Blue Tooth Man

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Jessa : I love that he dressed and acted like the sort of guy that would do this lmao

Preppyboy70x : I watched this video 4 years ago and here i am 4 years later watching and laughing

Livin' The Dream : Just the way Ed says "I'm on my bluetooth" and points to it, just cracks me up.

T Jawesome : i don't know hy but i felt really bad for the guy at 1:50

Brittany Nicole : "No. My daughter hates it."

Why s0 seri0us : Best prankster in the world, no doubt.

Tyler Dowd : I've actually ran into a guy like this before lmfao

Justin BentRails : This reminds me of when I started working for Circuit City, and Bluetooth was just becoming popular. It took a while getting used to random people coming into the store talking to themselves, haha.

maskenmakkan : he sounds like patrik bateman in american pschyo lol

Gaurang H : talking about diarrhea in front of indians .. damn thats racist :p

Rat Snackerson : This kind of shit sucks if it has ever happened to you, today Some kid and I were both in the hallway passing each other and he had his phone out and while looking right at me he said "are you going to the game" and I said what game? Volleyball? And he goes "wudnt talkin to you" and he was facetiming someone!!!!

Jenna Royalty : Eds wigs kill me😂😂😂😂😂😂

Donte In Real Life : should've had the pooter when he was talking about diarrhea

B Rock : ed is the prank king.

Pantego Hummus : The Milky Way man at the movies was so cute. :)

djflipthat : I made this honest mistake a few times when blue tooth’s first came out😂😂

Petes TV Vlogs : Ed pulls this off so well

Bala Menon : Anyone else think Google's overdoing the interstitial ads?

Christopher Duncan : It would have been better if instead of saying "oh I'm on my Bluetooth" he just cut the person off with another sentence and the turned and put his finger on the Bluetooth (like he's turning it up or something)

GalaxyTraveler : Ed isn't bringing this character back it looks like, but at least these videos are here to rewatch... probably watched them all at least 30 times.

BillyBobThe8th : feel bad for these people i hope he told them afterwards! its so embarrassing for them!

UNKNOWN HUMAN : its so hard to watch :/

religion-pointless god-good : lol jerks wear this 

J0Boa : We want more Tequeera videos !

That Boi : "I'm sorry"

roald dahl : this is so rude lol.

chowdhury zakir : I feel bad for the first man

Paullittos : I got you Pepsi

Moto G : So funny :D

Johny40Se7en : It's cool how polite everyone's being but I don't really like this one much, people that talk on bloody wireless mics for their phones should address the person they talk to to stop the confusion, I think it would make the other person feel awkward. Bit rude you know.

Isis Midas Touch : She really fell for it twice, lel

Sidal Sahin : LOOOOOOOOOL!!! that was fukin hilarious

KenMondTv : +Preppyboy70x These were really the best videos back then. :)

O Negative : I read the title and was expecting him to have blue teeth 🤦‍♀️

Playbackjunkie : That would be SO EMBARRASSING.

Jusba666 : Im happy these devices never got more popular.

Michael Johnson : It's the most uncomfortable feeling when this happens to you!!!

Jasmine : I’ve been binging all your videos for the hundredth time lol god I’ve been watching you for years now, will never get tired of your videos!!

moomoomoomoo .moomoomoo : this is kinda like what we do now

Angel saeteros : The first guy 😂👌

Dillon Ryan : What is better gold or silver lol while standing in front of a we buy gold shop haha

Charlotte Rushing Roberts : Why do you get pleasure embarrassing people? I don't want to hear someone's conversation with an unseen person!

nene raigoza : I thought i had to fart and it was a number 2 in my pants

TriHard : 1:49 *sNICKERS*

VRI Outlaw : The best!!!!

Keyth King : +edbassmaster  make more videos this is legendary

Joe Steers : It's funny but at the same time I feel bad when someone replies really politely and happily when he asks, like when you can tell they're a nice person and keen for a conversation.

J Tecmo : Blue tooth man, Bassmaster classic.

OB1 callaway : miss u Ed

Stop Motion Express : I bet those people felt really STUPID!!! after wards....