How do you fight a school bully
How do you fight a school bully

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How do you fight a school bully. What to build your Self-confidence? Start now: Wing Chun martial arts master teaches basic push defense to Wing Chun students. Real Martial Arts Master teaches students to destroy the Boxer, Muay Thai fighter and Wing Chun fighter using basic headlock defense. Learn Chinese Wing Chun techniques Bruce lee learned from Ip Man. Free Martial Art Wing Chun training, lethal and effective against Wing Chun vs Wing Chun, Wing Chun vs MMA, Wing Chun vs Boxing, Wing Chun vs Street fighting. Master Wong teaches the beginner basic push defense everyone should know. Hi, Master Wong here. Let me ask you some questions… Do you want to Self-confidence and are you ready to improve your health and coordination? Wouldn't it be awesome if you could get rid of fear and learn to defend yourself? What if you could instantly download Wing Chun into your brain? These are questions I used to ask myself as well. Just imagine if you had that Wing Chun Kung Fu skill, what would you do with it? Would that instantly change your life and health for the better? Unfortunately, Wing Chun Kung Fu isn't as easy as inserting a cord into our brains to download the information like the Matrix. You'll have to find a good Master if you want to learn correctly. Even if you find a Master that could expedite your training, it's going to take years to hone the skills that you envision. Talk about "Wing Chun Kung Fu overload" . . . For more info: FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL FACEBOOK ► Instagram ► Twitter ► T-Shirt ► ~ About Master Wong ~ Master Wong never had an easy life through childhood. Being bully from and a young age till his late teens, Master Wong has overcome this problem by changing his mindset which you'll read in this book.


ANGOOSE : I kicked a bully in the nuts He didn’t feel it... He didn’t feel it because he had no balls

strawberi : instructions unclear. accidentally brought my ak-47 to school

Kyra_plater Xo : Who’s having a fight at school tomorrow?

YouTube's 22222 : like this if you fought a bully

WalterFromHeaven : How to dill witta boooli... *I honestly love this guy...*

marlogan86 ‘ : I’m just tryin to get ready for middle school

owo : What if the bully watches this video..

Sinead 2018 : How to fight a bully Me:Dont just run and scream

Duffel Bag Baby : He is a mastermind. He teaches you how to discreetly destroy a bullies life, then hide the evidence.

Lisa mica : at first i thought he said how to fight da BOOTY

bluberry : *i can literally hear the second guy’s bones cracking*

William Berndt : 8:22 is it just me or is he moving really fast

Korey Ewen : Fighting school bully’s is old, now days they just get shot

Lirian : Im probably still gonna end up up punching him and hurt him bad.

Rebecca Rea : Master Wong's videos' are ment for you to learn from. He is helping people. Have some respect.

The Dark Fire : I am pretty tough my self but what about when the bully brings his gang😑

SHKELQIM : Okay you won a fight with a bully but what about tomorrow when you see him with 60 guys around school. So can you make a video how to run faster

Sskrimp_TeX • : How about instead of taking alot of time fist fighting risking injury... USE AN AK-47

Adam Alzoukari : Now John will leave my crush alone Hahaha 😅

Odai Msarwe : But I tried to fight and then he won but when the school done he called me a boys and they was wating me outside to punch me and then I *RUN* and then they got me 🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️😬😟🙄🙄🙄

Louisort : Master wong is now going to jail for fighting a grade school bully lmao

LIL DANGIN Fire : Me and My friend were training push ups while watching the video. Thats how much you make us want to train!

Casperc0322 Fortnite : I got bullied and got sent to boot camp and that's how I messed up my life

Paspalj : But what if a bully watched this video and used this tehnique.. *-kids left the chat*

trickster_calz. : Litten people a bully would never win a fight against you trust👍💪💙

Adan Lara : I kicked my bully in the nuts he didn’t feel anything Because he doesn’t have any balls

DYnamiCZz Txriq : Ive had 2 fights in secondary and i got beaten up. i never knew who this guy was. Then i strted watching and i beat all of the other guys in the fights! Thanks alot man!

ImJustJude : I personally have pioneered a couple moves myself, but this is insanely good

shalev dayan : My tactic is just fight and i never lose.todey i break to kid the mouth

Alex Boi : Omg thanks this actualy worked

Hi ! : This is useful but sadly girls only know how to pull hair

Natsu Dragneel : I actually want to go back in the past and devastate everyone has bully me and return so i would call it sweet victory

Chicken Cock : I choke my bully and poke his eyes thanks god even the teacher hated him so i'm all good lol

Bensa Lenkkari : I did a roundhouse Kick to my bullys face :D

TTVTYPICAL Sweat : Master Wong I am know the best fighter cause of you😱

Ali El Sharkawi7949 : What if Mr. Bully brings up his other Mr. Bullies??

Soul Was Here : What happens if your bully is 6 inches taller than you and you’re fat? Do I use the same tactics?

A Warm hug : I am not even getting bullied,just want to fight properly

MachineGun Joe : 1000 school bullies disliked this

X2Twins s : Now when my friends bully me I know what to do and I'll get them in trouble

Baburao : While Fighting ........ I BECOME AN *ANGRY MONKEY AND GO WILD*

DerkaDerka581 : You Should be my Self defence And fighting Teacher

Da bob'a fat : Iam a berserker so i do everything and knocked the bully

KidFrenzyy : Y’all ever feel bad for the guy who is casually getting his ass whooped by Master Wong

MJPlayzFortnite 56 : Master Wong same thing happened to me in school thanks for helping me

JayDontCare : Thanks for this video, I'm gonna beat up my bullys when I get to their house.

BickXep : I always use my back shoulders and my elbows to deal with them lol

Captive Active : boi my bully can't even fight off a single fly.

MC Shafkat shezad - Minecraft & Roblox and MORE! : The title is wrong it should be *How to kill a bully in school*