Have fun with her, Ryan

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Nothing nothings : Ryan: "I only met up with her for some kisses"

Jason : You dodged a bullet Ryan.

Daecoth : Damn, that's brutal.

Amanda Clark : Thanks for littering

Bogdanoff's Servant : A romantic tragedy to rival Romeo and Juliet.

Michael Wikström : Damn!! You have no mercy!!!

afri boy : worldstar

Mark Felt : Ryan sucks .....

RockMonster1000 : AHHH clickbait FU.

Donna Sindle : HA, HA, HA, ! This girl is such a LOSER! I hope you're happy Ryan!

Chancey Dicklord : Damn that girl is savage

Zero Cyde : Yea, Ryan.

IElRedI : Ryan you player

Jonathan Wakeley : same

tay w : haha is this real