Calling teachers by their first names

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Alogical : *0:08** Ahh Kathy, always excusing her students! On the other hand we have **1:24** hahaha*

Pink Plant : 0:53 *HAHAHA it's like he felt 30 years younger and went straight to you to flirt forgetting his age and job* 😂😂😂😂😂

Bruna's One Girl Band : omg they act so shocked! it's funny how things are different from one country to another! here In Brazil, we call everyone by their first name, even the president of the republic! Actually, if we call an adult "Mrs" or "Mr", some of them might get offended, because they feel old! haha

Geets : DUDE FRANK IS SO COOL wtf Im so jealous my teachers are fucking boring

Geets : Wtf in my school I would get suspended for sure lmao

Awesome : You cant do that. THATS AGAINST THE LAW !!!

Maddy's Comic art : HI FRANK!

Arsene Wenger : In Australia this is sometimes normal

Bio Flame : Hey *Andrew*

Targét : Richard wanted to throw hands

Maqsimous : who knew you could be so offended by your own fucking name teachers have weird superiority complex like that

Blue : You’ve seen *a d a m* You’ve seen *PATRICIA!!!* You’ve seen *What the fuck Richard!* Now get ready for *STEVENS. MRS.*

Kenzieee 30 : “Benjamin your suspenders are really nice” IM DEAD😂😂😂😂

High Savage : Meanwhile in college.... nobody gives a shit.

Bethany Serrano : Frank is lit

Cat Nicole : “ *oh ok thanks bryan* “ _dramatic zoom_

It's lit : *STEVENS!* *MRS.*

Amazing Peach : 1:05 "Hey Tom... how's your day?" "...It's great.. why are you doing th"

WhitewolfPotter Yang : I tried this. I got the "you need to be more respectful" speech. And then I was humiliated by myself.

Pure Slow Motion : *Stevens. Mrs.*

Vilen Everett : Benjamin

paradox 8808 : Next do a video of teachers calling their students by their first names. Its interesting for me because during attendance the teacher says,"is that dumbass here?..."

Healthy McDonalds : Me: Hi richard Richard: hahiii Also Richard: smacc u bai.

NyteCoreanHero : In my country we only call teachers by their first name. Because they're human, not authority.

Tori Kilgore : Richard: "ima smack you"

ChrisBy : In Sweden, we call teachers by their first name and they find it respectful because they feel that they're a part of the group/class.

SHoOkeTh Ye : Do this my school *BAM YOU’RE EXPELLED

Qi luo : LOOL "i ain't no Patrick" 0:44

Bonnie Bunny Buddy : Did he say, "I'm not Patrick."

False God : 0:48 there's always that one Weird but chill teacher..

Mona Lisa : Lmao Andrews chill af

Ira Jose : A teacher has no authority what so them what you want... They are just normal losers who think they are hard for some reason...a teacher job is just another job. I taught people heavy machinery...they called me Clit. Never by my last name Torres.

Daniel Havens : You can tell before they're even called by their first names how they're going to respond based on how angry they look

Beatriz Brumana : 0:24 HI REBECCA HOW ARE YOU “I’M FINE HOW ARE YOU?” I’M GREAAAAT the girl was so happy hahahahahaha

Mack Gentry : Stevens. Ms.

Every Ocean : Americans... some people get mad for things like that... is very common were I live to call teachers by their name

Marieee : Everyone’s talking about Stevens. Mrs. and Frank but not that chill ass teacher Rebecca

Toronto : Rebecca Is Fineeeeee I Need the Full Name

Fabrizio Montisci : In Italy if you film a professor you can go to jail..

Dommy Bomb : XD Frank was my favorite! And Thomas XD

Lucas Freitas : Here in Brazil, it's very commom we call our teachers saying their first name. We use to call them by teacher so there's no problem call them "teacher".

Fillia A : *Andrew so chiiiillll*

Tyler Jameson : Oh ok. Thanks Brian. 😂😂😂😂 that’s the one that got me hahahahaha

Donald Clinton : I condemn this, give respect to teachers

j boy : Frank was the best xD


GoldenRush257 : STEVENS, MRS!

Black Hider : pretty normal in finland

Austin Aragon : I Don't Think My Teachers Would Care

Unyt : Why they act like they don't got a first name XD