't need to learn guitar too LMAO

Blidar Dimitrie : Damn want some more

Wiking Division : I'm in love with the vocals damn goosebumps