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Tajwaar Shafiq : Damn this shit dope af

Ron Swanson : I love the butterfly effect deck, it was my first deck when i first started magic 5 months ago, also your videos are dope👌

Daisy Braid : this was so hard to watch...because you are so gosh dang handsome!

Jason Parker : Damn this is really nice! BTW how is your video editing so great? Did you already have experience making videos before starting this journey to learn magic?

Fetty : This is so sick man! I wish you all the best. I myself am aspiring to learn magic and do a show here in New Zealand. Power to you my friend!

Silent : Looking forward to watching this journey. Subscribed!

Arcana Illusions : Great idea, I look forward to seeing how you progress

Magic Lounge : This is such a good idea, looking forward to seeing your journey. subscribed.

Jack Cranwell : This is lit! Good luck Brando!

Robert Lawrence : You got this man!

MattyAllen : Say hi to Marek 😂