How do you fight a school bully

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MachineGun Joe : 1000 school bullies disliked this

YouTube's 22222 : like this if you fought a bully

SHKELQIM : Okay you won a fight with a bully but what about tomorrow when you see him with 60 guys around school. So can you make a video how to run faster

Spex__ : *searches* how to beat a school bully up *5 minutes later* *how to get rid of a body*

dollar c.g : What if the bully is the popular kid and if youre going to hit him,the whole school is after you?

NateVang : the BOOOLY

cena fan : I am gonna kill all of them now .....thanks man !

iNoob4Fun : This is op *Needs to get patched*

Kristaps Lorbergs : You sure like to grab a nut. :D

Isabella Xoxo : Simple: Neck break. Bully dies. Idk the aftermath.

Kelley Broussard Mackaig : I'm so glad that I found this channel. My 12 year old son has been dealing with a bully that has been tormenting him (verbally) at school for weeks now. My son is worried that it is going to escalate on a physical level - and by God I want him to know how to handle that situation should it ever happen. Unfortunately most of this country's public school systems do not permit self defense, as it is considered to be apart of their strict no violence policies. Typically what public schools advise their students to do should they ever get physically attacked by another student, is to run away and tell a teacher. My son's school has made it very clear to their students and to the parents of their students, that students are not permitted to physically defend themselves from the physical attack of another student - It doesn't matter who starts the fight - anyone involved with it will receive the same level of punishment. While I appreciate them advocating for zero violence, they aren't being entirely rational. Self defense is a fundamental American right - one that public schools do not have the right to strip their students of. I have made it abundantly clear to my son, that if (God forbid) push should ever come to shove, that he has every right to defend himself should he ever be physically attacked. He also understands that if the school tries to punish him for defending himself, that his father and I will get our attorneys involved in two shakes of a stick.

Verrückter Leon : Now i know what to do if the guys i bully try to defend muhahahaha Just kidding .-.

Makkes Makke : Thanks Now Im gonna go beat a bully's ass

portable biscuit : Im gonna beat the shit out of somone whis said i was fat lol

Almin Pepic : Whem you beat up your bully... the school is your school!

Luke McI Kne : Rule 35 of the Internet, there will always be those who dislike.

Hasib YouTube : *Im a quiet guy but at the same time I’m dangerous so someone tried to bully me and now he is not good he lost his hand 😢*

Sousou : I don't need this, when I was 9 I broked my sis finger (she was 15) and now im 15 so If I get angry I think I can broke an arm or kill someone lmao

WAFFLE THE DESTROYER : *second boy hurt so hard* one like=one health regain edit:poor men he's like *THAT'S ENOUGH*

Holley B : But im fighting a girl she has no nuts 😂

WHY SO SERIOUS : I love this guy Edit: full homo

RJ 07 gaming GURUJI : I have beaten 19 boy together in the 5 min

Codebreaker45 : I accidentally knocked mine down the stairs. Broke both his legs

Rishabh Singh : My school bully will watch this and train himself to beat me 😅😥😥

Pewdie Charles : Thank you Master😀

XxChungusxX : 70 percent of the people who watched this is just laying in there bed not doing shit

kani mozhi : I hate bullies

Marco888 lópez : I can see anger in his face

LovelyGrace2009 : I wish I can make a video of 'How to fight a bully to defend yourself'

Ibran Aleem : I'll grab his nuts if someone mess with me.I also do taekwando⚡️💪🏻

Adan Lara : I kicked my bully in the nuts he didn’t feel anything Because he doesn’t have any balls

The Dark Fire : I am pretty tough my self but what about when the bully brings his gang😑

Nicho Chicken : Why you. Why you Bully me

SeiGe : This guy wants me expelled

Light Warrior : Im soooo scared of your accent. Honestly i dont even know what you are saying .

Mr.wizard is cool : Thanks im a try it when i see him

GWR 64 Pannier : thank you so much. this video help me deal with my bully and he hasn't tried to do anything to me since. : )

playerunknown battleground : Today I got a head lock I did new what to do to caught up my neck and swing me around then I got an internal bleeding for which he got expald from school for 2 weeks.the days when he comes back I am going to try this trick

መርሃዊ ኣማኑኤል : I went to the park and did the same teknik to my opponent, guess what happened next. I almost lost my right hand cause he already knew what I was gonna do when he started to attack me! Well now I sitting on the hospital and got plaster on hand! Do not do this guys Jk lol

tim : So you're saying not to hit first? In my high school its always a one hit kind of thing with fights every other day, the first person to full out punch them always wins the fight.

Jason Paul Elder : How about using this technique on the school principle for not protecting you from bullies in the first place?

Laptop killer : Strech his balls and hes gonna cry

Kansas Brindle : Ok this is good for guys but what about girls

Ajax Blair : Visited videos like this when I was a wimp. A scared boy that had just came from a beat down. Am proud to say that time is behind me now. I met a lot of fantastic people and shed my wimp skin. Although I feel I should point out I won only 3 fights all this time. 3-1 that's a good ratio there might be more fights but I think I have forgotten about them those 4 are the ones I remember most. I'll be a tough guy for the rest of my life and never be a wimp again! Thanks to those amazing people who helped me if I start naming the days gonna pass.

Iris white : When I got bullied i let them hit me because i noticed there was a security camera there and got them kicked out

TheOne Now : I have these 2 boys who bully me at the moment I have watched numerous videos taking notes and learned so much I’m really seeking my vengeance they both called my Girlfriend ugly and they would kill there self if they went out with her which pissed me of and when school stars back I’ll be ready for the fight they arranged I’ll do anything for my girlfriend and if this is what it takes....... then so be it I love my girlfriend and I’ll love her to the end of time 1 like = how hard they will get absolutely destroyed

Chathuranga chathu : Thanks 💓✌️

Vanessa Li : *Please finish reading my experience* Note to you guys: Don't become the victim to being the bully like me. Well, when I was little, I was the victim, them bully me just because I'm Chinese, and I don't know how to speak English. But as I grow older, I knew English better than 90% of them, they stopped bullying me. My friends know English too, but three of my friends who are boys, Derek Alfred and Wei Qien, they don't know English pretty much, so I helped them. But soon, I started to know what racist is, and what is swearing. So this is how I went, a victim, turning into a commoner(someone common, not popular), and a commoner turning popular. I liked that, most people asked me to help them when we are doing arts, English. I am a good athlete, I'm pretty sporty, more like a tomboy. But soon I turned popular into *being* the bully, *being* racist, *and* I knew how to swear. I tried to keep that secret to myself..... but my all my Chinese friends knew that. Some other students realized as well. I started to wanting to fight people, everyone who made fun of me, in the present, I wanna make them suffer, make them feel the same pain as I did.

Hayden Peterson : I want to win the fight not rip off his balls...

Feelsplay Gaming : i punch him in face and he was knocked out .Because my teacher seen the full scene so i dont get suspended