modern romance

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Leaving for Alaska, won't be able to communicate with y'all for a moment. Was just reflecting on how lucky I am to have crossed paths with each one of you, making me feel less lonely out here in isolation. And we've almost made it to 2k!? These are the PARTY DAAAYS. I'll miss our comment conversations while I'm venturing around the frozen north. Have a tight weekend, and I'll see you again soon enough!

Comments from Youtube

Final Marauder : This may be my favourite vid yet, really resonated within my hollow body

SparkleBeast : This is art

KetchDw : No you hang up, no you hang up, no you hang up, no you hang up.

Staudinka : You stay in that garage and keep producing great content!

Joseph Nickson : Man, your songs are far far too well written. All jokes aside you're a really good musician

Sam Hodge : I could find true love if only I upped my selfie-game

Noah Carpenter : Put your music on Spotify so my ears can eat it

Viviana Gonzalez : "Love's dead in my head" ain't no truer words my friend

Parker Miller : If you set your expectations low, you'll never be disappointed

TilesAce : good luck up there, pal

Wild Street Cats : Dude 2k views nice proud of you ya lil goofball

ya blew it : #courtshit

Max Power : How often do you make videos, how long is it usally between upload to publish and how do you come up with everything? You're on quite the upload spree, I hope it continues. (Also great video as usual)

Becka Bentz : Bumping this rn

Tara O'Reilly : FEELINGS

LokeKatten : This one is very relatable

8bitvelociraptor : that was beautiful

fayk472 : the art of ghosting gracefully

eLemonnader : hurt me more

Fibb bb : wow, inspirational

Boop Beep : Who hurt you?

GameControllers : True

Jwallison : When's your album dropping?