Soldier Returning Home Overshadowed By Other Family Member Returning Home From Adult Video Store

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ABalancedBreakfast : Bless that man, he brought the porn videos home safe and sound.

Zachary Scott : The soldier was only bummed out cause none of the videos were for him

Lloyd Nix : Wait, the weird part is that he's buying porn in 2018.

Benson Le : Just glad to see another trooper return home from Jimmy's Adult Videos.

anderson Smith : Its sad how we throw away and don't give credit to the heroes that protect our countries on a daily basis. Makes you feel sick. But then again, hard and soft core, this guy is a hero

Shai Shai : Family bondage. I mean bonding.

a b : This is so sad, can we reunite Yugoslavia.

Abby O : This is so sad. Alexa, play Wonderwall by Oasis

LordQ12 : Thank you for your service grandpa!

painedumonde : He wasn't sad, he was dumbfounded. Finally, after a year's deployment, he could grind down to something worthwhile instead of tattered copies of the women's section of the JCPenny catalog.

ThirdSpectrum : Can you make a whole tv show about the dad?

Mad Maverick : I love family movie night! Nothing brings people together like sharing the experience.

Ken Thursday : I thought, somewhere in those kisses, this would just become a porno.

EARLEEBYRD : braver than any US marine

Thrifty032781 : 0:59... salute that man and thank him for his service.

Scott Losse : I wish my dad was that thoughtful. :/

Arbitrary constant : Not to be a communist but that man was braver than any us marine

Brian From The Epic Elluminati : Yeah let me get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh The moon is a hologram

Lica Sandu : Really makes you think

suicideposter : This is the weirdest porn setup ever.

Bambel : I have that same bookshelf on the left at 0:35... I don't have the same stuff on it, but that's my bookshelf

Bucc Music : you guys ruin the joke with the titles. i dont click half the vids because most of the time i already know whats gonna happen. Do clickbait instead guys, keep it interesting.

Senor GOOCH : Sad symbolism that actually reflects society and the degeneracy we delve in

A Wild Doggo : *POWERFUL*

Frexter : Santa always brings the best presents

The Monologer : Now this is epic

StarLightIndustries : Wtf

Justin Zymbaluk : This really says a lot about our society 😢

R.O. T.A : Truly a wholesome video although the soldier was overshadowd by pornoman he still his adult vidio

Ankit Joshi : In the world of clickbait, this video is true to every word it says in the title.

Zanthor : Alexa, play Despacito.

Michéal Cahill : This really says a lot about our society

Allen Russell : It's all about priorities people😁

weez : Soldier wanted t porn.

Kokonut Binks : This just proves that pornstars>soldiers

Ghost : Pretty funny. Even funnier that people think this is real

Johnsin : Dude Haha First

Original_Mr_Pineapple : This is so sad, *Ok Google play Africa by Toto*

Jacob IAm : This is like a perfect metaphorical representation of our society. ClickHole is on another level.

Hedvig : I love that sharing man. I love the fact you get these acors and how they are fully into the skits, some you even wouldn't expect to be getting the joke. Not this white haired mad lad tho, bad example, but you know. Just bless everyone and I'm not even religious.

Alex Limtiaco : alright, let's just acknowledge the fact that clickhole, pulling in 20k views in 24 hours is able to get the flag right, while blockbuster Hollywood doesn't

Seth Turner : 22 people don’t understand satire

vanamburgben : My brother told me about when this happened to him. So awkward.

mauricio parra : What in the bloody hell? only softcore and hardcore? really?

bitspacemusic : Maybe it was a tour in '91 he got home from. There simply was no other way to get porn, unless you found magazines in the woods.

Rachael Kowalewski : they should of been More exited to see the soldier....... why American’s dont respect our troop’s????

Jy-Joe Bonis : That's what happens when the internet goes out

Ani Tv : dont show this to trump otherwise he gonna start hatin on adult video stores 😂😂

xtTamii : If that grandpa bought BBC, then he'd be my hero.

brave videos : stolen valor!