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holybagpipes : This is why I'll never watch these kind of videos. This face-cam reaction stuff is overrated.

Salazar : I really don't want to believe my boo is dead, but he/she probably is... 😢

Katelyn S. : At what part does this happen?!?! I played the game and I don't remember this happening. For my game you walk into the orgy, get thrown down and go to the school scene. Then wake up to the heretics dying. This has not happened in my game? Are there different endings????????

MadMax : She didn’t die.

Young Wolf : That’s not val, when I went back and played I got up close and saw that the heretic was wearing a moose skull, while Val was wearing a crown of thorns, plus this guys yell sounded different than Val’s voice

Kay_lister 47K : She's trans

Keko Abdulnamik : HOLLY SHHETT