Robert's Incredible Game! | Wheel of Fortune

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rap game bob barker : Imagine finally getting your shot to be on the show then you run into this guy, LMFAO.

Call the cops, IDGAF : he was definitely vaccinated.

Joshua Burns-Rivera : I like how Pat just seems to get increasingly annoyed/exasperated at the fact that Robert is solving all the puzzles.

deaconx : Pat sounds like he's losing money every time the guy answers correctly lol

andtheniwasphone : I can tell you with a fair amount of certainty that Robert is somewhere on the spectrum for Autism Disorders. His behavior is very typical of it, commensurate with the high levels of pattern recognition.

Turtle Guy : Definitely on the autism spectrum. Probably has aspergers. Usually those types of people are incredibly skilled at something in life and apparently he is awesome at word puzzles. Made a shit ton of money for 23 minutes of work. Not bad!

Annette Celia Rosemary : the host says "yea thats it" like he's upset lmao

CowsR4me : Watching that girl to his right get progressively more annoyed was the best part. Oh and the autistic guy was pretty funny too i guess.

SkyeKingdom : lmao the host sounds so mad

DootDoot : Pat is like "I thought we screen out all the smart people"

LDNballer : I think his autistic.

Mind of the North Star : Pat sounded a little hateful to me

Sanat Toma' : After he won all that money, Robert was able to quit his long time CBS job as Wheel of Fortune puzzle creator

Igneous_is_my_Alias : The host is an absolute buzzkill. Someone needs to set fire to his trousers.

nick leeb : This made me smile. I feel like this guy hasn't had the easiest life, and now finally he gets some good fortune. He seemed to be having the time of his life up there... just makes me happy.

CrashBangAdam : I love the WOO after every answer haha

mazzak : Love the look of the other two contestants going from happy and supportive to pissed off they went up against rain man

blitzv10 : witness the power of the spectrum

TayZonday : Impressive

InternetExplorers : hey its me ur brother bobert

Commander_Ninja : Pat Sajak sounds so goddamn pissed haha

Flying Trilobite : You'll never defeat me, not while I'm shifted into.... *_AUTISM OVERDRIVEEEEEEE_* ...

Zach Lommen : I just love how genuinely happy he is throughout the game. What a guy.

Adronomics : Huh, autism has it's perks.

Chimp Assassin : so I guess rain man did have a son.

Carlos La Borde : It looks like he has autism, but there's no problem with that. Looks like he makes it work for him.

Sean Thompson : That's some grade A autistic level of solving puzzles

MegaZ : the amount of insecurity in this comment section is unreal.

Faggerest : why does the host sound so bummed out

Flynn : He spent that money on clapping and deep air fiving lessons

Mr.Tumbleweed : Host slowly getting more pissed off as the show goes on, lol.

dj PeK : exhilarating water slide? seriously

Pretty Handsome : Host sounded annoyed that he kept getting it.

Username97 : This is why you stay in school kids.

MrKydaman : Some seriously awkward high hand touching at the end lol

Freddie Grace : I tried to listen to Robert and all of his joy but I was so distracted by Pat Sajak's lack of joy that I couldn't! lol Pat Sajak hates his life!

Jeremy Schoonover : "Anything but 33" lol. We've got a conspiracy theorist. Good for him on that shaming win.

Newbie4Hire : That first puzzle solve was pretty incredible.

Merv Watson : Aren't all the guessed letters supposed to be revealed??? As in "oh what a night" or "easy breezy"... Seems like a cheap trick not to.

Robert Monterroso : pat seemed unhappy

Jahun Koo : Lol the h8torade market just got bigger from this comment section

Sub LBC : On, "easy breezy" why was only one, "E" showing before he solved it?

paul borges : I have a question. In the second puzzle (song lyrics category) 0:12 There is a "T" shown but then when he solves it another T pops up. Why wasn't the "T" in night there prior?

Sabrina Rae G. L. : Pat just walks away at the end like he's done being a Wheel of Fortune host.

John Matte : Good for you, Robert. Way to go!

Simeon o : Host is pissed at Robert.

CrazyWedz : Could Sajak be any less interested?

Clearisse Del Rosario : the host is depressing lol! not much enthusiasm coming from him! 😜😅

Cenk Uygurs Best friend : the hardest game show with the least money

Diana : pat was liek what the shit ? 😂