Calling teachers by their first names

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CamperFriendly : Which teachers reaction was your favorite?


Rhianna Jo : Can frank be my teacher 😂

Tay K : stevens...mrs.

mia heee : I highkey loved Cathy, Frank and Andrews reactions

Alex : Hey Frank *Biggest smile he can*

Mark Abarquez : “How’s your day going Colette?” “STEVENS. Mrs.” 😂

Mega Mayhem : 0:59 damn frank kinda kinky

She xx : This is such a normal thing in Swedish schools

SnickSnack : In Norway we only use the teachers first name, so maybe someone here should make a video of calling teachers by their title.

Tyler Is So Lame : ‘stevens. Misses.’ tHE ONLY RUDE ONE ABOUT IT

last king : Student: (says teachers real name) Teacher: NANI!!! (Kills student)

Dorsey m : frank and Richard seem cool as ice. and mrs Stevens is a babe.

blah blah : 0:22 hi andrew gimme your phone number

Соњушкаа Л. : 0:47 Hi! *Smack you bye*

Yasmin BSJ : 1:16 he was like "what did you just SAY?"

Ben Plays : The good teachers are the ones that say hi back or smile

Talha K : Andrew Wassup.... I like his reaction!

Duh : “Are you videotaping me?” NO

Toasted Fan Art : "Hi Andrew" *zooms* *on* *face*

tobi437a : In my country this would be totally normal

KLIFFORD : It seems like you have so many nice teachers but at my school it’s a different story

Kespurrus : Rebbeca is hot af

Super fast Jeremey 0012 : These teachers are honestly pretty laid back compared to the teachers I have at my school😂😂😂

Alexa Don : *BEnjaMiN yOuR susPenDerz ArE rEaLLyy NiCE*

Treant : It is a fun video, but here in Spain there is no problem in calling teachers by their names, wtf? xd

Rus Char : А в России хочется поскорее съебать из школы… На видео отношение учителей намного лучше, с такими бы я хотел заниматься и с удовольствием получал знания

locs13000 : Rebecca 😍

jossip PW : Rebecca seems cool

Ava Leibel : Frank is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!

Netflix Sucks : I tried doing it to one of my teachers but...he gave a behavior report😢😢😢

GIULIV GVLVSSI : In Italy we don't even say the surname, we just call every teacher teacher. It's really strange for us to call a teacher with his or her surname.

rugbyplayer9100 : Andrew’s hot af

Jamal Thomas : Do teachers not like it when you call them by there first name

Unyt : Why they act like they don't got a first name XD

Andrew Evans : Lol, I’m not even a teacher and when people talk to me I react like Gabe at 1:14. Frank by far is #1


Rian Afsanzani : 1:09 watching porn

Julia's Playlists : I want Andrew to teach me Math

memethyst : stevens, mrs.

HBDiniz _10 : Here in Brazil we actually do that everytime

Good Guy Ty : Why is this so cringy..

Finnish Finn : Meanwhile in Finland

m a i : I only have two teachers who wouldn't get mad at me.

Aidan : If you recorded teachers in my school you’d be expelled.

Beyond my Thoughts : the teachers in this school are so nice, the teachers in my school would lose their shit if anyone did this

Joseph seed : Andrew seems cool

R A N D O M S H I T : Cool how american schools have carpets

ewk2e : I live in Sweden and we always use our teachers first name. I love your teachers reactions though hehe

Husky ARMY : Frank is awesome