Calling teachers by their first names

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Comments from Youtube

Callum Foster : You can tell who the good teachers are

Sarah Ahmed : The old teachers like it, because it makes them feel young again.

Happy Hoovy : Every teacher: Did you just call me by my first name? Andrew: *"wassup"*

Sam Lay : Mrs Stevens that one teacher who gnna suspend u for saying her name

KingCurry : "Stevens. Mrs." she wasn't having any of it.

Matty Wells : Frank just does look and act like the most frankiest frank to ever be a frank

Jayant Gera : dont try this at school. this act is performed by trained professionals. (edit): *thanks* *guys*

Antonio Martinez : "how do you know I'm Patrick?" *Patrick star unzips human body costume and comes out*

Ashleigh Watson : 1:00 ‘get those grades looking as good as you do’ frank is a legend 😂

Kool Koala092 : 1:13 lol so awkward poor Gabe

T R-H : This is so strange for me. Here in Norway we always call our teachers by their first names

냠 냠 : Hi frank! Frank : 😀😎😁😉

rattlesnake survival : "Stevens, mrs." Holy shit she's scary

Dectera Stevenson : If that was me... "Good morning *STEVENS MRS!!!* "

doda 123 : in sweden you always call the teachers by their first names so this isnt weird for me lmao

a name : Yeah, but only seniors can do this. If the student in this video was a freshman... RIP

centralpark216 : Rebecca was lowkey about to throw hands till she saw the camera

Rusty Roofskii : 1:12 *“uh, hello“* i have never related to someone so much, that is so me 😂

i got so many subs by commenting : *_They're acting like no one have said they're name before_*

Eder Silva : Calling a teacher by his surname would be far too weird in Brazil. First names come first for a reason.

Color Blind : 00:07 she laugh so hard, prodigy mode

Obi-Wan Kenobi : That's *Master* Kenobi to you! I did almost die cutting Darth Maul in half just be called Obi-Wan!

Maple Lover : I called my teacher by her first name and she said :MS ITS MS YOU HEAR ME GURL (I’m a guy btw)


Tacitus Kilgore : Benjamin's suspenders might just be the most beautiful thing to ever exist

crystal xo : if you did this in France you would have detention for the rest of your life lmao

i’m needy : why do some teachers get offended when they’re called by their first names? 😂

stern9367 : How you doing Colette? STEVENS—MRS.

Nick G : public school teachers are too good for this world. They obviously don't teach for the pay, they do it out of the goodness of their hearts, at least in my opinion.

Hahaha : In Norway we call our teachers by their first name, its weird to call him/her miss/mrs or mr

Flávia Haikal : in brazil we just call 'em by their nicknames lol

stone alt : these are the kind of reactions you would get in Finland if you called your teacher by their last name instead of their first name

Unyt : Why they act like they don't got a first name XD

Andre : My teachers always told me that after I graduated I could call them by their first names, but honestly anytime I bump into them I just end up referring to them as Mr. or Ms whatever their name was lol.

Marie Carlsen : In my country we always call teachers by their first name and i would feel weird calling them by their last XD

-MilkShake- : I wish I had chill teachers like this

Carlositos G-O : Andrew and Gabe - total snacks!

Flynncess : HEY ANDREW! sup.

Eva Mars : It’s so weird to me that people use teachers last names, here in Norway we just say their first name and no one cares. If u call them by their last name they’ll just look at you weirdly🤷🏼‍♀️

Gaurang Arora : Well, in India, the response would be 1000 times dramatic

Sugar QwQ : Lol we call our teachers by their first name XD

Ludvig Van Beethoven : Lol in SWEDEN WE CALL ALL our teachers by THEIR FIRST NAME

karim : Steven? Mrs. *tRivaGo? hOteL.*

JT 00rynth : Where I live, there's no problem if you call your teachers or professors by theier first name. In fact, it'd be strange not to do so and most of them would tell you not to do that.

Jinxed Joker : i love how Frank reacted. he went from annoyed to full of life in a matter of seconds.

Playlists : Welcome to the returning show of *wtf is my recommended youtube?*

Owen Hernly : Stevens, Mrs reminds me of Stanley from The Office

Alex : Hey Frank *Biggest smile he can*

reace : In the UK you would be permanently expelled and be shown across the country on the news for 'sExUaL hArRasSmEnT'