Hooking up a $100K Grand Piano to massive hi-gain guitar amps

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Cláudio Moreira : Omg that voice :O just sounds perfect with that distortion piano!!!

Andrew Wukusick : Came for the piano, stayed for the amazing vocals

Cookie Chocolatechip : I can not find anything I did not like on the video. The drums, the singer, the mutant of piano and guitar, your beard... Just perfect!

Keith : Demn.. She's got a gun for a mouth!

TheSboobsy : Weirdly, it sounds like guitar pro. Very interesting video !

IffeOnline : Holy shit, she's got a great voice.

bla bla : It sounds awesome, but I still prefer the guitar (or bass in this case) for this kinda apllications, because bends and sometimes pitch "imperfections" from pulling a string are missing with the keys and that's an essential piece to that sound (in my opinion), because they add another layer of sounding "dirty" than having only a distorted sound. But don't stop experimenting, I love those videos!

Mjohnson409 : You sir are a master of manipulation. That gave me chills. Cheers from Texas.

YOUareGODSMACKT : the song sounds great and she can sing great

Kun An : That PITAR or GIANO does djent!

A B Cars N’ Guitars : Wow this is awesome! She’s got some amazing vocals man, how the hell does this only have 30k views? Im obsessed.

ShadowCat : I like that AC T-shirt

tkzsfen : the vocals are perfect for this rendition of the song!

Cole Kurtenbach : This is flipping awesome! That piano can definitely replace guitars with the pedals and amp. I wouldn't believe it was a piano, but for a little bit of classic piano tone on your right hand in the chorus. Amazing work, well done!

Nico Smets : Nice hand muting. It still could use some string bending though :0)

disliker 22 : anal cunt

nebulae cluster : When u want to play guitar but u only have a piano 😂

The Dog Man : I literally forgot what this video was originally showing off because I was so caught up in the song. It's a really awesome rendition and major kudos to the vocalist here, she absolutely fucking killed it.

Pabelosse : Now i want to hear that without effect <3

LowEndStrings : Awesome sound! Nice drumming and great voice! Really cool. Not just a demo - it’s a really cool song! :-)

muhammad Osama : what is that voice tho !? , goddamn love it

Tomasz Skiba : That voice fits soooo good there. Pretty amazed by her voice and by the choice of vocal effects.

tim v : amazing singer, the piano's a nice gimmick but amazing singer

wyldemantis : Gives me chills...amazing voice. Btw nice high gain piano!

Fors : Wow ! Nice voice and nice piano tone. I love Royal Blood !

chatovocehein : There is an instrument called electric guittar that can do the same wi thout the trouble ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) The music is great, tho.

uderzo1984 : That was awesome! Great vocalist too :D

Güber McSanchez : Metal af. True musicians at work.

yoav madani : אין, אתם פאקינג מדהימים

nonedescriptivepresence. : Love the percussive nature of the piano replacing the guitar. Gave the heavy style a breath of fresh air.

Lo-X Borgus : OMG is beautiful !

SergentBoucherie : This is amazing


TinniTolkay : Круто! красавчик, хотя ты всё равно не поймёшь.что я тебя похвалил))

David - : That lady can sing.

Idan Shahar : Great song choice and great job, guys and Diana :)

Emmo Hernández : Now I don't need to learn guitar too LMAO

Hyperchicken - Music : That is a gorgeous drum kit. Why swap out samples like that?

Roi Horowitz : וואו, שיחקת אותה עם דיאנה! שנים לא שמעתי שירים חדשים ממנה.. חבל..

Wiking Division : I'm in love with the vocals damn goosebumps

Eden Yarkoni : איזה תותחים!

Tolga Secilmis : Yesssss!!!!!!! Dog is on stage again :) and yeah I am the mad guy putting comment about the dog every time. This how you should roll Ron. Dog is your charm and you will see how things will take off from this point forward. It is not superstition, may be I know a thing or two about communication.

Blidar Dimitrie : Damn want some more

Fairy C Rat : Plebs: vocals/guitar/bass/drums Royal Blood: get rid of that guitar Ron: piano is everything

Egor Marachev : Сразу лайк! Теперь смотрю) Супер круто.

YOUareGODSMACKT : # "guano apes" style

Clemens : You doin pretty cool stuff Bro

Isaac De Acá : Yeah ! This is awesome !! \m/

Vad Fissenko : Das ist ja toll!