modern romance

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SparkleBeast : This is art

Max Power : How often do you make videos, how long is it usally between upload to publish and how do you come up with everything? You're on quite the upload spree, I hope it continues. (Also great video as usual)

Mike Manfrin : it's like jon lajoie and bill wurtz had a kid and that kid made neat youtube videos too

KetchDw : No you hang up, no you hang up, no you hang up, no you hang up.

Final Marauder : This may be my favourite vid yet, really resonated within my hollow body

Jwallison : When's your album dropping?

Staudinka : You stay in that garage and keep producing great content!

Joseph Nickson : Man, your songs are far far too well written. All jokes aside you're a really good musician

TilesAce : good luck up there, pal

ya blew it : #courtshit

eLemonnader : hurt me more

Sam Hodge : I could find true love if only I upped my selfie-game

Parker Miller : If you set your expectations low, you'll never be disappointed

Noah Carpenter : Put your music on Spotify so my ears can eat it

Fibb bb : wow, inspirational

LokeKatten : This one is very relatable

Viviana Gonzalez : "Love's dead in my head" ain't no truer words my friend

fayk472 : the art of ghosting gracefully

Wild Street Cats : Dude 2k views nice proud of you ya lil goofball

GameControllers : True

Boop Beep : Who hurt you?