Wasps vs Drone

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kay834 : basically the fate of humans when robot alien overlords land on earth.

sherlockazulu : Those wasps came out to see what was going on and saw the largest WASP they have ever seen! If they had pants, they filled 'em.

Tbone1178 : I feel like you could give me a haircut with those skills.

billinct860 : Very impressive piloting sir!

The galaxy Tube : Wasp: is that my delivery? Edit: thanks for the likes :)

JackLF TF : That is a smart and safe way to remove a hornets nest

Big,Ern MCCracken : OK you can look at this in one of 2 ways, 1: one of the wasps names is "Kyle Wasp Reese" and he just went back in time to find the wasp named "Sarah Wasp Connor" to protect her from a drone that was also sent back to kill her to prevent her wasp son "John Wasp Connor" from being hatched and who would one day lead the Wasp resistance against the Drone Skynet or 2: this wasp nest is called "Wasp rebel base Hoth" and the "Evil Bee Empire" is manning that drone in an attempt to crush the wasp resistance but some of the rebel wasps will escape while one wasp named " Luke Wasp Skywalker" will travel 2 streets over to an abandoned wasp nest on "Dagobah street" to find and study the ways of The "Wasp" Force under a Wasp Jedi Master named "Yoda Wasp"

Youa Numbah Oneah Racist : fuck wasps.

robydean7 : Great maneuvering

HCkev : "Who's your Queen now?"

WookieJinx : Yes they deserve to die, and I hope they burn in Hell

R1ddic : That looks like it was worth cleaning up the drone afterwards .. and probably mount a few new props :)

Eli Christman : Damn, you could about shave with your skills on that thing.


Cameron Jennings : Just need someone to do the programming to mimick this man's incredible skills, to package and develop auto-Wasp Killing Drones for everyone

Brandon : Where's the video from the mavic?

Skyler Reichenbach : Today September 11th a drone was hijacked and crashed into a wasp nest killing hundreds...let us take a moment of silence

Bigboy123 : Drone 1. Wasps 0.

Elvis Best : hell yea awesome skillz good job i just got stung yesterday while walking and that sit still huts so great way to remove them without getting bitten like me

Xapatan X-ray : Amazon delivery

Richard Swenson : Great skill! I don’t know how you avoided gutter.

dp Gaming COC : Oh man! I was afraid will it the walls!!? Great #Piloting !👏👏Osm !

chris k : sounds like a good business. go straight to shark tank

G C : wheres the protective bulb for the camera?? it must have had a lot of.. "natural things" on the lens.. ewww

Mr Lima Bean : The grace of a drunk man walking into a hotel he didn't stay in for the breakfast buffet

Skyler Reichenbach : Flamethrower attachment

Paco_bl : Imagine the drone nests in a few years 😥

Game Head : Great use

Len - Zeplin : Perfect Air Strike! The little BASTARDS looked terrified!

Sharkonabicycle : Damn good piloting skills... no sunbathing woman is safe!

nothsim : That drone is very stable.

deepPuddlesarefun : What kind of drone is this?

bryceowen : "Hey, Carl. Do you think we should use the $50 Parrot drone to attack the wasp nest? We will be flying pretty close to the wall there." "No way, Eustace! Get the $1200 DJI one! Gotta show them folks on YouTube we got money to piss away!"

YouNoob93 : I need to see this in super slo mo, like 16,000 frames per second

shark /vito valen : This is how you deal with wasp

Alex Lovern : Do you have footage from the drone too?

Denial94 : 2:43 Seppuku

Pubg Mobile montages : 0:23 rip barry

parker berlin : Excellent video. The internet thanks you

Sudhindra Kopalle : So when are you flying that Airbus?

Kyle Homan : Best YouTube video ever!

notGanoy : terran vs zerg

Abdullah Harith Fakhri bin Basiron : That... Is how first world countries deal with their first world problems

noobslayer135 : this is like a boss fight irl haha

kingnatre : reminds me of the matrix

Ludomessage : This is real terminator shit for those wasps.

Gibblets : inb4 a bunch of nut bags come crying about killing 'innocent creatures'.

!rC : Why wouldn't you just kill them the humane way with wasp spray?! -PETA ... You know, a nerve agent.

Harlem Wave Cascade : Gloomy idea that something like this could happen to us / earth one day too.

Quill Myers [Official] : Just add a gun or flamethrower​ to the gun