The Sounds of Paul Thomas Anderson

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Roberto Horacio De Lugo : Supervising sound editor since 2002: Christopher Scarabosio.

Donald J. Trump : I love this

Raheel Ahmed : My favorite director of all time!

Jonathan Mora : hard eight: the forgotten child

Jammez : Damn good Foley.

Joshua Horita : Cool vid. But you couldn't throw in Hard Eight?

dearsomeone : Delicious.

Cmajor : Felt like an Edgar Wright film

Andrew Budiman : Adam and Daniel in the same montage.

Itamar : just beautiful

Heisenberg Snake : Fascinant

ayaa elkaa : asmr

AKNetworkEdit : ...sick edit bro!

M7amad Sala7 : Brilliant

Breiner Guarán : Great video!

Lucas Moreira : Amazing.

vikas malik : PSH

Dekidy Euklides : I really like your work, I try to watch as much because I really love the cinematographic area. Keep it up, hugs. Luanda Angola.

Jason Neil : No love for HARD EIGHT... 😞

Eva Melkhi : That was incredible 💙 and Anderson is one of the greatest.

TheBirdieView : Goat