Surprise Guitar Try Out -- Paula Jo Taylor!

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MoeSlislack : Sharon osbourne is a really good guitar player apparently.

Jason Sine : How could anybody give a thumbs down to this video?! This woman is badass and probably better than every single person that gave it a thumbs down! Everybody that gave it a thumbs down is probably a jealous hater. LOL! Keep rocking lady you doing good

Oldskool Funk : There's a saying in Nashville, Music City USA. Shake a tree, and 50 guitar pickers will fall out. Another great saying and this Lady proves it. NEVER JUDGE a book by it's

nebraskahusker247 : Excellent....why would anyone be surprised she could play guitar? Never judge anyone and your life will be much happier.

Glen Waggoner : Chicken pickin if I ever heard it! Jerry Reed would be proud gal...

don hamel : Dude , you're out... your auntie may is our new lead guitar now.

Armando Vico : Smoke on the water is for aficionados... for the record,the lady's playing what's called "picking-chicken"hybrid style,originated in rural Kentucky and Texas,a must for the serious Bluegrass player and another contribution of America to Universal culture..long live America and you keep rocking ma'am.M Vico from Havana.

Vince Purpura : So, if Eric Clayton, Stevie Ray, and Jimi Hendricks are considered guitar "Gods", this lady could be a guitar "Goddess"?

Jaw Tooth : All rockers get old one day if they live to see it. hard concept for younguns

Richard Brown : Just imagine if she played heavy metal?

Vindra Khillawan : Anybody else thought this was Sharon Osborne?

Michael Weston : new bumper sticker: my grandma's apple pie and blues riffing is better than your's

Bee Tee : can sho get lost in the ouisiana bayou........

I Q : Because looking at her you could tell she's badass on guitar. I am so book by the cover.

Liam Gregory : You "ROCK!!!" Girl friend,nice riffs.

Vitalectric : But can she play smoke on the water

stringbender57 : Look out guys! This lady can definitely hold her side of the stage! Nice pickin' Paula Jo!


Brendan O' Neil : Woman playing guitar? what is this madness? whatever next? a fish riding a bicycle? Middle aged guy (probably playing since he was at school) picks up a guitar at show and plays really great, ok next please, yawn... a woman does it too but then everyone is amazed (that she's not crap as they epected.) Cool playing.

Debadged Power Wagon : But can she DJENT?

권창욱 : Yes. That’s how to play a telecaster.

Paula gordon : She's Amazing! and I swear the last words out of her mouth before the video finished was "I suck"! Miss Paula Jo! You pick like a mad lady! Love IT!!

William Waite : She looks like she's done that before

Erik Molnar : Wow, I bet even the guy playing Stairway to Heaven had to look up at that one!

Andrew : Very nice. She plays with great style.

Bud Wiser : what does somebody that can play a guitar look like?

vern wallen : Happy New Year everyone from Orem,UT. 2018

elli003 : She's out smokin' Telecasters again !

Mannyr 2424 : Why is this a surprise??

Jordan Bestte : Good pickin lady

Rkw : In the late 60's, I worked selling guitars, and teaching beginning lessons at a local respected music store, here in Indy. This was during and after the "british" invasion. I thought I was a great guitar player. We closed at 9PM. About 8:45, some guys came in I never heard of, and looked like truck drivers, welders, or line cooks. (btw, those kinda guys have jobs these days). Then, some came in you would recognize, like Wes Montgomery, obviously before he passed away. Heard the song from John Sebastian? About the pickers in Nashville? Thats what it was like. These guys, old and young, black and white, would jam till the early hours of the morning. I couldn't touch them, and it was either blues or country, and they all played together, and were better than any of the rock musicians (me included) that were around those days locally. A valued memory :)

Troy Crowder : that was smoking a fine cigar with the ghost of jerry reed

Tez Howes : Paula got game.

Wareagle86 : Never judge a book by its cover.

pirahc : Wow, how random! I went to Nashville for a total of 2 hours and saw her playing, was completely blown away than, and am now

Clade Schuelke : If you all want more her name is Paula Joe Taylor, she plays in Nashville with her daughter Amanda Taylor, and they call their band the "Mama Tried Band" look them up.

Rhonda Boncutter : Wow, cannot imagine the shock to the store personnel much less customers!

NOTtrumpsupporter Mhm : As a none musician this kinda stuff always blows me away

Martin G : Spank that plank, lady! You tell it what to do!

Steve Turner : That's not a guitar store that's the namm show

matthew holmes : Mama Rocks!

Art Mchugh : WHEN YOU GOT IT , YOU GOT IT !!!😄😄😄😄🎸🎼🎼

Kristina Michelle Kent : She Is Amazing /PHENOMENAL!!!!! I HOPE I AM THAT GOOD SOMEDAY!!!!!

pbrown8734 : That was just kick ass!! Ma your making me look bad. Damn!!

hazor777 : "Mom! Please stop playing my guitar !!"

Walter Weishaupt : You are never too old!!!!!!!!!!

Keith Cleghorn : This lady could be my next ex-wife. But I would to just her jam excellent artist and easy on the eyes.

Kurt Harer : Standing Ovation! How about getting somebody with a Banjo, and do the Dueling Banjos.

Kelile Southwell : nice

tbomberus : She showed em what they made it for.