Suda the Elephant Painting

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Sam Mundy : This elephant is a better artist than I am.

Judith Ezekiel : Why would you assume animals only learn through beatings and torture, Carmen? Animals, like humans, learn best through positive reinforcement. As much as I agree that wild animals should left in the wild, there's no evidence here of any cruelty.

k9m42 : best elephant trick I ever saw! Give him a peanut!

Gloria Payne : Where is proof that this is abuse?


Honey LaBronx : NOOOooo!!! This isn't cute! This isn't adorable! This isn't CONSENSUAL! Elephants are trained to do this, and NO, they AREN'T trained through "positive reinforcement". A trainer holds them by the ear while they paint. What the public doesn't see is that when they're trained, the "trainer" holds a nail or a hook behind their ear and digs it into a very sensitive part of their skin if they don't paint. This poor elephant isn't expressing himself artistically. He is trying to avoid being tortured! I know that's hard to believe, and I know we want to turn away from a truth that seems so ugly and sinister, but ask yourself -- why would this elephant CHOOSE to stay here at a place where they paint on a canvas (next to a human who is going to collect money for that painting) INSTEAD of roaming free and selecting a mate and rearing their young and travelling a few miles each day... THAT is what an elephant would CHOOSE to do if they were allowed to live a life on their own terms. Please stop and think about this critically. I know we think it's cute when animals act like us -- but with the exception of domestic pets, no animal willingly does this as a result of "positive reinforcement". If you don't believe that, stop and consider that even if they WERE being trained by "positive reinforcement" -- elephants have a RIGHT to live a life ON THEIR OWN TERMS, FREE from human intervention! Anywhere that these kind of attractions exists for TOURISTS rather than for the sake of the elephant -- THAT'S A RED FLAG!

Angel Valley : Wow she even conceptualized picking one of the flowers. This tells me to nuture the talent for all creatures

Cheryl hutchinson : Maybe it has no clue what it just drew. It just repeated the movements a hundred times because it gets a reward when it does it right. Amazing in any case.

MsSlurpee100 : This genuinely made me cry 😢

southlondon86 : This is too amazing for words.

Michael Post : These elephants are making lines on paper. Their "concentrated intent" is based on their realization that they must do as they are taught, or they will be punished, possibly resulting in their death. The tourists who think they are cute are not only delusional, but also profoundly ignorant.

happy gaming : How did that huge doggo learn to draw?

Mei Tseng : Why has 'rope' on the elephant's neck? This is CRUEL!!!

Jasper Bagg : We are all clowns in a circus - "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts..." Words are cheap whiners - actions are all. We all deal with our collars; this immaculate creature is to adored, emulated and respected, regardless of how, why, when or whatever. Good luck on YOUR stage all...

Seny J : This is definitely animal cruelty. One quick search on google will show that these elephants get abused at a young age, the paintbrush is uncomfortable for them to hold to begin with and that man on the other side of the elephant is controlling the elephant through a nail in its ear

Alex : are dogs beaten to learn ticks????

C Funk : Unfortunately, the elephant's owner is tugging on her ear to direct the brush. However it is impressive, but a little cruel that an elephant should be in captivity at all.

Zabe Kryomancy : the fact that elephants are this intelligent makes me understand why people are pushing for them and some cetaceans to be considered non human persons

Key Lime : Elephant are smarter than you know

Tru Layton : You'd be "in the moment" if you were forced to do anything to avoid abuse! Despicable people doing despicable things!!

Mario Circello : Sorvolando sull'innaturalità della cosa, porrei l'accento sul fatto che Suda, dimostra di avere coscienza di sé e di ciò che sta facendo, cose che a causa dell'antropocentrismo, vengono erroneamente ritenute peculiarità della nostra specie, mentre palesemente non è così. Spero solo che, l'addestramento, sia frutto di un giusto rapporto basato sul rispetto reciproco e non sia stato coercitivo. #elefante - #elefanti - #Suda - #animali - #animalia - #antropocentrismo - #coscienza - #consapevolezza  

Joshua Phengsomphone : cool

B King : My jaw has broped to the ground

carmen vargas :   The only way to get an animal to do such a thing is to beat and torture the animal until it learns. Theres nothing amazing about this except the lenghts humans will go for money.  they should be free not caged for our amusement..  "The training process is called the 'phajaan' or 'crush' and is centuries old and is used throughout Asia today. It involves taking a 3-year-old baby from its mother's side and roping it into a small bamboo cage in which it cannot move except to breathe. Of course the elephant fights for its freedom and is beaten, poked with sharp bamboo, starved, dehydrated, and sleep-deprived until it submits to its captors' demands. The process may take a week, depending on how long it takes to 'crush' the elephant's spirit. About 50% of the babies die from the process and the survivors are left with physical and emotional scars for the rest of their lives. "

Nicole Klemmensen : Poor Elephant

I suck at Star Stable : This is fake. How can an elephant paint like that?! It would be doing circles and lines or just.. SCRIBBLES!

wandering : People who trained elephants are called mahouts. I kinda learned the elephants who painted could get a snack/treat. Some people thinks the elephant (Suda) was abused, if it was, how? If it was, why didn't the elephant just stopped and fight back? Elephants have lots of muscles in their trunks... Right?

Brendan Pickford : Abuse and cruelty lie behind the facade.

Erica Taylor : This inspires me!!!! who thought animals were so magical WOW!!!11 DX I think deep down theres a Suda In all of our hearts. Truly wonderful. I wish they could have shown this to people during the great war and maybe we wouldn't have had to be where we are now. this is a really pivotal moment in global history that will be remembered and studied longer then earth itself. Suda will live on. forever. LONG LIVE SUDA you beautiful beautiful butterfly of nature. i am free now.

Ethan Hall :

All things vegan :

Rick Newberger : This is clearly two fat men in an elephant suit.

choochoochooseyou : Elephants are my favourite animal but, sorry, this is fake.

Betabones : Mind blown!

Lory Lory : Amazing,,,, so cute and lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oplix : The real question is whether or not the elephant understands the value of what he is doing consciously. Otherwise, this really is just a trained trick that was likely quite literally beaten into it.

Random Entertainment244 : For real?

rainbow cupcakes : that elephant draws better than me!

TEAL MANDALA : When you realize an elephant understands depth better than most human children lol

LaikaLycanthrope : That looks every bit as equal to the stuff done in European caves.

LaikaLycanthrope : It's about time we started uplifting other species.

Ambar Frias : @jonahmarais brought this up so I had to see it...😂

Thomas Bows : No way? No way! What?!

Kent Karlstrom : 100 comment hahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaahahhahahahahahhahahahahaahaha

Miss Marshall : Notice he grabs the BEATING STICK at the end of the video?

Rachelle Kebaili : This is so awesome!!! This elephant paints a better picture than I could ever do. He is quite an artist!!!! Very talented. 😊

leshooper : I am so touched by this. These big beautiful creatures! I am speechless.


gt_GreyWizard__ : I thought the elephant was actually talented until it started writing its name.

Rajjan Dwivedi : This elephant is better artist than me