How do you fight a school bully

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WHY SO SERIOUS : I love this guy Edit: full homo

MachineGun Joe : 1000 school bullies disliked this

Luke McI Kne : Rule 35 of the Internet, there will always be those who dislike.

PrimeUser_ : 1)Let him punch you until you're almost dead 2)Sue him 3)???? 4)Profit

Adan Lara : I kicked my bully in the nuts HE didn’t feel anything Because HE doesn’t have any balls

Nicky Luangsavang : You Are The Best

hh g : How to fight a group. 1. See who is the leader or the person your fight is with. 2. Run at him. 3. Hit him with a punch so hard that the person falls to the ground. 4. Act dangerous and confident Now this will make sure that the other members will be intimidated by you or even they may run away if they are a bunch of losers. (There are chances that they may find you offending and they may try to beat you down)


Calvin Ginther : I messed my bully up he no fight me no more

GTAV Film Maker Channel : He is the rock wwe..chinese version

ferrari 458_WHAT : I knocked out my bully he bullied me everyday for 4 years. so I got all the girls when I beat him up and I did not get kicked out of school

xXPičkaJebanaxx. : My advices if someone starts to bully you: 1. Try techniques in this video to defend yourself 2. Run away as fast as you can and call your teacher/principal about it 3. Put down your pants and say "If you get closer I will piss on you" he will be scared and won't hurt you

Jacob Clement : Been bullied every single day for 1 year

1 pc user : nice way to treat someone without harming,

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Hariom Sharma : Iam a INDIA and in my contry if any one bully as we trit him with brik

Cyclt RB : 1.2K dislikes are bullys they hate u for teaching the people that they are bullying at school thanks for teaching me how to fight.

Smoove Kenken21Gaming : Thank you I heard everything perfect I not trying to be mean learn how to talk a little English I heard everything word perfect

Hollow Earth Society : So you're saying not to hit first? In my high school its always a one hit kind of thing with fights every other day, the first person to full out punch them always wins the fight.


Antares X : “Blood EVERYWHERE.” This guy watches Tokyo Ghoul.

Blue Bunny : what if they are not wearing a hoodie?

burning rubber : My personal master👍

NateVang : the BOOOLY

Roasted Skull : Something I've found that works is when they try to punch you grab the fist that is coming towards you with one hand. Then punch him with your other hand. And if they keep trying to punch you with theirleft and right fists over again you can just do the same thing, just changing your grabbing hand with your punching hand and vise versa.

Manoj Singh : It really works for me I gives a 8 punches at her ear greatt oooooooops

burning rubber : Thank you for everything master wong

Vanessa Velis : But what about if the bully is a girl

Kelley Broussard Mackaig : I'm so glad that I found this channel. My 12 year old son has been dealing with a bully that has been tormenting him (verbally) at school for weeks now. My son is worried that it is going to escalate on a physical level - and by God I want him to know how to handle that situation should it ever happen. Unfortunately most of this country's public school systems do not permit self defense, as it is considered to be apart of their strict no violence policies. Typically what public schools advise their students to do should they ever get physically attacked by another student, is to run away and tell a teacher. My son's school has made it very clear to their students and to the parents of their students, that students are not permitted to physically defend themselves from the physical attack of another student - It doesn't matter who starts the fight - anyone involved with it will receive the same level of punishment. While I appreciate them advocating for zero violence, they aren't being entirely rational. Self defense is a fundamental American right - one that public schools do not have the right to strip their students of. I have made it abundantly clear to my son, that if (God forbid) push should ever come to shove, that he has every right to defend himself should he ever be physically attacked. He also understands that if the school tries to punish him for defending himself, that his father and I will get our attorneys involved in two shakes of a stick.

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MINARUTO- SENPAI : I teach you how to fight bullies you work out your body,try push ups for beginners

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Daniel : This stuff is important.

sackirla : You are not supposed to fight back a bully but if they are really violent you may have to incapacitate the bully.

Alex Russell : Bam to the knee

Chaotic Gamer13 : Lol grab is nut like this it will hurt him

Sophia Sambile : How about when they kick first? Because the bullies in my school uses their legs and feet first .

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Meeyah Entertainment : Instruction is not clear, i got suspended on my school

SETH GEIS : I fought off a bully back in high school -- got expelled.

tie oneon : GREAT STUFF but American public schools have adopted a ALL ARE GUILTY SO WE CANT BE ACCUSED OF RACISM, POLICY  IN fact many teachers , if they arent sleeping with the students themselves, they cover up for the troublemakers making it out so that the true victims are the ones causing the problems  great videos as always sir

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