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Donut Media : Come party with us in LA to help us celebrate ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! We love you guys!

Mike Arredondo : All you need to know is James is going to cry in this video

Doctor Skipwith : Someone give this man a damn hug.

Ralph Smallblock : Carroll Shelby is the reason ford has performance. Dodge has a Viper and the list goes on and on. thanks Carroll Shelby your input on performance American “not just a straight line bout.”

Aasim Mukhtar : Is Nolan his actual son?

Man O War : Congrats on a million viewers guys. You guys have opened a new generations eyes up to car history in a way in which they can relate to. Here's to donut gaining a million more and educating people on parts of legendary car history most people these days don't know exist.

Acelerados : 👏👏👏

Diivu Smiller : People cry, not because they're weak. It's because they've been strong for too long. We love you, James Pumphrey

Johnathan Crumm : Standing ovation to James H. And all of Donut Media Team!! I thought we got all the emotions from James, but then the tears of humble and hard work and devotion for love of automobiles and his idea of how he wants Donut Media to be. That’s a Grammy( for the automotive world) for sure!! Thanks James! Keep making us pee our pants from laughing and give us knowledge too!!

Elis Pondman : James is crying again.... 😢😆 Congrats for 1 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! I love you!❤️

Team ScatCat : I’m not crying, you’re crying. Never change, James, and never change, DONUT! 🍩

Rookie To Pro : Remember this channel with low subscribers, that's motivational ! Congrats on a million, another great video from start to finish.

Jordan Reece : Now I started crying.

The one who don't weigh a ton : For 2 mil or the 100th episode you should do up to speed... *ON UP TO SPEED* **x files music intensifies**

Kurri : LOTUS - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed. pls I feel like there's not much on lotus cars out there and you could totally fill that gap.

RAID3R63 : Who tf is cutting onions in here

old worm : *Real Men shed a single tear*


abyan. : should we grab a Snack or Snake for this episode? jk

Bjorn Lammens : Love you James

lino kuma : Longest episode from the entire Up To Speed. Congratulation for the 1 M subs!!!!!!

Beres David : As another comment said, I came here to learn about Shelby more and leave with a bigger brain, but I did not expect to cry soo hard at the end that my eyes would legit burn. Thank you so much Donut Media. Seriously. You guys are the kind of content creators that make me smile til' my cheeks when I see a new upload on the feed. Thank you. Love you guys <3

stiliqn007 : bruh. u and me both emotional af. I shed a tear my eye...or was it the onions. Anywhoo congrats on 1mil. Well deserved!

superdupergrover : the P51 Mustang did best with a british v12 in it, the combination was one of the best fighters ever made. the ac cobra did best with an american v8 in it, the combination was one of the best race cars ever made. 'nuff said.


Carter : he forgot about the Shelby CSX!!! 😭😭😭

The AgentZero : Lmao when you started to cry at 17:44

SwaffyX : My buddy said the Viper ACR was actually put together by Shelby ... how true is this?

Doc_Hawk : Will you be my dad?

Welcome To The Madness : Twenty minutes....well if this isn’t respect to the legend.

Shane_FT86 : ᵀʰᵉ ᶜᵒᵇʳᵃ *hisssss*

Toxic : My favorite video from Donut

DaSquirrelMan : Volvo when

synergy gamer : The cobra concept can compete with the Corvette, if it went into production.

Hue-Man : Just wanna hug this guy 😭😭

Elijah's .H : I love donut media. They are the best!

Victor Tan : Keep it up! thanks for the cars info, helpful!

harrison owen : Made me cry... Thanks. In a good way

Petrol Spice : Do an episode on the Aussie Ford Phase 3 GTHO

Neon Knight : Shame i can only like the video once.

Japple : James makes me cry... Just like my dad...

Dan Thompson : Startup life is no joke. Keep it up guys!

Kashmir : I cried to lmao.

Isaiah Thomas : What about the Shelby 1000

Pixel : dude you guys keep uploading more than I can even count

Megabenjamin : 1:58 I was dying 😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣XDDDDD

Carl Brutananadilewski : my man pumphrey gotta bart tattoo for real lol

BikeLife NACE : Need to do a up to speed on the silverado

Joshua Esquilin : #ramschanged

Angel Cruz : I’m not crying you are crying