FACT: Men Are Better Than Women (at Some Things)

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Sasha Daygame : Guys make sure to check out this RIDICULOUS full interview from the same day, on my send channel!!! It's here: https://youtu.be/312sbdaZVUo

Ducatipete : Obviously some of these women are better at eating than men!

Ebi Chuuu : As a woman, I'm sad for those creatures. Especially for that weird striped whale.

STFU 3 : Picking out clothes for themselves, looks like she stole a circus tent and cut a hole out for her head

STFU 3 : Women better at science? Moron alert

Steel Iron Nation : “My gut feeling” i didn’t know that thing could talk

Jonathan Cannovan : The whale is clearly better at eating than any man

Oliver Svendsen : Why are almost everyone in special military forces men ? Because they are better at fighting running jumping and they are stronger

Manuel Rosales : That’s a huge gut feeling


Muskelpaul Kleber : Men ruled the world for millenia without being better at anything. How tf did that happen?

nikolavgeorgiev : Look at all those scared faces. Political correctness has paralyzed your society. It's going to end bad.

Supp Only : Eating drinking???? What? Men can eat and drink more be we are bigger so we need more food or if she was thinking about alcoholic drinks than still men are better beacuse alcohol is absorbed by muscles and most of women have less muscles than man so thats complete bs

WHITE BOY1 : Now if I said if I could just go through life with out interacting with black people could you imagine what's would be said

Michael Salvatore : Can you name something men are better at than women? Yes I can literally every sport ever.

70scarresstoguy : @1:17 "can you name 5 things that women do better than men?" 1) child birth 2) distorting reality 3) wasting resources 4) destroying culture 5) manipulating others 6) stealing wealth. phones, phones & more phones, women are glued to their phone 24/7

El Duderino : love the old man: 'better at thinking they drive better' priceless

Kimbocf Aloggo : Men are better at everything.

Liam : 3:04 - eating...

Ezra : 2:01 You would trust your gut, if it was that size

jayo84 : Someone please free willy.

hnholdings 777 : This Civilization has been cancelled.

jayo84 : 2:04 Her gut reaction is to explode.

Adam Vance : What about all those women scientists and engineers out there? Oh, wait....

Matt Aye : “Better at thinking they drive better” lmao

Michael Metcalf : 5:33 lol theres not a single guy on earth who could care less

jamie t : The problem isn't that they think this way.   The problem is they have never thought.   You can see it when asked the simplest questions.   You can see that they never examined any of their ideas, nor have never formed a cogent argument to defend their thesis.   This is a direct result of participation trophies, safe rooms and coloring books...all designed to make you feel good, and avoid reality.

Joseph Santoy : Women play better “D” 🤓

Adam Bosworth : It's sad the way we are all brainwashed to be "afraid" to say that men are better at things than women, yet be completely fine with listing things women are better at.

Deniz Gunes : Men are better at all physical activities ALL types and everything else is debatable. Men are funnier too thats also a fact.

Ronald Welch Sr. : God created men and women different for good reason. We compliment one another. Men are better at things that require brute strength, sports, public speaking, inventions, protection, hunting and providing for the family. (some women are also good at those things) Women are much better at multitasking, compassion, nurturing, planning, details, expressing true feelings, teaching children, etc.

zoozi214 : Wow this is shocking and sad.

Nick Nick : Some of those woman have issues.

Diamon Suoh : It's really stupid how people cant just simply say good things for both nowadays. I've watched a few of your videos and you're a great interviewer tbh

Brio Brio : 2:49 savage. That guy deserves an humanitarian award 🥇💪👏👏

Knågen : New york, full of cucks lmao

slhines7 : Women are better at having multiple orgasms and succulent mammary glands

Sebastian L : Multitasking xD...

LionKing : Brainwashing at its finest thank you TV and TV shows and movies not to mention the news. People stay away from all that

Rollin Shultz : Dude did you go out with that girl or not?

Captain FluffyPaws : Men are better at enduring hardships, have more strength, and good at letting go of trivial things.

W B-H : Wow, this actually depressed me. These people have been so brainwashed. Our society has been absolutely destroyed; congratulations teachers and Soros no one will want to date or get married anymore.

Nuno Cardoso : Very good video man, keep it up you have my congratulations

James : What's the song name at the beginning

Antone Capone : 02:11 - You don't say! (...And doesn't want to go through life interacting with men, but has certainly hijacked their style) XD XD XD XD

Ken MacDonald : You did this in NYC, a deeply pathological city. The results are what I would have expected in most deep blue cities, i.e., highly feminized. It would be interesting if you went to cities that are not deep blue or one that is more representative of normal Americans. New Yorkers, on average, are NOT normal Americans.

DKLK : Conclusion: some woman are completely delusional and living in an alternate reality

Antone Capone : 02:04 - Her gut reaction was everything XD XD XD XD XD

stektirade : most of those things are not gender specific. like a man could be more compassionate than women, there are some mean ass women out there. it boils down to the personality not man or woman. But most of these women in this video are delusional and think they are better, especially from all this bs happening. And hopefully they will stay single

Chris M : That fat girl has a huge gut feeling.