6. Hitching Home: The Road To Samarkand.
Stray BOBs next instalment of hiking from Vietnam to England

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I left the mountains of Tajikistan for the flat fields of Uzbekistan, but before I could move West I got a surprise invitation. Music: roots manuva - witness the fitness Sidney Bechet - Petite Fleur The Procussions - Simple Song Siba e a Fuloresta - Da Bichara


TwoTakes : I'd say the pervasive themes of this series so far are beautiful mountains, very friendly people, and inappropriate footwear. Keep em coming!

rasmus9311 : I dunno but the different frame size each video kinda makes it more special just because it's so genuine and you are still learning the editing program, but you don't care and still release it and the video is awesome regardless because of the content in the video. Love the sound/music choices. Keep doing you, you are a good man! Inspiring

Monsieur John : Would you be willing to do an AMA on Reddit, someday? There are so many questions I'd like to ask...

triple785 srt : *sees new upload from StrayBob* Brb lemme just literally drop everything I'm doing and watch this.

triple785 srt : Hey Bob, would you mind if I submitted some subs/captions for your videos? I can speak fluent Russian which is what prompted this but also I'd really love to contribute an English transcript also.

hisham habib : Congrats on 20K, your video editing has improved. Great content! Keep up the good work and good luck on your journey. You should do an AMA on Reddit!

ICULookin : ooof an English liver is tough but not Soviet/Central Asia tough mate

# : I love how the camera work got progressively worse the more drunk you got.

Nams : You got fantastic music taste. Thanks again for another inspiring video Bobby!

Morgan Glover : This shit is just so wholesome and good. I'm so glad I found your stuff

Moriarty Vivaldi : You're aspect ratio is different every video :P

James Williams : Man ... your videos never fail to put a smile on my face.

Samurilla : Keep 'em coming. Definitely one of the more interesting vlogs.

Robin : I never comment on a video dude, but I really gotta say that I love your vids! You've really inspired me to save up money and go out there and do it myself. I'm planning a trip to Thailand in 6 months and I'm hitchhiking back to Sweden. If you're ever in Sweden, I'll buy you a beer!

Mute : This channel has taught me I really need to drop everything and travel after college

arottenpickle : I love your editing style, keep em coming!

The_Sad_Wallet : Your videos are definitely some of the best on YouTube. Everything from your cinematography to your editing and personality. Hope to see more in the future❤️

O M : Every video makes me want to go away and travel in the middle east!

Drew Richardson : Question: How do you typically communicate with people while hitchhiking? Any big misunderstanding (Sorry if you have already discussed this, have not seen all videos but loving the ones I've seen already.)

Dale Walker : Has anyone ever told you your videos look like Wes Anderson films? Great stuff mate, keep it up.

thesecondislander : Dude did you honestly have no editing experience prior to this series? Cause you're a natural, this shit is like a movie. Love the audio and the kinetic typography!

koopification : Awesome opening tune.

Jamie Alston : Class Bobs! They keep getting better man 👍🏻

Blake Armin : I haven't heard Roots Manuva in forever! You get cooler all the time, man.

2waros Waros : I was well surprised by the fact that i was so happy seeing you upload a new video. 6th in the series and probably the most authentic, genuine and heartwarming thing I have seen in a long long time. Keep up the good work as it is refreshing and beautiful. P.S Your attitude and pov is on a different level, keep it up

Ravedave5 : Your editing is so good.

LordManhattan : Love your editing style!

aroundtheworls : Father is probably a local bigwig there given the size of the wedding and that fancy S-class!

Matthew : The Pamirs look a world away now, don't they!

Robert Johnson : Thank you for capturing moments I'll never get to experience! Superb content!!

Neil M : Probably the best one yet!! Loving this vids, chief! Keep them coming!

Jacob Alvarez : You’re so famous on Reddit!

Gray Juan : Awesome video! I don't know if you have considered it or tried it before, but adding your reflections on this part of your journey to the end of each video sounds like it would be cool. Much love, your journey inspires me to go out and travel myself.

S 2 : I'm calling it now. 1 million subscribers by this time next year.

skypjuh : I read *Zanarkand* when I first opened the notifications tray

R Paxton : You really have an amazing talent, your editing style and music is so real and raw. Great story once again, can't get enough of it. Thanks for sharing! Makes me want to see the world more.

Shadow1Foxx : I'm learning to leave a like before I even start your videos! Good shit and cheers man, thanks for the great entertainment and motivation.

Adam Soothill : Mr Lowe, I'm loving every second of this. Catch up when you're back in P-town

Neil M : Did they comprehend "Manchester", or did you need to reel-off the names of Utd players? Or bang-out some Oasis?

Robert Lygo : dude, dont just sit on all this footage, post it! its great !

Ichizu : Absolutely love the films Bob, hopefully you'll find some time to edit the other footage you're sitting on!

pleasant phucker : This was really well edited + you have a great personality. Good combination 👌

Will Darling : is StrayBoB on Patreon ? I'd chuck a few quid to help make time for more vids like these. Could even specify fund is for time/planetickets/cameras, but never to be spent on footwear!

Aleksander Zdan-Michajlowicz : Enjoyed this mate, you’re a breathe of fresh air and have a good eye for engaging programme design! Keep it up che

Zach Scally : despite what other people say about the quality of the video its the content in the video that has me coming back for more! Thanks for sharing your journey with us! keep it coming...

Teethgrinder : Awesome stuff Stray Bob! The wedding was hilarious. This whole thing mirrors a book I'm reading at the moment- Eastern Horizons by Lev Wood. Great adventures man, very inspiring!

Enigmatic : Just started watching your stuff and it's some good shit my man, keep on keeping on.

Any Storey : I love the new text panels, they are so colorful. You look like you are having a fantastic time and thank you for sharing so the people out there who are gearing up for their leap can live vicariously through you! Keep on keeping on

Tim Harris : I suspect your next trip will be on Netflix's tab!