Calling teachers by their first names

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CamperFriendly : Which teachers reaction was your favorite?

alexthedawg : Hey Frank *Biggest smile he can*

Morgan Lemons : Brian looking back...

Sumukh : Frank be like “bro wut ?”

Margot D.R : Yeah, France is exactly like that as well. Calling teachers by their first name here would be pretty dramatic, except maybe in primary school. Like we're not even supposed to KNOW their first name at all.

Colton Worley : The Andrew teacher is a cool dude and frank

Cat Nicole : “ *oh ok thanks bryan* “ _dramatic zoom_

waratah234 : Gabe is too pure for this world

Deppy : This is the true way to show dominance.

snapper : "It's great, why are you doing this?" 1:07

Alma Hansen : Why can’t you call your teacher by their first name? I think my teacher would laugh at me if i called her by her last name lol #denmark

ava leibel : Frank is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!

vio la : here in finland where i live it’s totally normal to call teachers by their first name, no one calls the teachers ”mr.” or ”mrs.”

Skeeter Jones : 0:36 is the greatest response 😂😂😂

wtfisditvoorbullshit : By calling them by their first name and not their ''title'' you show them they they are no longer above you in the hierarchy. A sudden switch of power which confuses them for a second, in that split second they decide to take the power back or not, to remind you who's in charge, who's the alpha male, who's the silverback gorilla and you're a mere peasant.

xXBaQueneXx : 1:20 omae wa mo shindeiru

memethyst : stevens, mrs.

YungJohnzzz : Frank High key a Pedo

mel dalili : “Hi Dave!” *uh hello*

Sam Blanken : 0:53 Vikkstar123

VICE-_- THE LEGEND : That black teacher is terribly mean

Zeus Flores : Still, I want to know what they’re doing to class that day...

john h : Classic stereotypical black woman in every sitcom ever 😁

KawaiiKat : I'm more surprised that so many teachers let the students record them and they actually went nice on them. My teachers in my school would probably get mad just by recording them.

Knight Shadow : It's just term of address, you say their first names if you are in a relaxed and social environment however they are in there workplace and using there surnames is the professional thing to do and shows a sign of respect.

El Problemo : in Finland we call teachers by their first name

MrPugg : *Hey andrew* *Whats up* "Sooms into nouse"

Clorox Bleach : When my teacher went to the bathroom, my class had a plan to call her by her real name when she gets back. But all of us backed out but one person, and she got detention.

Fridays with Louise : Where i Come from we always call our teacher by there frist name

Ninjarabbit 2004 : in England they just give you the death stare then say “tuck your shirt in” and walk away.

Félix-Antoine Boutin : YOOO IN MY SCHOOL I WOULD BE DED 😱

Illegal Seagull : I wish I had a teacher like Andrew in my school

Vvaxis : Kkkkkk here in Brasil we call our teachers by their first names.

Axinho 16 : What's wrong? In Sweden we use nickname's. Typical rest of the world

Linneah Hansen : Frank’s face in the beginning though

Patrick Bateman : How do you know I'm Patrick?! o.O

Enny Thing : Get your grades looking as good as you do... how to roast and compliment at the same time

Scooby Doo : Andrew can get it. 😍😍😍

Ayyy Hunny : I went to a private school and if I ever did this, even when I had a week of school left.... 3 detentions, which would equal a Saturday detention and if it was 3 teachers that really hated me that would mean 3 Saturday detentions which would equal a suspension :)

The Mariam : Frank is the best

Aksel Moen-Kristiansen : We in Norway only talk to our teachers with their firstnames, they would be really surprised if I told my teachers by their lastname. So this is kind of normal for me except their reaction.

Broken_Dreams ! : Girl: Hey Andrew **zooms in* Andrew: *wussup*

Hokage Master : What a nice school. If you live in this country , your probably get suspended for doing this and they would love to take that phone away.

tRix_Vax Gastorf : Mrs. Mrs. STEVENS!!!!

Erin Lapierre : I love their reactions haha

Gks JSj : Never seen a teacher get so awkward lol

Thunder 9501 : Student: *says Name the teacher had Been called all His Life* Teacher: Student: Teacher: *Confused Hissing*

Luminescent Lion : Hi, Stevens Mrs!

RachaelSnoeyink : "How do you know I'm Patrick?"

kim : “hey andrew” “wassup”