Jamiroquai Bee Gees Mashup - Pomplamoose

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PomplamooseMusic : True story of how this mashup came to be: **Jack and Nataly sitting in the car, listening to "Virtual Insanity"** Jack: Hey what does this song SOUND like... Nat: **silence** Jack: THE BEE GEES! Listen to the verse!!! Nat: ...ok? Jack: YEAH! SING THE BEE GEES ON TOP OF IT! Nat: ...yeah, ok. But we usually AVOID doing mashups where two songs SOUND similar. Jack: But it works so well! And it's unexpected! Nat: I guess it's cool because both of them are lyrically similar. Jack: **silence** Nat: You know, they're both about modern society's downward spiral. How everything's accelerating at this unhealthy and unstoppable pace. Jack: ...ok?

Garreth Hodgkinson : This is the best. Seriously.

Ami Yamato : I am so funked up right now! Thanks Pomplas!

McCann Dogs : Oh this was SO much fun! 🍍

MITYA music : I would die for that wurli <3 great sound, taste and tambourine skill!

The Stuport : Been waiting for my Thursday Pomplamoose Fix.......All Is Good Now......Thank You Gang....Cheers From Ohio

Rekalus : For everyone's safety, please keep the drummer behind the barrier.

Steve Tye : This is gonna be my "perfect-weather-sunroof-open-windows-down-not-in-a-hurry-to-get-anywhere" jam all summer. Vocal harmonies are tight, Rob is great, Sam is his usual groove dispenser self, but the syncopation and interplay between Jack and Brian on this song is spectacular. Well done guys!

Christoffer Nelson : Those SM7Bs are so sexy...

darwindeeez : sam!! <3

Day by Dave : DAMN...........THAT SNAAAARE DRUM!!!!!!!!!!

Hubbard's Handmade : You guys sound fantastic! Great job

Jeffrey H : Holy shyt Sam Wilkes on bass, absolutely killer!

Cesar Cardoso : Jack always looking like YouTube's most lively person.

N Olivier : WHOUUUUUUUU !!!! GRoovy and smooth Amazing mashup thx !!

The Weirdlings : I didn't realize how much I needed this until I heard this.

Interview Philly : Smiling in the first 2 seconds of watching! Dope cover y'all! ~Abrham

Matias De Bonis : SAM SAM SAM SAM SAM <3

La Sombra del Imperio : Jack Conte is a freackin genious... i love him

Grace Cline : THIS is the *best* things I’ve ever heard

The Guitar Coach : Jack Conte, the happiest keyboard player I’ve ever seen in my life 😁

jazzmana : Wow - finally Jamiroquai! One of my favourite songs so well "pomplamoosed"! Great job!

Daniel Gibby : I like how you solved your problem of the volume of the banging drums by putting them in the other room. You were solving it for a while by giving people headphones, and then by using electronic drums, but this is even nicer! Everyone is killing it now!

Maximiliam Andersson : Such an awesome performance and arrangement. MAN do I love Rob's feel and soul. Masterful!

Roberto B : As always, theres a contest: which Musician can move the HEAD more Than the others.

Sethusk : You guys make mashups that I never knew I couldn't live without. Soooo good <3

yearofram79 : Sam Wilkes!!!!!!!YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!

KR!RK : Light setting also top notch

Jeremy T : I looove that chord progression from the Jamiroquai song. Never would've dreamed of this mashup, but it works really well!

fireballmalone1 : That was so cool my haircut spun around...dig

Meet Alex : Amazing, as always

SeanJames TwoFirstNames : this bass player is funky as HELL!!!!!!!!

Mark Lasley : You scare me, folks :-D

Prolitiker : Omfg. I‘m dancing and unable to stop it. F*cking great drive!

Mars Hall : I fucking love you guys so much. Such an inspiration. I can't believe I'm just finding about you guys.

Mr Gornall : Isn’t that the awesome bassist who was in KNOWER?

derekPo : It's so good!!

Jacob Randolph : Absolutely love this mashup! Btw Jack you look like the most endearing fool in this with your hoodie and dancing with your mouth open wide 😂

Julian Walker : Extravagantly creative and tight as a velvet sleeve on a vice grip.

goldhillproductions : EVERYTHING!!!! But seriously, that drum sound 🔊 😮😮😮😮

stereolaunch : This was great guys! Drummer killing it on the tambourine!

Eric Thomarat : Heu .... How do we say in french ? TOP NIVEAU !!!! .... Hou ! (And of course it needed such a drummer sound ! )

SpoonsTunesAndReviews : But, but, but... 1:47. Holy finger funk, that GROOVE!!!

CognosSquare : Baseman had to channel an extra chromozome to create that groove @ 2:00

Daniel Gibby : You go guys! Seriousouly (misspelling intended) , keep on going!

Tyler Kless : that is the PHATTEST snare I've ever heard

PianoSoulos : Probably the top 5 most brilliant things I have seen this year...

George Harris : Girl Voice Amazing,

ZZ Katz : I don't understand: Isn't this Scary Pockets?

Vinicyus souza : this bassist is amazing , he stole de scene