FACT: Men Are Better Than Women (at Some Things)

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Sasha Daygame : Guys make sure to check out this RIDICULOUS full interview from the same day, on my send channel!!! It's here: https://youtu.be/312sbdaZVUo

Hamsterwheel : "I prefer girls in literally every possible way" Looks like a dude

Drugs : Men: *creates all of civilization* Women: ............

Alec Daniels : And we are the sexist ones

xcvsdxvsx : She said women are more level headed than men! Ahahaha

Matt Graziano : 800 pound woman hates men because nobody could be attracted to that thing

VocalEdgeTV : “Women are better at picking out clothes for themselves.” -400lbs woman wearing stretchy t-shirt dress thing with horizontal stripes.

CatchThatFlyBernard : I am a 23 year old female and I honestly find these women absurd! Have they had no male role models or positive interactions with men in their lives? Men are natural providers. They are stronger and more powerful physically, which makes them better protectors. They also seem to have a predisposed drive to protect their loved ones. I have found that they can stay level headed on a more consistent basis than women - honestly I think this is due to menstruation and the hormones women go through each month Men are good at logical thinking. In my experience men seem to have a better sense of direction and more ability to give directions I'm sure there are more but there are a few!

Apostolis Drosinos : The lady that says she could live without men in her and it would be paradise. I’ve got news for you, you wouldn’t exist without them ha ha ha

SecularPenguinist : Women are generally better at things that require empathy. Men are generally better at virtually everything else.

twotuber : Men: *develops all of society and infastructure* Women:...... so yeahhh we are better then men because uhhhh yeah hahaha

Barry Huxley : Women are better at avoiding responsibility for their actions.

Ben Boi : And women wonder why they’re single

John Woodgate : 3:08 Fat striper won't have to worry about a man, literally never.


Tide Pod : 2:04 im sure her gut has a lot more to say

SquattinCassanova : Women are not better than men at science. Just look at history.

Stephanie Meyer : Light side: Women are better at intuition, beauty, bringing humans into the world, singing high notes, creativity, emotional intelligence, environmental intelligence, natural medicine and healing, working in harmony with the natural world Men are better at logic, rationality, physical strength, using that strength to build things, protecting, providing, fertilizing an egg, making machines, altering the natural world Dark side Women are better at emotional manipulation Men are better at physical manipulation and fighting war Im aware that there will always be exceptions to this

Kevin Yeoh : Is that lady trying to make herself look fatter with those stripes?!

Josh F : Don’t try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other!

AbbeAlbin : These people are terrible human beings

EKGaming : 3:04 Never knew the US painted it's tanks black and white.

fihiuhi : If this woman never met a man she wouldn’t be in a city, wouldn’t have a house ,toilet all these things she takes for granted that men made.

Moee Rasim : In america you have something called “brain slavery”

Rooster Cogburn : Can they not think of anything men are better at or are they just too afraid or unwilling to acknowledge them? So weird.

Federico Galanti : Imagine if men didn't say anything that women did better. They would be called sexist and ignorant.

S.I.C.K Art : This is really sad...

Thomas- : "The WNBA is incredible" LOL

*_* *_* : This makes me lose faith in woman

Sabra Juma : I DONT KNOW!?... for some reason the black dude saying I don't know triggered the shit out of me and I am a WOMAN 😂🙄

Rafael Schneider : "If I could go through life without interacting with men, that sounds like paradise" Alright then girl, Stop using anything a man ever made because in a way that's interacting with them (or their invention). Enjoy sleeping in your mud hut.

Jesse Campbell : Things women are better at than men- 1 giving illogical answers to street surveys. 2. Getting pregnant 3. Killing unborn babies 4. Giving birth to babies 5. Patting themselves on the back. Things men are better at then women- 1. Virtually everything involving strength, speed, and athleticism. 2. Science 3. Engineering 4. Losing half their shit to women 5. Killing themselves, most like because of a woman.

Clifton Williams : 🤦🏻‍♂️ men on average are literally better in every category that doesn’t deal with emotions, nursing, and literature

that 1 flipaclip user : men are "better" at 1 protecting 2 being a sturdy figure to lean on when in need women are "better" at 1 being vulnerable 2 nursing children ( i am female )

Ant Man : 2:10 if you want to live in a world with out men then start sleeping in the park at night with a blanket, unless of course your house was built by radical feminists....

enJoi : Woman are better at science?... wut

d t : 5:28 and kids are good at falling over 😂

KASH : "Men are better at having a controlled diet" the guy should've said that to the overweight feminist

robert traverso : A sad commentary on our man hating society. Both men and women can't think of anything good to say about men.

Danielle Fogg : I couldn’t believe the man could not come up with something! That was so sad.

Ashley Elisa : Y’all can tell me women and men are of equal strength when I hire movers and women show up

blooneyful : My wife is a capable women but if I am being ABSOLUTELY truthful, anything she does I can actually do it better than she can. I know that sounds arrogant and delusional, but it is the truth.

Aleksandra Surlan : Women are better at nurturing, empathy, communication, languages, humanities, planning for the future, organizing (think administration, home finances, etc). Men are better at risk taking, physical prowess/sport related inclinations, living in the now, emotional control, exact sciences, invention. This is to name a few generalized advantages/differences of each sex. With all that said, women are often the core of family stability, while men are more emotionally stable, women are often there to organize the chaos that men are good at living with (hence: invention is more a male trait), men are better at handling life-threatening situations, but women handle job loss better, women get aggressive as hell if you attack their children, but not them personally, while men react the same to both attacks. Again, all of these are generalizations, of course. However, these differences are sometimes a detriment for not so well matched male-female couples, or a great advantage for well matched ones. They either misunderstand each other (or worse, hurt each other - women through manipulation, men physically) OR they complement each other perfectly and offer support where the other is lacking. If there were no differences, the world would be a boring place, and we'd all be matched with our own clones (living with our own identical copies would probably often annoy us to hell).

sCooP : Thats it boys, time to exterminate the women. We can only keep Michelle Obama alive in order to procreate. Oh yeah yeah

Dev the Follower : “My gut feeling says everything” Your gut also eats everything, too

Chase Pierre : The WNBA sucks ass. I can beat some of the point guards and I’m 12... But, I’m 5’8

COSMO Smallpiece : This is all part of Obama's Alinsky Plan. This empowering and mobilisation of the left to push through radical ideas to completely breakdown the society we live in today. The people interviewed are just products of that, as you well know. The liberal left have been running education for decades now, and this kind of lunacy is the result of it...

Radagast : Her gut reaction is the only reaction she ever has

Noob? Action! : Thank god the girls in Germany aren‘t brainwashed liberals...

5000 Subscribers With No Videos? : As both a woman and a man, I can fully say that I’m both bad at everything.