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Smoothinto2nd : Wow glad you're ok. WTF was that Walmart truck doing?

wilk128 : Everybody needs to put down their phones and pay attention to the road. haha

Bruce Clark : Glad you're okay man.

Ghost : Highway looked empty why on earth was someone completely stopped.

rickrudd : That Walmart trucker needs to get his ass kicked. That's uncalled for.

Adriii Adriii : that walmart truck came out of nowhere & disappeared real quick

Virdeo : sup with the crazy ghost rider walmart track driver at 0:19?

S H : Glad the rider is ok but the fact is, if he knew how to ride, he never would have had to go down.

Gregor Scotland : Hot damn, hope everyone was ok after a tumble like that. Hey, I’m Gregor and I'm a video researcher with Newsflare - a leading viral media company based in the UK. Did you film this? If so I'd be keen to speak with you regarding media interest in this clip. Please respond to me at and I can tell you more about how we work. Thanks!