Calling teachers by their first names

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CamperFriendly : Which teachers reaction was your favorite?


Rhianna Jo : Can frank be my teacher 😂

Toasted Fan Art : "Hi Andrew" *zooms* *on* *face*

Sumukh : Frank be like “bro wut ?”

Alex : Hey Frank *Biggest smile he can*

Tay K : stevens...mrs.

Dead Inside : *raises hand* “Stevens, Mrs., I have a question”

Ella - Draws - Shit : *S T E V E N S* *M I S S E S*

WTFisditvoorBULLSHIT : By calling them by their first name and not their ''title'' you show them they they are no longer above you in the hierarchy. A sudden switch of power which confuses them for a second, in that split second they decide to take the power back or not, to remind you who's in charge, who's the alpha male, who's the silverback gorilla and you're a mere peasant.

Alexa Don : *BEnjaMiN yOuR susPenDerz ArE rEaLLyy NiCE*

snapper : "It's great, why are you doing this?" 1:07

RachaelSnoeyink : "How do you know I'm Patrick?"

Charlie C : There are two types of teachers "It's Mr Johnson..." and "Yooooo Waddup!"

Mark Abarquez : “How’s your day going Colette?” “STEVENS. Mrs.” 😂

Real Rat King : ‘stevens. Misses.’ tHE ONLY RUDE ONE ABOUT IT

mia heee : I highkey loved Cathy, Frank and Andrews reactions

Ninjarabbit 2004 : in England they just give you the death stare then say “tuck your shirt in” and walk away.

Veridium TM : Hey andrew . . . . ... What's up

Homie caT : Hi! Hi Gabe! _Uh hello_

PNG Daddy : haha Adams reaction was priceless 😂😂

TheFrostyIcecreamSlush : You know that you're relationship with your teacher is special when they let you call them by their first name. I can personally attest to that.

Соњушкаа Л. : 0:47 Hi! *Smack you bye*

Shaun , : In a England you would be sent out of class for doing this, American teachers seem so nice

Unyt : Why they act like they don't got a first name XD

kim : “hey andrew” “wassup”

UltraBall333 : *S T E 🅱 E N S*

Scooby Doo : Andrew can get it. 😍😍😍

blah blah : 0:22 hi andrew gimme your phone number

Dorsey m : frank and Richard seem cool as ice. and mrs Stevens is a babe.

lso baley : - how is your day going, Nicola? - Steven, mrs. - Ahm, okay so how is your day going, Steven, mrs? LMAO

Bumthimble : - Hi Gabe!! *Ah Hello*😂

Mtiu : Steven, *Mrs*

Thunder 9501 : Student: *says Name the teacher had Been called all His Life* Teacher: Student: Teacher: *Confused Hissing*

Jaxon :P : Lmao idk who Richard was but i wanna be his friend. 😂

Marcus Memes : What a nice school. If you live in this country , your probably get suspended for doing this and they would love to take that phone away.

Aesthetic ish Vibes : " Okay thanks Bryian " HISS FACCCEE THOOO

GoGo Ezra : Frank is just matching with that disabled face..

Pure Slow Motion : *Stevens. Mrs.*

tobi437a : In my country this would be totally normal

Hickek : Haha, in Sweden everyone think you are an idiot if you dont call them by their first names. 🤣

Yasmin BSJ : 1:16 he was like "what did you just SAY?"

Sarah and Maroua : I call my teacher gökhan and he says "one more time and 3 hours detention" i call my teacher tobias "oh hey!"

Aidan : If you recorded teachers in my school you’d be expelled.

locs13000 : Rebecca 😍

jossip PW : Rebecca seems cool

xoAzuryaSage : You must have had a good bond with your teachers. Last year, all mine hated me I don't know why I mean I talked a lot uh I skipped uh what

The Noob Gamer : Was it recorded in a gameboy

Noble Gamer : I called my counselor by their first name and it ended in a ten minute long talk

random zoe : Patrick looks like he just found the reason for living