Calling teachers by their first names

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CamperFriendly : Which teachers reaction was your favorite?


slug slurry : You can tell who the good teachers are

i got so many subs by commenting : *_They're acting like no one have said they're name before_*

She xx : This is such a normal thing in Swedish schools

Alex : Hey Frank *Biggest smile he can*

last king : Student: (says teachers real name) Teacher: NANI!!! (Kills student)

SnickSnack : In Norway we only use the teachers first name, so maybe someone here should make a video of calling teachers by their title.

Ben Plays : The good teachers are the ones that say hi back or smile

Duh : “Are you videotaping me?” NO

Tyler Is So Lame : ‘stevens. Misses.’ tHE ONLY RUDE ONE ABOUT IT

Jamarious : 0:38 me when I realize I have a test next hour

KLIFFORD : It seems like you have so many nice teachers but at my school it’s a different story

HeyListyMaker : In sweden we always call our teachers by their first name. Probably because half the school would be mrs.Andersson and mr.Svahn

whyareyousad 0-0 : my teachers would kill me lol help

Unyt : Why they act like they don't got a first name XD

chloe spilled the tea : *S T E V E N S... MRS.. 😑*

tav finkelstein : Lmao it’s so weird. Here we call them by their first name. You’ll never here someone call their teacher Mr. lol

tobi437a : In my country this would be totally normal

Abdirahim Jama : 0:52 She protecc She attacc But most importantly, *she called him by his first name, Francc*

Ava Leibel : Frank is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!

Scythe : I tried this Got excluded

Netflix Sucks : I tried doing it to one of my teachers but...he gave a behavior report😢😢😢

Super fast Jeremey 0012 : These teachers are honestly pretty laid back compared to the teachers I have at my school😂😂😂

C40 : You would get suspended at my old school

Rhianna Jo : Can frank be my teacher 😂

Beyond my Thoughts : the teachers in this school are so nice, the teachers in my school would lose their shit if anyone did this

Shifty : Honestly just looks like you're talking to co workers lol

1,000 subs without any video : Student: Would you punish me for something I didn't do? Teacher: Of course not. Student: Well I didn't my homework...

GIULIV GVLVSSI : In Italy we don't even say the surname, we just call every teacher teacher. It's really strange for us to call a teacher with his or her surname.

Alexa Don : *BEnjaMiN yOuR susPenDerz ArE rEaLLyy NiCE*

0.darkwolves0. Wolf! : HEY ANDREW! sup.

LocalFortniteGER : My teacher would cut of my head greetings from germany

Andrew Evans : Lol, I’m not even a teacher and when people talk to me I react like Gabe at 1:14. Frank by far is #1

fen : If I do it in my school i will be in prison lol

Toasted Fan Art : "Hi Andrew" *zooms* *on* *face*

Tuomas Tång : In Finland we call teachers by their first names lol

ava k : They say she went missing later that evening.. she broke the rule.. the one unwritten rule...

The Legend : "HEy RicHArD!" *chokes on laughter* "H-Hi!"

rugbyplayer9100 : Andrew’s hot af

Aidan : If you recorded teachers in my school you’d be expelled.

Youssef : This gives me major vine vibes, and i looove it.

Kespurrus : Rebbeca is hot af

BEST CLIPS : If I call my teachers with their names they would beat the crap out of me

IaRaSTK : My teachers let me call them with their firsts names (My English is bad sorry 😂)

Thunder 9501 : Student: *says Name the teacher had Been called all His Life* Teacher: Student: Teacher: *Confused Hissing*

The Noob Gamer : Was it recorded in a gameboy

AlbozzDoni : I love this side of YT


Sparkly Yoongi : My fave is frank