Jamiroquai Bee Gees Mashup - Pomplamoose

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PomplamooseMusic : True story of how this mashup came to be: **Jack and Nataly sitting in the car, listening to "Virtual Insanity"** Jack: Hey what does this song SOUND like... Nat: **silence** Jack: THE BEE GEES! Listen to the verse!!! Nat: ...ok? Jack: YEAH! SING THE BEE GEES ON TOP OF IT! Nat: ...yeah, ok. But we usually AVOID doing mashups where two songs SOUND similar. Jack: But it works so well! And it's unexpected! Nat: I guess it's cool because both of them are lyrically similar. Jack: **silence** Nat: You know, they're both about modern society's downward spiral. How everything's accelerating at this unhealthy and unstoppable pace. Jack: ...ok?

Day by Dave : DAMN...........THAT SNAAAARE DRUM!!!!!!!!!!

The Guitar Coach : Jack Conte, the happiest keyboard player I’ve ever seen in my life 😁

darwindeeez : sam!! <3

Jeffrey H : Holy shyt Sam Wilkes on bass, absolutely killer!

Garreth Hodgkinson : This is the best. Seriously.

ZedK49 : I'll have what the keyboard guy is having

La Sombra del Imperio : Jack Conte is a freackin genious... i love him

KR!RK : Light setting also top notch

Gugun Arief : STAYIN' ALIVE IN VIRTUAL INSANITY (Bee Gees - Jamiroquai) Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk I'm a woman's man: no time to talk Music loud and women warm I've been kicked around since I was born And nothing's going to change the way we live 'Cause we can always take but never give And now that things are changing for the worse, oh Life’s goin' nowhere, somebody help me Somebody help me, yeah REFF: Futures made of virtual insanity now Always seem to, be governed by this love we have For useless, twisting, our new technology Oh, now there is no sound for we all live underground Well now, I get low and I get high And if I can't get either, I really try Got the wings of heaven on my shoes I'm a dancing man, and I just can't lose And nothing's going to change the way we live 'Cause we can always take but never give And now that things are changing for the worse, oh Life’s goin' nowhere, somebody help me Somebody help me, yeah --- back to REFF

Ami Yamato : I am so funked up right now! Thanks Pomplas!

yearofram79 : Sam Wilkes!!!!!!!YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!!

SeanJames TwoFirstNames : this bass player is funky as HELL!!!!!!!!

stereolaunch : This was great guys! Drummer killing it on the tambourine!

PianoSoulos : Probably the top 5 most brilliant things I have seen this year...

Tyler Kless : that is the PHATTEST snare I've ever heard

almagenes : the amazing Sam Wilkes on bass ♥

Mr Gornall : Isn’t that the awesome bassist who was in KNOWER?

PolyphonicSpr33 : I'm always on the hunt for quality mashups. This is solid gold! You guys are FUCKING AWESOME! P.S. Much love to the bassist and keyboard player for being so animated!!!

McCann Dog Training : Oh this was SO much fun! 🍍

CognosSquare : Baseman had to channel an extra chromozome to create that groove @ 2:08

Vinicyus souza : this bassist is amazing , he stole the scene

João Carlos : Damn. This is groovy as heaven. Bass player killed on that precision.

slothxing : 1 million veiws!!

Steve Tye : This is gonna be my "perfect-weather-sunroof-open-windows-down-not-in-a-hurry-to-get-anywhere" jam all summer. Vocal harmonies are tight, Rob is great, Sam is his usual groove dispenser self, but the syncopation and interplay between Jack and Brian on this song is spectacular. Well done guys!

Aslak Vind : Drums, drums, drums..

Johnny Chen : more Jamiroquai pleassseeeee

Nelson Firmino : sounds like on the bass are the hands of Francis Rocco Prestia!!

SpoonsTunesAndReviews : But, but, but... 1:47. Holy finger funk, that GROOVE!!!

MITYA music : I would die for that wurli <3 great sound, taste and tambourine skill!

Julian Lavagna : I listen this, at least once a day. You guys are the aspirin that keeps my heart healthy.

ZZ Katz : I don't understand: Isn't this Scary Pockets?

kris d : Sam & Rob are your chocolate falling in peanut butter with all the crunchy that makes Nat & Jack yummy goodness. Seriously, that's money...where do I send it?!

Thắng Nguyễn : beautiful.

Marcus Storm : I play the drums just like the man on the synth... With weird faces.

talanky : I like this bass player more and more every video I see him in

Engin Yaşar : This is AMAZİNG..! :D

frodev : FUNK-YEAH! disco’ be the best thing I’ve heard in a while...

The Stuport : Been waiting for my Thursday Pomplamoose Fix.......All Is Good Now......Thank You Gang....Cheers From Ohio

DefinitelyNeedsCoffee : Sam Wilkes Jesus !!! He is 2018's Youtube GrooveMaster9000 !!

sandinak : I *love* Sam's bass on this .. great job all

Matthew B : Is that the patreon guy??

matias Neptuniano : I almost didnt saw sam wilkes on bass, when i realized i got 20 percent more happy

Rekalus : For everyone's safety, please keep the drummer behind the barrier.

Clayton Campbell : Great mashup! I didn't know that Tobias Funke could play keyboard like that!

CapNJunkie : All I want to say is... that bassist was on POINT! Great job.

Andrés Flores M. : Ufff that snare! <3

Ric Kye : Played this million times Ady XD can't stop playing it

DSP DSP : ¿Y qué pasó con la chica bajista?

juliancho : This could be perfectly the  billion idea