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Donut Media : Come party with us in LA to help us celebrate ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! We love you guys!

Mike Arredondo : All you need to know is James is going to cry in this video

Man O War : Congrats on a million viewers guys. You guys have opened a new generations eyes up to car history in a way in which they can relate to. Here's to donut gaining a million more and educating people on parts of legendary car history most people these days don't know exist.

Desmond moonbear : "You think everyone has a snake fetish"

Heartless Browser : james is the type of guy that makes you happy that people can become successful off of youtube

Japple : James makes me cry... Just like my dad...

Doctor Skipwith : Someone give this man a damn hug.

The one who don't weigh a ton : For 2 mil or the 100th episode you should do up to speed... *ON UP TO SPEED* **x files music intensifies**

TheOneNOnlyAxi : I know I'm late to the party, but I just wanted to say, y'all have won me over. You don't see too many creators on YouTube these days that are here, not because "oooh I wanna be a famous YouTuber!" but because they're legitimately passionate about creating content and bring their passions to others through media. I've learned so much in the course of watching and enjoying your videos, and the passion of each of the hosts is proudly put on display in every video. I might not have been here from the beginning, but I'm here for the long haul. Keep it up y'all.

mark Douglas : I love you bearded yelling man!

Sir Brellin : Carroll Shelby would be proud.

Angel Cruz : I’m not crying you are crying

Shane_FT86 : ᵀʰᵉ ᶜᵒᵇʳᵃ *hisssss*

RICHARD1974 : this episode alone got me to like and subscribe. keep up the great work.

Kurri : LOTUS - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed. pls I feel like there's not much on lotus cars out there and you could totally fill that gap.

Rage LSRS : If i had to decide for only one channel to watch on YT - this would be the one! Not a single episode of "up to speed" where i dont laugh out loud not a single episode of "science garage" where i dont go "ahh THATS how this works" and not a single episode of "wheelhouse" where i dont learn something interesting sorry if this is nicht korrekt with grammar, german here... Keep on going!!

Team ScatCat : I’m not crying, you’re crying. Never change, James, and never change, DONUT! 🍩

superdupergrover : the P51 Mustang did best with a british v12 in it, the combination was one of the best fighters ever made. the ac cobra did best with an american v8 in it, the combination was one of the best race cars ever made. 'nuff said.

Rookie To Pro : Remember this channel with low subscribers, that's motivational ! Congrats on a million, another great video from start to finish.

harrison owen : Made me cry... Thanks. In a good way

stiliqn007 : bruh. u and me both emotional af. I shed a tear my eye...or was it the onions. Anywhoo congrats on 1mil. Well deserved!

Hue-Man : Just wanna hug this guy 😭😭

Acelerados : 👏👏👏

Liquid Nitrogen : Hahaha, a little drunk by the end?

faialnuno nuno : 18:11 wait what

Tazmanian Devil : "and thats why im proud to call him my dad"

Second Thought : Congratulations on hitting a million! Very, very well deserved. You guys are awesome. Keep up the amazing work!

HiSpeedLowDrag : I liked because of the lightning and Pumphrey's tears.

Megabenjamin : 1:58 I was dying 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣XDDDDD

Toxic : My favorite video from Donut


sent2destroyU : the day this man stops sweating is the day i unsubscribe.

Johnny Spartan : This is the first video I ever watched from these guys and right when he started crying at the end I immediately subscribed. Dudes got passion for cars and the channel. Great work and congratulations on all the subs!!!

synergy gamer : The cobra concept can compete with the Corvette, if it went into production.

Bjorn Lammens : Love you James

The Trammell : 9:26 CHOSEN ONE!

OhighO Skater : Congratulations on 1 million subscribers. You guys really deserve it!

FScirE : Volvo when

Victor Tan : Keep it up! thanks for the cars info, helpful!

AndrX : If I wasn't from Europe I would personally give a hug to James. Love you guys.

Nick Jaskolski : At 18:12 Did James say that Carroll Shelby was his dad? I didn’t quite hear what exactly he said.

Welcome To The Madness : Twenty minutes....well if this isn’t respect to the legend.

Nik HD : I liked it because i like thunderbolts😂😂😂

Mike Grillbortzer : Bro I feel like he was legit crying

pablo oliva alonso : Love the lightning😂😂😂

TheDanielXBOX : You deserve it, saludos desde Mexico

RAID3R63 : Who tf is cutting onions in here

-SpecVi- : He Has Simpsons tattoo.

Exoticks : #justlikemydad

Dan Robinson : Watching stuff on this channel makes me happy! Funny how both he and the great Christian von Koenigsegg made their early fortunes sellin' chicken. Appreciate the Brooklyn Nine-Nine nod too (love that show!)