FACT: Men Are Better Than Women (at Some Things)
FACT Men Are Better Than Women at Some Things

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Dual Citizenship Senator : "Better at Everything" Is 500 lbs

ROWLAND : Men are better at making tough decisions without letting emotions get in the way

Ian de Jongh : This is so sad to watch. The fact that especially the men are so scared to say something that might sound sexist just shows how this toxic society has made men ashamed to be proud of themselves. And the fact that the women are so confused when he asks what men are better at also just is amazing. very sad

Daniel Sanchez : 2:58 " Women are better at thinking that they drive better (than men)" What a legend, this old guy is the only one making sense

Benjamin Kelble : "women are better at empathizing" ok, so what do you think men might be good at? "Nothing." How empathetic.

Mr. Monster : That short haired dyke at 2:11 was hilarious. She hates men but does her best to look like a man.

MegBob's Barn : My husband is WAY better than me at opening jars, lifting heavy stuff, cooking, EVERYTHING car related, creatively fixing stuff around the house...etc x1000. He's freaking super man! I'm disappointed they couldn't come up at least a few of the wonderful things men can naturally bring to the table :*(

rui freitas : 3 things woman are better than man 1 spending man´s money 2 skip working days with stupid excuses 3 being delusional

Jorge Cadme : "I don't hate men." "I just they are better at doing negative things." Why, just why.

Adhachi : Asked my 7 year old daughter this question. Her answers were : 1). Having babies. 2). Tidying up. 3). Making things look nice. And her answer to things men are better at : 1). Football. 2). Running. 3). Asking women to marry you.

Ahmed Nahshal : 4:00 making more money... then goes complaining wHy mEN gET pAyEd mORe!!!

the room : Notice the older gentleman was the only one to give points about both genders. That's because he was brought up in a different world, one that didn't demonize men.

Briana Bradley : Men are: Generally physically stronger Better at taking directions Better at leading Better at making hard decisions When I say this it is all general. Men arent always better at leading. Some men should never be leaders. But good men are usually pretty great leaders. When I say taking directions it can refer to men are doers they understand commands and carry them out effectively overall depending on what kind of man they are. Men are wired to do those things more whereas women focus more on details and work well with organizing and so on. Men are good at building generally and focus more on start to end goal more than all the details in between. But some men love details. To each their own. But lots of men are great. Lots of women too. Men have their merits and shortcomings and so do women. None of us are perfect. Men have some things they generally overall may excel at.

Klik B : 2:03 Her gut reaction told her everything, I bet her gut reaction tells her to eat everything too 🤣🤣🤣

Ducatipete : Obviously some of these women are better at eating than men!

aiM Khalifa : 2:11 she prefers girls in everyway. But looks like a man. Please explain!?

Epic Math Time : 2:04 "My gut reaction was everything." Well, you better listen to it because it's about to form its own consciousness and take control of its host.

Robbe Nagel : Is this selective editing? I'm sure it is. I don't (want to) believe that people in America are honestly like this.

Six Beer Math : That is a very formidable gut reaction What are women better at? Uhmmmm finishing? every santance? with a question?

nikolavgeorgiev : Look at all those scared faces. Political correctness has paralyzed your society. It's going to end bad.

Samarth P Gajakosh : All they had to do was to look around and tell what men are better at, eg. Vehicles, electricity, electronic devices, buildings, paved roads, light poles, the world! ,etc. So disappointing.

Atal : None of them even admitted that men invented everything under the sun. What else is insanity👎

eliza beth : Oh my God what the woman at 2:20 says makes me cringe and makes my whole body sink and my soul sad - as a woman myself. I am so sad about the answers that the women give in this video, I hope they'll deal with their inner issues and cross paths with men that prove them they are wrong! so to all men out there: YOU ARE GREAT! WE NEED YOU BECAUSE YOU COMPLEMENT US IN LIFE. That is what I believe. I think the women in this video either felt hurt by men and /or are afraid of trusting them because they are afraid of losing themselves to men and rather take the empowerment of fending for themselves. Seriously that's what it sounded like. Not one woman said something actually positive about men. I am so sorry to every man who felt sad watching this video. So just in case you care, these are the things that I think men are better at than woman: - being spontaneous and not overthinking - being honest and not hiding feelings - fixing things that broke - physical strength -> and physical protection & creating a safe space for woman to blossom (again this is my opinion so it's ok if you disagree) - being practical and solution oriented - humor - being chilled and these are just the things that initially came to my mind I like men. I'm sometimes too shy to talk to them but I really like men. Life would be so boring and dull without you men! <3

Weird Activities : First girl making decisions Me: babe what do you want to eat Babe:I cant choose oh my god Me: you do this everytime were getting subway

pdhouse : I didn't realize it was this bad honestly.

MT : 3:15....better at performing in enclosed aquariums

Bezimienny Nameless : basketball maybe hahahaha xDDDDD cracked me up

Mystdragon : Men are better at opening pickle jars!!!!

Ace : Never have I ever seen a woman work for a moving company. I wonder why that is? 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

Peter Marion : That old man was a SAVAGE 😂😂😂 “Women are better at thinking they’re better at driving”

Lincoln Latimer : When the hambeast began with "my GUT instinct" hahahah

Barry last : PATHETIC! The deep npc programming those people are Stuck in.

Mason : Things men are better at. Creating civilization, inventing tools, technology, and building structures. Women are better at keeping things clean, spending, and creating stories.

nobody : things women are naturally better at than men: 1:50 "Eating" Proof: 2:04

Arthfael : They prove something. Women are better at sexism than men.

Nessmess : I... don't understand how physical strength never came up as a thing men are better at?

iopa tiadra : the reason men get payed more is because the work harder

petegiant : It's amazing the level of endoctrination to remove such natural knowledge.

Mr. X : MGTOW is the way forward for men. Screw women and society.

SquattinCassanova : Women are not better than men at science. Just look at history.

Fanta2014 YT : Strongest Person-Man Fastest Person-Man Richest Person-Man Smartest Person-Man Man of the year-Man Woman of the year- Man These people are so dumb I swear 😂

Aakash Goswami : 2:04 Beluga Whale spotted. Hey Birdman, where you at?

Gerron Marquel : The old guy has more brains that everyone interviewed

2rawww : 3:09 that's a rare pokemon? Zebra whale mix of some sort

ronsfi : Women are definitely better at achieving remarkable levels of delusion.

Lisa Gehrig : *Men:* Leadership Strengh (physical&mental) Rationality Jokes Will-power *Women:* Compassion and showing emotion Open minded Maintaining community Self control/discipline

Parlo : Men are better : driving Budget control Dicision maker Fear less navigation and roads on map No time waste wearing clothes Excellent cooker if he wants to Listen more, talk less Focus on his job.

Naomi Marlina lee : *Man are stronger(emotion,body,and mind),more logicall,dominating,and good on protecting. *women better at organizing,multitasting,prioriotising,look after anything,and women are more honest,loyal and genuinely in their heart.

Alvyonzo : Honestly there’s a lot of essentialist shit in this video. There are some actual biological differences though. Women are better at: tolerating pain, tasting nuance in food and bending (they are more flexible) Men are better at: spatial problem solving, building muscles and basically 95% of sports Everyone in this video was cringe tbh, even the interviewer.